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Alfred F. Jones:
Old thread here.

This is the newest iteration of the post your art thread is all. If you don't want to make a thread of your own and just want to show other people the stuff you've drawn or painted, then this is the thread for you!

Keep in mind that the maximum size for pictures is 640 x 480 pixels. If it's bigger, link to it or use a thumbnail.This is so we don't stretch the pages so people with smaller monitors or slower connections than you can load any given page of this thread; overlarge filesizes (which correlate to dimension size) are a thing we don't want slowing people down. Please and thank you.
Hasn't the site been doing the resizing on its own for a while now, though?
Alfred F. Jones:
Only on the surface. The original image is still there, being enormous and laggy. This is generally only a problem with overlarge .png files, though. I guess I should clarify that this is more about filesize and not dimensions, thanks.

--- Quote from: MotK posting guidelines ---If you are posting images please limit your images to maximum 640x480px and 150k per image.  If it is bigger than that then thumbnail and/or link to it.
--- End quote ---
Large-sized bitmaps may be heavy for RAM (lots of pixels) and CPU (extrapolation).
That rule exists for bandwidth purposes. I'm pretty sure any computer post-1999 can handle any not-ginormous image.
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