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Nah, he's got 'em (he has the extraction tools) he's just lazy. I CAN UNDERSTAND THIS

But yeah. Get the rare item drop, and then get ANOTHER gold chest from that enemy to actually get the forging material... which you need way too many of to make a single piece of good gear. Thank goodness they really aren't important or it'd be a nightmare and a half.

The 1/64 common enemies aren't all that bad to recruit, but 1/64 on seraphim and royal duke... heh. XD Not to mention the million final area enemies, plus they're all in red doors so you can't run... hah.
Hell, I don't just have the audio files, I have the actual soundtrack versions (including the song used for the PV for the expansion, which is a remix of the theme that plays during the second phase of the postgame version of Nightmare Yukari), it's just, yeah, laziness, plus I've been going back and forth between a bunch of stuff (Final Fantasy XIV, that Nightmare of Rebellion run where I'm forcing myself to use bows [made it to Underground Lake], a Genius of Sappheiros run where I'm using a fixed party of six [made it to Genbu Swamp], and a bunch of RPs and homework), so yeeeeeeah. Same thing with English patch stuff, there's more I need to do with it but I just haven't. :'D

Anyhow, yeah the grinding is the worst part but thankfully it is optional. On that note, I did find out what the drop system is and it's kind of a doozy. I explained it to NEET but I'll explain it here (thank you based Japanese blog that has a bunch of information on DoD and NoR)

So you kill an enemy, congrats, now you roll for a chance (per specific enemy) for it to drop a chest. If it hits that chance, then it rolls again for what item (out of 17 possible). There's seven common chest items (10% for each), five silver chest items (5% for each), and five gold chest items (1% for each). I don't exactly know how the Rare drop up boosts work, but I imagine they shift the weighting to prefer silver and gold chests over common chests, while the regular drop rate boost just increases the rate at which a chest will drop.

If a chest doesn't drop, there's a separate chance (based on dungeon/area, not on enemy) that the enemy will drop a screw. If it does, it rolls from a big list, which is uh... usually big. The lists are on the blog, but they're pretty big and drop a huge variety of items.

So yeaaaaaaah. The loot system in this game is admittedly dumb with its chances but I suppose that's what the Yukkuri items are for in this game.
Oh yeah, I've read up on that after being like "SO WHY AM I NOT GETTING THIS DROP?"

And then found out the gold chest drop is replaced with it if you get it again.

But sometimes drops that work this way are literally 1% drops.

Man, that Quick Shot bow or whatever it was with the 20% pre-empt rate... best offhand weapon ever. With that and the surprise raid baby doll I had like 35% pre-empt, sweeet. I don't... think the bow would have stacked? I actually had like 3 from doppel grinding.
Sad to see you drop it. But I understand. That final boss took way too much grinding. And even then I got kinda lucky when I managed to kill it. It did feel pretty good when, with the last of my strength, Patchouli's final word managed to finish it off.

Have not tried DoD or NoR yet even tho I have those. Still waiting for a possible story translation.  :)

--- Quote from: Your Everyday NEET on October 28, 2016, 04:19:51 PM ---5% for a gold chest, and another to get to get actually rare weapon. Bleh. Grinding in NoR is more fun though, because you grind for 25 characters at once, and killing certain enemies may make it joins you. Grinding 1/64 doppel is still crap though, it took me solid 3 hours just to get that awesome oarfish, and it's get worse when the game realized I'm grinding that thing.

--- End quote ---

That rare spawn + rare drop and trying to recruit a Yukkuri type doppel. :V
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