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Despite having little-to-no real power over administration on this forum, the powers-that-be have decided that I am "super-special-awesome" enough to warrant my own go-round.

No gimmicks, because I am uncreative, just honest answers to questions. I'm really not sure if I'm THAT interesting, but as long as I can get more pages than Mint's Q & A session, I will consider this a rousing success.

Rin Kagamine:
Is there really a hotel that serves tofu at a lake on top of Mt. Haruna?

Hanzo K.:
Chicken or Sea Bass?
What gave you the idea to start buying things for anyone here that wants something from Japan or whatever?

Kips McKipzerson:
You want this to be an arousing success? That's cool I guess.
From what I know, You live in japan. How do you like it there?
Do you have any goals you want to accomplish, no matter how small they are?
What makes you more awesome then me huh ;_;
And finally (for now), How much do you get around on the interwebs?



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