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Touhou Project 17.5 「東方剛欲異聞 ~ 水没した沈愁地獄 Submerged Hell of Sunken Sorrow.」

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As revealed by Tasofro on Twitter, with an accompanying website, it's the 17.5th official game in the Touhou Project series... and it's a platforming game!

東方剛欲異聞 ~ 水没した沈愁地獄
(Eastern Strange Tale of Avarice ~ Submerged Hell of Sunken Sorrow)

--- Quote ---地上に黒い水が吹き出していた。 その水は異臭を放ち、身体に付くと簡単には落とせなかった。 とても生活用水として使える代物では無かった。

その湧き出る黒い水を凶と見るもの、吉と見るもの、 神聖なものと見るもの、邪悪なものと見るもの、 天災と見るもの、経済的暁光だと見るもの、 様々な憶測が飛び交い、一部ではお祭り騒ぎにもなった。

しかしある出来事を境に、浮かれていたものの背筋を凍らせる事となる。 飲料用の湧き水に、美しい清流に、憩いの場である温泉に?? 黒い水は場所を選ばず、湧き出し始めたのである

Black water gushed out onto the surface. The water released an odd odour and was hard to get off once it's stuck to your body. It was not something that you could use as your everyday water.

Some saw the gushing water as misfortune, some as good fortune; some saw it as holy, while others as evil; some saw it as a natural disaster, some saw it as a business opportunity, various theories were tossed around. Some even started a festival and made a fuss.

But when the people thought it was over, it still floated above the water and put a strain on the people. Atop the drinking water, the beautiful streams, hot springs at rest spots...... Regardless of the location, the black water gushed out.
--- End quote ---

This "black water" (very clearly meant to be oil) seems to be a part of the gameplay, too, as seen with the water blobs on the right side of the second screenshot; it looks as if water physics will play an integral part in the game itself.

Considering that both Gouyoku and Jigoku are right there in the title, I wouldn't be suprised to see the unresolved plot threads from Wily Beast and Weakest Creature be explored here, especially in regards to Toutetsu and the Gouyoku Family, given that we have already seen the Kiketsu and Keiga Families and their seperate group dynamics thanks to Yachie and Saki.

It should also be noted that by the time you read this the trial version would've JUST come out at Autumn Reitaisai 6, so expect a whole boatload of information from several sources in a short while!!!

Now this is a game I'm willing to play. A good ol' platformer!
Looking forward to this.


actually, i didn't, i was just hoping that the next game or manga would be related to toutetsu...

Suspicious person:
I've always been a big Kogasa believer (kinda expected her to be in 14.5 tbh) and it is a pretty nice surprise for me to see her in this here game, especially with danmaku that make obvious what they're supposed to be.

Anyway, Tasofro fighting games plot had this little thing where they could afford to not only tell the story from the point of view of the baddies behind whatever incident, but also from the point of view of various miscellaneous characters as well. I hope this game is gonna have more than just Reimu as a playable character in light of that. I can see this game potentially being a point of entry for new fans cuz platformer. I hope Tasofro made a good job in introducing everybody to this game's mechanics and that there isn't going to be some sort of super important but hidden and not-necessarily-intuitive mechanism.

There seems to be stuff like spellcards, so I'm gonna assume we might potentially have stuff like spells breaking ? While I've seen lots of people mention the success of Touhou Luna Nights as an inspiration of sorts for this game, I'm kinda expecting it to take after Tenjou no Tempest tbh.

Regarding the artstyle, personally, I'm a bigger fan of the sprites from the new gen fighting games. A screenshot is just a screenshot and is completely immobile : I'm looking forward to see how the animation for the new sprites is gonna be.

And I hope we're still gonna get some character portraits for this one (especially for Tout- er, whichever newhu we're gonna get), cuz that Reimu-Marisa scene doesn't seem to have one ?! Hopefully it's just the case of screenshots not showing everything.

And finally, since it's pretty much expected that this game's gonna have some kind of water related gimmick, I'd love to see a bunch of familiar faces that are able to interact with water to a certain extent make a comeback : Wakasagihime, Murasa and Cirno would be pretty cool, but I'll have you agree that a Sanae that walks on water, turn it into something else and even split it would be pretty darn dope Spoiler: in other words unlikely lol. Personally, I'm REALLY expecting Nitori to be in this game, cuz the part about people seeing some kind of financial opportunity in this crisis simply have to come from people with a reaaaaally Kappatalist mindset.

Anyway, I would love to be surprised in a pleasant manner. Freshness is something that this series really need, but there is always a risk associated with trying something (relatively) new. I hope this new game is gonna work out.

not ZUNs wife:
i have nothing but love for this announcement.


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