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Chen Yakumo and MTG (Season 1)
« on: October 07, 2009, 02:57:01 AM »
This thread is for the lovely lady Chen Yakumo to resist the gentleman's charm of Sir MTG.
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Re: Chen Yakumo and MTG
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Yes I am lovely~
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Re: Chen Yakumo and MTG
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A month ago she was the lovely, carefree young lady who spent her days cheerful, happy, free of all the woes and worries of the world. Now she would be a hero, a saviour, a saint, a deliverer of man. Her, young Chen.

That's what they told her.

But she can't help but wonder, wretchedly so, why should they hate her then? Why all the animosity, the hostility, all the stones and shouts. She who now bore the fate of all existence, the moral weight of such importance...must also bear all the evils man can contrive. 

Well, the direct answer as to why was obvious, as she sat on the edge of the windy cliff overlooking what was left of the world, a collapsed, empty shell of concrete and steel ruins through which desolate winds howled and cried, carrying the mist and dust of death and decay. The End had come. And she was one of The End's ultimate weapons, the destroyers, the reapers of man...she was youkai.

But her real question was 'why?'. Why her? She who had spent her life as a human, living amongst loved ones, as any normal human would. She who had never even heard of youkai until a month ago. She who would have been the first to stand up to save her human loved ones.

Why did it have to be her?

Why did they shun her, punish her, banish her, exile her, condemn her, curse her very existence?

But she had the choice - to turn her devastating powers on The End itself and the youkai that do his dark bidding in the name of all existence. But....would she do that? Would she do that for the humans who had forsaken who she was, incarcerated her for what she was, humiliated her, tortured her, left her to die? She idly poked the solid metal collar still clapsed around her neck. It was cold, dead to the touch. The only souvenir from the concentration camp she failed to hide. Everything else they gave her she managed to hide under her clothes...but this...

She has been wandering the wastelands born of the apocalypse for a little over 1 week now, ever since the youkai concentration camps were raided by a roving youkai warband. She was hungry, thirsty, but she dared not let her stomach think for her...

....for she craved human flesh.

With every weary step in the barren dunes, her inner youkai's ravenous rage tore at her human sanity. It was rising. It would soon win, perhaps. She didn't dare think of what might happen when it did. She steered clear of human refugee camps, not wanting to tempt the beast within any further. With nothing but the howling wind for company, she wandered on through the desolate outlands, intent on not inflicting herself upon others.

Only, despite her resolution to not find trouble....trouble seemed to follow her, in the form of a boy. He was thin and gangly, someone she remembered was always in the corner of the classroom, just another permanent fixture stuck behind a book, at least until the bullies come and pick up either the book...or him...or both. Why he persistently followed her, she didn't know.

Perhaps it was because she saved him from the youkai warband attacking the concentration camp? Did he think he would fare better with her? That she would protect him? Foolish, really. The boy couldn't do worse for survival than follow a youkai around. He might as well fillet himself and serve himself up on a silver platter.

...won't be long now...

He has been silent so far. At first he had tried to follow her at a distance, doing his best to hide behind the occasional car wreck, twisted lamppost, upturned dumpster....and failing miserably like a ninja in orange. Then after the first few days or so, he realized she had long since noticed, and began following her openly. About 100 meters behind at first....then 75...then 50....then finally 25, 10, 5....

At night, she would sometimes wake up to see him wide awake, sitting on high vantage point if watching for something. Was he watching her place of refuge? Or was he just wary about sleeping beside a youkai? Well, if it were the latter, he'd be wise.

But then...when did he sleep?

She would often shake off such thoughts in a hurry - no use worrying about the boy. If she showed that she cared, he'd continue following, best if he took the hint and left her to herself.

Then today came. As she was sitting on the high, now barren cliff overlooking the remains of what was once her thriving home town, she found a rather raggy old bit of cardboard waved in front of her face. She traced the hand that held it, up an arm, up to, lo and behold, the boy, who seemed determined to stare off into the middle distance...or at least anything that was not her.

With a confused look, she took the proferred cardboard and found that it had something written on it, it neat cursive -

O'Lady, M'lady,
Dear Lady over yonder
Yes, you, please hear me

Cleaneth out your ears
Perk them up, O'let them twitch
I will say this once

You are not alone
I shall promise you this much
you will never be

Wipe away those tears
They foul your lovely visage
No, I am no lear

All I have are words
Love woven into haiku
Mere words that ring true

Cars, cash, diamond rings
I can offer no such things
Of wealth I've nothing

However, I have
An offering less fleeting
Eternal lasting

A home in my love
A wealth of true happiness
A life beyond life

A promise, unyielding
One true love, undying, forever
A heart, ever loving

This is all of me
No pretenses, fallacies
All laid bare for you

I truly love you
I desire to be with you
to make you happy

Your hand in mine own
My heart in yours, forever bound
Our fate against time

I shall stand with you
Against tempests, storms, the world
Even space, time itself!

Accept all that's me
Honest, true I shall be,For
I'm just MTG

Chen glanced up at MTG as she finished reading through the last of the bravado-filled nonsense. MTG cleared his throat, as if trying to swallow some hint of nervousness. He opened his mouth, closed it again....looked away, as if looking for something, up to the sky, down at the earth, then counted on his fingers, as if calculating something, but didn't seem to find what he was looking for.

Finally he took a deep breath and said, in a cracked up voice, "....I-I t-think you're cute....w-wait, no...I-I m-mean....I'm a-attracted t-to you....NO! That's not it....errr....I want to p-protect you! NO! That's not it either....I know y-you don't want t-to be protected....I-I want to do this...alone....but...I don't want you to be alone..." He knelt down by Chen and looked into her eyes. "....I-I won't lie...I-I'm...not a brave man....I-I never was...I-I c-can't pretend to be....b-but I want to be with you....I don't want you to be alone..." He shook himself and gave her a determined look. "....Chen....I-I've....I've always loved you...from back when were still classmates...I've always loved you."


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Re: Chen Yakumo and MTG
« Reply #3 on: October 07, 2009, 10:27:35 PM »
Ah, I am sorry dear MTG. It cannot be- something might happen that I don't want to talk about...
I had a teacher who used to play radiohead during class once.



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Re: Chen Yakumo and MTG
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(OOC: That was surprisingly fun. Now I want to draw this...Lessee, would drawing you count as wooing, Chen? ^^)

MTG didn't waver at the rejection. Instead, he persisted, his eyes burning with fierce passion. "I-I don't care. I don't care what might happen! B-be it storm or t-tempest...heaven or hell....lightning or hail...homework or chores...I can brave long as it's to stand by your side!" He gazed deeply into the youkai's eyes, his eyes brimming with conviction. "I don't care if you're youkai....I...I don't care that you eat humans...I've seen the other youkai at the concentration camp...I know what you're g-going through....and I don't want you to be alone facing that. I'll be with you...till the very end....I'll help you...and when the end comes....I will have no regrets. I don't care if you choose to save everyone or get your revenge....I will stay with you, either way, rowing or sinking, dead or alive."


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Re: Chen Yakumo and MTG
« Reply #5 on: October 07, 2009, 10:46:02 PM »
(It'd definitely count as wooing. I can PM you with details on what I look like.)

"You... don't understand..." Chen whispered, tears flowing through her eyes, "This is harder than it looks... to carry the burden of being a youkai... you don't know what it's like! People lie! People lie to me! They say they don't care, they say they know what it's like, but they're all lying!"
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Re: Chen Yakumo and MTG
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(It'd definitely count as wooing. I can PM you with details on what I look like.)

(OOC: Hmmm, my inbox was full yesterday. If you didn't manage to PM me yesterday, feel free to try again today. I should have time to do some pics over the weekend. That said, I'm off to class!)


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Re: Chen Yakumo and MTG
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From the dark tepid oceans
To the cold, forbidding mountains
East to west, north to south
Never written, only hushed word of mouth

Her tale passes from lip to lip
Young and old, grandma or kid
Her name a curse forboding
Yet her final gift forever a blessing

The bearer of the apocalypse
The charger of the youkai blitz
The forsaken princess of darkness
The Queen, the almighty Mistress

They say she crushed the host
A million strong youkai, at Gallahad
They say she took her birthright
A throne of fire, the Vilyaniad

Forsaken, condemned
Still she stood, her bravery aflame
Against the wind and fire she stands
The world she protected would know no harm
Safe, here in her protective arms

But more they spoke
of a tale frequently told
A tale of a Love, Romance
One that gave the world its second chance

-Excerpt from the Great Epic of The Vilyaniad's End-

Here he was, yesterday's class wimp, facing the fiersome being that was both the bane of all that humanity stood for, and yet also its last flicker of hope. She, the most powerful of youkai weapons in existence....was here, crying before him, her small, hunched shoulders shaking under the weight of her infinitely inhumane burden. She seemed so frail and delicate that the lightest touch of the dark world's unsympathetic wind might crush her little frame in an instant.

His heart gave in at that very moment. He knew he had done the right thing. It could be no other way. The shaking, crying girl before him was everything now. The dark world around them seemed to blur in his eyes, before fading out to white, outshone by the inifinite radiance that was Chen.

The light flooded him, welling up like a bottomless fountain. He felt a fierce new courage overtake his soul, one born from the very depths of his heart. He was a coward. WAS. Back when he had nothing but his pitiful self, something barely worth living for, let alone fight for. Back then he feared for nothing but his wimpy self. But now...with Chen in his heart...there was no more room for cowardice. He would live for something new, a reason beyond himself, a concept so alien and yet so right to him.

He would live for Chen.

Chen suddenly found herself pulled tightly, yet gently, against something soft. Sure, it was a patch of rough fabric that her head now rested against, one rough and weathered, tempered by weeks wandering through the wastelands. But....she felt it was the softest thing she had ever touched. It was MTG's jersey. She felt a pair of warm, gentle hands envelope her softly, clutching her protectively against his chest.

"...You never cried...even back at the concentration camp...." She heard him say. " can cry now...all you is where you can cry as much as you like, whenever you like. And I'll always be there for you when the sadness is unbearable, when it feels like your sorrows are crushing your heart...cry it out, cry it all out, and I'll always be here for you to cry against." He murmured, in a soothing voice.

"I know they lie. They all do. But I know the truth. Because I know you." He smiled a small smile down at her, while still holding her gently in his warm embrace. "I've always known you. To me you're still the Chen I knew from school. The one true thing to me in this world. That's all the truth I need. I won't lie to you. Ever. Because I cannot besmirch my one and only truth with lies. I love you, Chen. Would you accept that one truth?"


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Re: Chen Yakumo and MTG
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Chen looks up at MTG, still crying. His face is smudged and dirty, his shirt a crumpled mess that looked like it was once white.
"You still don't understand. I have an ability that no one wants to have around them..." Chen says, almost more directed towards herself, "an ability I can't control..."
I had a teacher who used to play radiohead during class once.



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Re: Chen Yakumo and MTG
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(My Beloved Youkai-chan~)

( Perfect theme for this story )

Merciless terra incognita I tread
Freezing cold ice under my feet
Strange red stars overhead
Raging in my face an unforgiving heat

I stand now, facing storms of fire
Roaring brimstone, raging with ire
The earth trembles under the tempest
The seas boil with fury greatest

Each step a painful test
Each moment a broiling eternity
Each own?s very existence oppressed
Towards certain inferno I journey

Yet firm I stand, ere I fell
I fear not death nor hell
Neither sin nor purgatory?s firebrand
For an angel holds my hand

Like a seraphim of truest radiance
Wings blazing with passionate  kindness
This love rises on irridiscent waves of gold
My heart, a deluge of light fold on fold!

Never, never, never in my life I knew
Such love, ?till the instant my life found you
Like a bolt out of the blue
You came, an impossible dream come true

A lone path you chose
The deepest darkness you oppose
Destiny forsaken, fate forgotten
For strangers you walk this path so barren

Fear in your eyes, anguish in your heart
Yet you stood strong, defiant
Overwhelming shadows you seek to thwart
For glory or pride you were but silent

I now tread your path
I now face its wrath
I now share your burden
My fate and yours now interwoven

To the very end my soul will be fighting
To the bitter end I shall not tremble
I will regret nothing
For I had loved an angel

-A poem found inscribed into Mt. Everest at the end of the war-

"Chen..." MTG gently caressed Chen's rather weathered, yet still silky black hair. "Your abilities are your own to control, Chen. I witnessed it myself. You saved me back at the concentration camp...and I'm still alive now. See? I'm holding you...and I'm perfectly fine. I?m living proof that you can do anything, everything you set your heart to." He gave her a brief squeeze to make the point. 

The stood in the cold, dark silence for a moment, safe in the comfort of each other?s warmth. The rugged winds besieged their little fortress of warmth, but failed to assail the high walls of tenderness. "If the world doesn't want you....then I don't want such a world. I don't need a world without you, Chen." MTG suddenly said, his voice a solid block of deadly resolve.  "Such a world can perish. I will destroy it with my own hands if I have to, to create it create a world just for you." He gazed down steadily at Chen, his eyes set with determination. 

Another sound suddenly melded itself into the cruel howl of the cold winds. It was a low rumble, one that seemed to rise in pitch accompanying a cloud of dust rising in the horizon. MTG squinted his eyes and saw a fleet of vehicles, cars, busses, trucks, caravans of every shape and make imaginable, all in various states of wasteland wear. As they came closer, it became apparent that some bore vicious claw marks, huge gaping gashes, and other signs of youkai abuse.

?A refugee train?.? MTG murmured as the fleet of vehicles rumbled past. Many eyes peered out fearfully at them. Some made their disdain and anger apparent. The train had realized too late that there was a youkai behind the young man?.but they had no choice but to go on as they were.

?BURN IN HELL YOUKAI! BUT TAKE THAT DIRTY YOUKAI-LOVER WITH YOU!? A voice shouted out at them from one of the caravans, before it was quickly muffled by someone with a little more brain and little less foolish bravado.

??.don?t mind them?.? MTG muttered darkly as a deep, anxious silence fell on the refugee train. All of them waited for the retaliation, the burning claws, the death and destruction?.but, to their surprise?.none was forthcoming?.

But no more dared test their luck. They knew better than to provoke youkai.

Because they knew there were other people actually paid to do that. And here they came.   

?Oh no?.? MTG muttered, taking hold of Chen and pulling her onto her feet. ?It?s the youkai hunters! Run, Chen, run!? He shouted, holding onto Chen protectively as he urged her into a run. A horde of bikers kicked up dust in their wake as they revved up their bikes towards them, whooping, jeering, raising a torrent of spiteful catcalls and obscenities in the air.
The two skirted the edge of the cliff, running for the cover of a low ledge just a little ways away. Rocks and pebbles skittled off the cliff by their feet, clattering noisily down into the dark ruins below, as if pointing out where one wrong step could lead them.

But before they could get far, something fast and sharp whistled softly through the air before catching MTG  in the shoulder he was holding protectively over Chen. The young man spun backwards from the impact, before disappearing over the edge of the cliff. Chen fell into the dust. She only barely managed to peek over the edge of the cliff, but saw no signs of a pair of hands clinging for dear life, heard no calls for help.
MTG was gone.

The reality of the fact had no time to sink in, as Chen was quickly beset by the other hunters. Two crossbows met their mark in her chest and arm, sending a wave of hot, excruciating pain to shoot through her entire being.

?Hey hey hey?.if it isn?t ol?Chen?.? The frontmost hunter chuckled with malicious glee as he came up on his mark. ?Remember me, bitch? Dare reject me now, huh?!? He kicked Chen violently in the stomach, causing her to roll limply towards the cliff edge, before ending up in a coughing and wheezing tangle of limbs. Chen curled up into a small ball from the pain, quivering, shaking, as the boy loomed over her, a perverse insane smile on his twisted visage. ?Hey, everyone, guess who?! it?s our old classmate! The bitch who whored herself out to the youkai!? He turned around to announce to his mates, to a roar of raucous laughter.

?They?ve got a new cell for you. A new collar too. Consider yourself lu-?.? He never got to finish his sentence. As he turned back to face Chen, his cruel chuckle was cut off by a flying metal pipe. His jaw was deformed for a brief moment, like a wound up tennis ball. A few teeth were dislodged rather unceremoniously in the process, only to shoot into the insides of his chubby cheeks. Then the pent up kinetic force discharged itself and the rest of his body caught up with his slackened jaws, causing him to pirouette and crash violently into the cold dust a little distance away.

Chen gazed blearily up at the dark figure of MTG, his face half-obscured by the puffs of steam rising from his heaving breath. In his good arm was a long metal pipe, now sporting a dent that looked alarmingly like the outline of a rather cracked jaw. In his other arm was a cruel-looking crossbow bolt, embedded deep in the flesh.

?I?m n- not?.going to p-pretend?.? He gasped between painful breaths. ?I?m?n-not a b-brave man?.I?never was?but o-one t-thing I know? I d-do love you Chen?.? He raised his metal pipe up to face two more of his old classmates now advancing on him. ?GO!? He shouted, swinging the metal pipe at the closest of the two. Much to his surprise, his target caught the pipe mid-swing in his bare hands.

?If it isn?t the sissy boy MTG!? The ruffian guffawed as he slammed the pipe back into MTG?s face, causing him to reel back, his vision spinning as blood slowly seeped out from under his hairline. ?Feeling brave, wimp?! Knew you had no chance with an actual girl, so you went for some animal eh? Figures!? MTG was treated to a knuckle sandwich in the jaw, before a knee to the guts caused him to double over in sharp agony. ?Should?ve stuck to the laundry back at the camp, eh?! Like the sissy you are! Rather than chase cattle like the freak you are!? He suddenly found his metal pipe pulled out of his hand roughly, before he felt it sharp against the small of his back, sending him crashing into the dirt.

Chen?s attention was taken away from MTG as another cold, agonizingly sharp crossbow bolt buried itself cruelly in her shoulder.  She fell back into the dust, the bolt pinning her into the cold earth. There she lay helpless as another hunter sauntered up to her, casually reloading his automatic crossbow. ?Don?t worry about lover boy there. We?ll give?im a nice, good old fashioned burial?.after we parade his tattered body around the camp as an example! Hah!? He laughed, before aiming his crossbow at the spot between Chen?s eyes. ?Don?t worry, when you wake up, you?ll be back home in the camp, safe and?? He was interrupted by a rather rude pointy metal pipe tip in the chest. MTG brought him to the ground, pinning him cruelly into the earth. He was dead before he reached the ground.

 Chen looked around and saw the other two hunters who had attacked MTG was now kissing the dirt, their bodies motionless. Were they dead?

??.? MTG rammed his metal pipe into the ground to keep himself steady as he surveyed the remaining hunters atop their bikes.  Blood streamed down his temples, across his cheeks, before dripping in rivulets off his chin. His glasses were long gone. In their place was a screen of blood clouding his vision.  ?Don?t?k-know if I?c-can get u-us?.out of t-this?? He wheezed through the blood. ??.but I know?I?ll get you out?? He flashed a confident grin back at Chen.  ??y-you d-don?t have t-to draw blood?.kill?.or sin?.I?ll d-do that?.I-I?ll w-walk t-that path to hell?.s-so you don?t have to?.?

?YOU BASTARD!? Another hunter revved up his bike and bore down on the two. MTG raised his pipe again?but this time to no avail. The biker whipped out a chain through the air, which wrapped itself around MTG?s neck just as the biker passed by. He felt a sharp tug, before he pulled sharply into the ground. His body slammed roughly into the rough dirt, before the chains pulled taut once more and dragged him across the cold, rugged dust. His body flailed out in helpless defiance as the ground tore at his flesh. And yet he couldn?t cry out, for the chains were wrapped tight around his throat.

(Just so you know, you have the option to go all SUPER SAIYA on them?.if you so wish~)


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Re: Chen Yakumo and MTG
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Chen ran away, trying to escape from reality. MTG watched Chen run, tears in his eyes, and a lack of oxygen in his body. He watched the dust rise up from Chen's feet.
A bright light flared in front of him, trapping him and the youkai hunters on the cliffside
"Damn it, it's that youkai girl! It's just a trick, don't mind it!" the hunter strangling MTG said, letting go of the chain.
Hands began to pull him towards the cliffside, and he fell to a rock jutting out from the cliffside.
"MTG... my ability..."
"Is I cause bad luck..."
"I hope you know..."
"I can't fly..."
They were falling. It was probably no more than a few seconds, but it felt like hours to them.
"MTG... I love you, but we can't..." Chen began to say.
Chen never finished her sentence.

(Btw I didn't give up.)
I had a teacher who used to play radiohead during class once.



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Re: Chen Yakumo and MTG
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A bright light flared in front of him, trapping him and the youkai hunters on the cliffside
"Damn it, it's that youkai girl! It's just a trick, don't mind it!" the hunter strangling MTG said, letting go of the chain.

MTG faintly felt a tremor run through the cliffside underneath him. His senses were far too numbed from the asphyxiation to be sure. But he could feel the panic rise all around him. There was a scurry of activity...

....before suddenly the hunters slipped away from view, as if sucked in by the earth...

It took a while for MTG to register that the edge of the cliff had begun to crumble, taking the hunters with it. And it won't be long...not long until it would take him too. He watched helplessly as the edge of the now receding cliff came closer and closer as cracks burst out in the ground under his paralyzed body.

Hands began to pull him

He felt a pair of hands weakly grab onto his collar. The grip was so weak, so frail...and yet it was full of determined, stubborn will. Who was this....? Who was...?

But whoever was doing the pulling, wasn't getting anywhere fast. The crumbling cliff caught them and he and his helpless saviour fell....

He shook the wooziness out of his eyes as he plunged down against the raging winds in his face. Chen! Where was she! If that was her....

He spied out a limp body falling just a short distance in front of him, like a helpless doll in gravity's hands. It was....IT WAS...!


He straightened out his body to reduce wind resistance and plunge onwards towards Chen. He reached out, stretching his arms until his arms ached. They floated around one another in freefall, in an almost weightless dance towards certain death. "CHEEEEEEEN!" He roared, flailing for her desperately. "CHEEEEEEN! OPEN YOUR EYES!"

"MTG..." Chen's eyes slowly opened to look into MTG's " ability..." She breathed.

, and he fell to a rock jutting out from the cliffside.

He rolled down a sharp incline of rough dirt, his brain reeling from the impact. His vision spun. But he shook it off. He had no time for weakness! He righted himself and skid down the remaining bit of outcrop before launching downwards once more. He plunged forwards again to catch up with the still falling Chen.

"CHEN!" MTG roared. "GRAB MY HAND!" He reached out again against the roaring fury of the winds.

"...Is I cause bad luck..." He heard Chen whisper to him against the cruel, harsh winds. The sad look is her eyes drove daggers through MTG's heart. It was the look of a child dying of a terminal disease demanding of her parents, why did it have to be her? Why did fate deal her this hand? To die slowly, painfully, alone and afraid?


MTG crashed flat into another jutting outcrop of rock. He bit cold, hard dust, mixed in with blood. He spat it all out and pushed himself onto his feet, kicked off the dust into a mad dash, ran for life, before leaping out over the edge and plunging after Chen once more.

He felt the blood run past his cheeks and temples in the cold harsh wind. It was clouding his vision, misting up in deep red. But he focused all his remaining vision on his target.



He reached out. His fingers batted against Chen's a few times. Just a bit more! Just...a bit more....!

"CHEEEEEEEN!" He pushed out against everything, against physics, against the entire world, against everything that held him apart from Chen. He reached out one last time with every ounce of might he had left, almost dislocating his shoulder in the process.

He reached her.

He had her!

He grasped her limp hand, pulled her into him, and reached around her frail body before pulling her into a tight embrace, as if afraid to ever let go ever again.

"Chen...." MTG gazed into her surprised eyes, now brimming with tears. "....hahaha....Look...I got you....and I'm....I'm never letting go....y-you....c-call this bad...luck...?" He chuckled.

"I..." He heard Chen begin, her voice quivering with disbelief. "...hope you know..." She whispered.


MTG was ready for this one. He had pulled Chen close against himself and shielded her against the impact of the rocky outcrop. The impact jarred his already abused body further, but he gritted his teeth against the overwhelming wish to just give away to the cold hands of unconsciousness. He had something he had to protect! He couldn't give away! Not now! NOT EVER!

"I can't fly..." He heard Chen say, her voice defeated, sad, laden with despair.


They smashed into another rather sizeable outcrop of cruel rock. MTG did his best to fall back first, to cushion Chen's fall as best as he could. But this was it. The impact was too much. That last crack was more than just rock and dust. It was something inside.

They rolled helplessly off the jutting outcrop and back into freefall. MTG spent the last of his ebbing strength to grasp Chen, knoting his arms protectively around her. ...if he died least his corpse would soften her fall....

His head felt light. His heart was weakening. There wasn't enough blood left for it to pump. There was a small sting of pain somewhere in his lower back, off to one side. Was that a rib? Or two? Oh well, won't matter much soon.

...then again, a broken rib or two would make it easier for Chen to feast of his carcass later, or so he chuckled to himself, morbidly.

He felt numb. He couldn't even feel Chen against himself anymore. It was becoming cold, oh so very cold. He felt life slip away. His life didn't flash before his eyes. There was no life to flash before his eyes. He hadn't lived until he met Chen after all.

"MTG... I love you, but we can't..." Chen's voice filtered through from some far away world...


The wet sound of the soft bodies of the hunters hitting cold, hard rock down below echoed out against the howling wind.

But MTG barely registered it. Something else was ringing in his head, echoing, resounding, resonating with every single fiber of his being.

Chen's words...

...I love you....

Something welled up from the depths of his heart....a warmth spread through his chilled arteries, dispelling the numbing cold of death and despair.... you....

His eyes flared... was everything, everything he ever needed...

He spun the chain around himself and bit one end in his teeth. He spun out the metal pipe holstered on his back before ramming it straight through one of the chain's ringlets and into the cliffside. Sparks burst out on impact as the pipe bit into the cold rock, embedding itself deep.

He let go of the pipe from sheer momentum. But it was done. He grasped Chen tight and grabbed the chain with his free hand. The metal burned hot as the rusted surface chaffed against his flesh, but he gritted his teeth and bit out the pain.

Their descent slowed....slowed....slowed....

Until finally they ran out of chain.

The two fell limply to the ground which was only a few measly feet under them.

A cloud of dust rose...and then settled down all around them.

The cliff they fell off didn't seem so far off above them. But it felt like an eternity since they fell of its side. Thunder shook the sky far above the cliff, silhouetting its jagged edge against a patch of silver white.

Cold droplets of rain began pelting down on their dusty, bloody bodies. But after everything it felt....refreshing....

"....y-you love me...." MTG murmured weakly, his voice almost dying away in the wind and pattering of rain. "......h-how is t-that...u-unlucky....? C-Chen....I-I'm....I-I'm t-the happiest man i-in....a-all existence....I-I'm l-loved b-by t-the most beautiful a-angel....h-how is that...unlucky?" A small smile played on his pale lips. "....I love you Chen....and for that alone....I am lucky...."
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