Author Topic: SpoilerAL and EoSD dont want to work together.  (Read 9183 times)

SpoilerAL and EoSD dont want to work together.
« on: May 25, 2017, 01:28:06 AM »
First of all, I managed to get SpoilerAL to work perfectly with PCB and it has gave me zero issues whatsoever.

But EoSD was never the most stable game ever, so its no surprise its giving trouble yet AGAIN.

The main problem here is, the game just wont work with SpolierAL at all- it crashes whenever I want to do almost ANYTHING with it:

Boss Rush, MidBoss Rush, and Spellcard Rush are completely broken- All of these crash the game. Boss & Midboss rush at least show their respective boss opener non, but as soon as I deplete said non?s bar, right when they are supposed to use their spellcard, the game crashes to desktop with a generic error.

And in the case of Spellcard rush, its even worse, the boss shows up and everything for a second, and then it crashes right away.

Some of the WARP options actually work- the ones with the green line over them do NOT work, and also crash the game for no apparent reason. This is even more puzzling because it seems very picky on what works and what not with no real explanation- why I can practice Patchouli perfectly, but if I try to use the Sakuya option, it crashes? Why does Vampire Illusion also crash my game, if I can use the other 2 Remilia spellcards without any issues? Seems inconsistent.

Lastly, the Frame warp option seems to work just fine. But I would like to practice certain spellcards only, and for some reason, I cant since it crashes. Does anyone know whats causing this?

I am using EoSD English Patched with Vysinc and Japanese App Locale- also had a Practice Patch so I can save replays of Practice Mode.

Re: SpoilerAL and EoSD dont want to work together.
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I'm experiencing the exact same thing.