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Ask a Not-Staffer Ep. 19 - N-Forza

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What are you doing now-abouts in Japan?  Any amusing anecdotes?
Does hiking Mt. Fuji interest you?

What's the best thing about Japan?

Ever seen ZUN in a bar?

If you were given the chance to move to any place in the world, would you take it? Where would you go?

What made you decide to start buying and shipping goods to all of us outside Japan? It must take an awful amount of time to do so...

Hows life.
Simple questions work, right?

History claims Dutch and Japanese people have a positive relationship. Do you see this in your everyday life or is there written/spoken 'truth'?

What is your opinion on people who think they can move to Japan and live a "new life". You know, because they think Japan is a 'better place'

What was your profession again? Afaik you were mentioning someone about being art-teacher?

Something you noticed the JP people envy from the Western?

Non-serious question: You seem to be a Iku fanboy. Explain this fever.


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