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Hello and welcome to Alice's Artist Alley.  Here you can post your art and music to share with all of MotK!  Whether Touhou related or just Touhou inspired, or even just some of your personal musings, this is your place to be creative and show the world what you can do.

NSFW work is permitted as long as you link it behind our fun [nsfw] tag.  Attachments are enabled and greatly encouraged to be used to post your work.
When making a thread please tag your thread based on what medium you are using.  For example:

[Art] = some sort of drawing
[Music] = yay quarter notes!
[Video] = ohgod is this thing on???
[Request] = I like stick figures, someone draw stick figure Renko!

If it is NSFW tag it as well.  [Art] [NSFW] Blah blah blah or whatever.

Remember if you post NSFW work it has to be LINKED using the [nsfw] tags.  You cannot attach NSFW work to your posts.
Letty Whiterock:
And remember, if someone has a dedicated art thread and you want them to draw something for you, request it in their thread. Don't make a new one.
Hi all, just a friendly reminder:

--- Quote from: Forum Rules ---If you are posting images please limit your images to maximum 400x400px and 150k per image.  If it is bigger than that then thumbnail and/or link to it.
--- End quote ---

Yes, I know, I've broken this rule myself. I didn't realize it XD Anyhow, better late than never, right?

I'm trying to ask the higher-ups whether or not we should go through our old images and repost thumbnails for the over-sized ones. But for now, please, whenever you post a new image that is over the size limit, simply post a thumbnail to it ^^

I'll update this once I find out more. Keep a lookout for the title change~

No, apparently you aren't required to go back and post thumbnails to previous oversized images. However, it will be greatly appreciated if you would abide by the rules from now on.

The mods now have the power to approve/disapprove posts, as you may have noticed with TSO's little demonstration in CPMC. I will come around and remind people whenever they overlook this. But I trust I don't have to do that...much, right? ^^
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