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I have several.

Mamizou for being a drunken trickster, looking awesome with those glasses; her radical attitude helps.

Yukari, even though she's the ultimate voyeur and privacy breacher, and great liar, but I like her because of her mannerisms and stuff.

Ran because she's a kitsune and is awesome, and is awesome.

Chen for being so adorable.

Yuuka(kinda) due to flowers and I kinda like that creepy constant smile.

Hong Meiling's a martial artist that looks great and is nice and stuff.

Patchouli. Bookworm. What more?
Also Koakuma.

Analyze me, individually if you'd be kind enough, my good sir.

As has been said a few times now, the doctor is out. Maybe next time. Sorry!

Locking now.

Hello Purvis:

Keep running you incestuous son of a bitch.


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