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Idea originally by Maullar

Welcome artists and musicians!
Like the title says, this is a place for everyone to get music and visual art tips. Please don't be afraid to leave links, recommendations or just general tips. The more we have the better! Also, if you have any questions or want to request some help feel free to do so.

Visual Art Links

Motivation, general tips and links
10 Tips To Become A Better Artist
10 Other Art Tips
Need Motivation?
Stop Whining, Start Working
Verb List
Creativity Prompts
How to learn?
Idea Generator
PSG Art Tut
Ways to avoid art depression
A list of things to study
Noah Bradley's Blog
10 things you can do to become a concept artist
Fresh Designer

Drawing Tools
Pixe Lovely
Hands for Drawing
Love Castle
Gesture drawing tips
More on gesture drawing

Anatomy and References
Pack of academic drawings
Male Bodies Ref
Varying Your Body Types (Female)
Hands   Part 2
Bird wings
Moar anatomy refs    and moar
Female anatomy Ref
Real Model Drawing References
Feet and shoes
Maullar teaches fundamentals
Basic Anatomy
animation gestures
Unique Features Part 1  Part 2  Part 3
The Book of Bones
Guide to flexibility
Feet drawing guide
Hands and forearms
Some tips on legs
Oppai tips
More Oppai tips
Leg Anatomy
Arm Anatomy
Arms and Hand
Loomis Hands
Over the Shoulder Tutorial
More Hand and Feet

Heads and Facial Features
Basics of a Portrait
Facial Features Tips
Semi Realistic eyes
Lackdaisy construction
Scurred faces
How to draw the ear
Skull and facial features
Ear tutorial
Facial Hair

Animal Noses
Sheeps and Goats
Deer Sketches

How to draw Cloth
Shoe Refs
Collar Refs
More shoes
Armor for Women

Rock Tut
Speedpainting Tut
Clouds Clouds 2
Dirt n' Grass

Understanding Color Relations
Color Theory
Understanding Color Temperature Relations
Skin Tutorial 1    Skin Tutorial 2
Shading Tips
How I see color

Top 10 composition rules
Perspective Tut
Compsition Tut
Perspective + Composition  Part 2
Another Perspective Tut
Guide to tangents
Obeying Screen Direction
Semi-basic Perspective

Russell Stutler on sketching
Shading Basics
Watercolour Tuts
Graphite Portraits
Shading and Blending
Colouring with Coloured Pencils
Watercolour Cheat Codes
Graphite Tutorial

Digital Painting
Character Design in Photoshop
Inking in Photoshop
Digtal Painting Study
Watercolours In Photoshop
Painting realistic hair
Cleaning Lineart
Concept Art 101
Game Art
Character Design
What Makes a Character
Step-by-step painting
Paint tool Sai tutorials megapost
Cell Shading
Coloring traditional lineart

Youtube and Livestreams
Maullar's Perfect Art Class  :V [Live Stream]
Online Art [YouTube]
Draw Tips [Youtube]
Sinix Design[YouTube]

Other Resources and Refs
Simply Textures
Hair Styles
Dresses I like
1920's Fashion  1930's Fashion  1940's Fashion  1950's Fashion

Free art software
My Paint
Fire Alpaca
AutoDesk Skecthbook Copic Edition


* Andrew Loomis books

* Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain  by Betty Edwards
* 30 Second Drawings on Posemanicas *Please don't use posemaniacs as a main source for anatomy studying*

Music Links
Learn How to play piano
Learn How To Produce Your Own Music In LMMS  [Youtube]
*Haha, Musicians please help me out with this part...  :derp:
I highly recommend the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. It helps correct many common mistakes in illustration (crushed forehead included) and offers a pretty effective approach to drawing things that really helps out. The later versions also include a bit on colour theory.

I guess we music-oriented types can cover for that.

General Tips (for music-writing):
 - Can't find a sample or instrument you exactly want, only approximates? After getting to the close match, modify it by adjusting a few parameters, adding effects, layering sounds, or even editing the raw sample directly (it all depends on what you intend to do, as well as your work setup). It certainly beats having to scour the web for what you want most of the time.

Specific Tips (for particular synths, programs, etc.):
 - MSGS may be shit, but it's still a bit versatile. Some patches, for instance, can be modified to simulate a low-pass filter.
 - FM synth users are best off downloading or purchasing a pack of presets for their synthesizers, even if they know how to program them, since it can take too long to do the latter. Many of these presets come in SYX files you can import directly into your DAW, so that the instrument loads directly. DX-7/TX-7 patches are most common and will work with most 6-op or higher FM synths, as well as FM7/FM8.
 - Sonar X1, Vista/7/8: External MIDI synth playback can cause a good but of latency, usually on laptops and weaker systems. Turning off MMCSS under Audio -> Playback and Recording alleviates the problem (tested on ThinkPad x201, comparing 64-bit Win7 to 32-bit Win2k3 R2).
Add posemaniacs to the links list.
@EP Thanks! I'll leave the specific tips in your post, (Unless you want me to put it in something like a wordpress post so it can be made into a bigger list later?)

and Posemaniacs added to the list!
Quad City QBs:
can we add this to the OP too
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