Author Topic: Help Me, Eirin! Is there any one can help translating our Touhou doujin game?  (Read 2506 times)

Hi, we are some Touhou Doujin game maker from China, we would like to make an English version for our Touhou game, but we got some trouble.

The problem is... although we understand basic English, we still don't think we are capable to translate a Touhou game with a lot of "awesome item names".
As you know, Touhou's story was first written in Japanese, but our game scripts was written in Chinese, so it has been translated once already.
Also, In our scripts, there might be some "Chinese Only" joke, I think that might confuse many people from different cultures, we may need to replace them with other easy understandable things.

Is anyone here can do Chinese to English translation? and want help us?   (I know Chinese is hard to learn...)
If no, because we already have the Japanese translation done, some one can do Japanese to English translation might also help.

Currently, our game do not have a lot of scripts, the total work can be done in about one day (or half).
 (We haven't totally finished the game yet, but 2 chapters are available right now. We still think support English version earlier would be better.)

If any one is willing to help us, please contact

By the way, I think our game is pretty awesome. you can take a look first~