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Fantasy Maiden Wars Mystic V1.2.0 with English Patch V1.1


Nook just released the English patch v1.1 compatible only for Fantasy Maiden Wars Mystic V1.2.0 found in this thread.

I bought Fantasy Maiden Wars Mystic V1.0.0 a while ago.  I downloaded the English Patch v1.1 from the Akurasu Wiki and the V1.2.0 patch for the official game from Sandondo website. 
I applied the gsw02_update_100_120 to the executable game application successfully to 1.2.0 and applied the english patch 1.1 data dat files.  But when I launch the game,  it gets stuck on the launching black screen "girls are deploying" until it stops responding. 

Notes on troubleshooting:

* Running on Japanese locale
* Windows 10 running windows 7 compatibility
* Restarted Pc
* Uninstall/reinstall directx9
* Removed all saves from savedata folder
* Noticed that the gsw02_update_100_120 created a SDL.dll file
* Tried removing and re-adding the SDL.dll to no avail
* FMW1.0.0 was working with 1.0 english patch before with no issues
* Managed to get fresh copy of FMW Mystic 1.0.0 with no english patch this time, then applied 1.2.0 patch.  Game file reads 1.2.0 but still does not work.
* I do have a copy of FMW3, managed to patch multiple times up to v1.2.0 with no issues whatsoever

I suspect I am doing something wrong while applying the FMW2 1.2.0 version update patch from Sanbando's website.  Though I can't see how is it different from what I have done to patching FMW3.

I got it to work.  For the record:

I moved all the files (fmodex.dll, GMFMODSimple.dll, GSWBINfile.dll, readme.txt) everything except the game executable app, data folder, and savedata folder.  Then have the patch launcher point to the folder that only contains the game executable app, data folder, and savedata folder.  Then re-add the fmodex.dll, GMFMODSimple.dll, etc back into the game folder after patching is complete.

I did not know that the patcher needs to interact with the game executable app and datafolder.  Anything else inside the folder will interfere with the patcher app.

Thank you so much for posting how you resolved it, it just helped me right now after hours of trying to patch the game!

Relevant XKCD: https://xkcd.com/979/

PS: Sorry for necro-ing this thread, but it was important to encourage people to come back to answer their own questions if they solve them eventually. It can really help out someone out there :D


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