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Honestly, don't feel too bad. I ended up having to quit my own LP because of technical issues, but I wouldn't have enjoyed trying against the final boss. The entire expansion as a whole is just godawful, the other two games have infinitely better ones, it's just... yeah. Yeah.

Good luck with NoR's expansion though, it's... a thing.
Huh, I thought NoR's expansion was pretty nice.

I thought DoD's expansion less balanced and more difficult than NoR's :V

Also Validon since you have extraction tools and whatnot for the game, is it possible to get out the expansion music files and complete your youtube game soundtrack? O: There's some sweet tunes.
DoD's expansion is indeed unbalanced (see: the fights in the Demon Arena), but I still prefer it to GoS's, I only say NoR's is a thing because it has a lot of grinding in the red doors if you want the best gear, but that's per usual for the Strawberry Bose games.

Oh, and uh, yeah, I've been meaning to upload the expansion soundtrack, just haven't got around to it. :'D
Oh yeah, the endgame grind is even sillier than usual if one is so inclined (I would know, given I did a good chunk- the worst part is the way the game rolls for the "generic" endgame forge material, that system is horrible). But as usual, it's not very important, either, my test run on the final boss kinda curbstomped it... of course, there's always the POWERED UP version... (Which I can probably do but never actually -did-?)

Well as long as I know you CAN do it and will -eventually- that works! It's much better than "nah I don't have any sound files for them so I can't!"

DoD's isn't necessarily bad, but the balance is definitely... off. Lol I hit the boss with a resist debuff so now my next attack does half it's HP in one hit? Um, okay. Making weakness and crit damage scale with stats was not the smartest plan, Bose.
Your Everyday NEET:
5% for a gold chest, and another to get to get actually rare weapon. Bleh. Grinding in NoR is more fun though, because you grind for 25 characters at once, and killing certain enemies may make it joins you. Grinding 1/64 doppel is still crap though, it took me solid 3 hours just to get that awesome oarfish, and it's get worse when the game realized I'm grinding that thing.

If you don't have the sound files, you could try to get it the hard way, like what I did with Touhou Mother and Touhou-A-Live.
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