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House rules of Genji's Battle Arena


Welcome to Genji's Battle Arena. This is the place to get together with anyone and everyone for your online gaming hosted by the forums. We have our own Battle.net server for Warcraft3, Diablo2 and Starcraft.  MotK's Steam Group information is also here. As long as it's an online game medium, you're welcome to discuss it all here.

We have an IRC channel where most of the Bnet regulars hang out.
Server: irc.ppirc.net:6667
Chan: #dots-meido
Webchat link

The basic posting rules of the forum apply here.

* No piracy. If you admit to it, you will be punished. If you pirate and ask for help, none will be given.
* If you have trouble joining games or hosting games, check the getting started thread here first. If the problem persists, make a thread and someone that knows how to fix it should be able to tell you what's wrong.
* Be respectful to your fellow gamers. We're playing multiplayer games here and making enemies of everyone means you'll play alone. If disputes do arise, resolve it in private. Only the people that were in the game will ever know the full story. Forum staff and Bnet ops can not help you. The general forum rules will take precedence if you bring drama out here.
* When making a thread please follow the format    [Game name/abbreviation - Varaint] thread type: e.g. [WC3 - DotS] Guide or [D2 - cLoD] Trade

If you have any queries or issues on the forum, contact one of the forum staff. If you have a problem with your Bnet account, contact one of the Bnet staff.

Forum staff of GBA
Pesco (Inaba Tewi)

Bnet Staff
Pesco (Inaba Tewi)

Alts on Bnet

Please keep these to a minimum. People playing WC3 games (NotD or TBR) which have save data linked to their names may have alts for such purposes. Having more than 4 alts will result in the extras being locked.

It's an inevitable subject, but as we get more into the game, it needs to be discussed:

Hacked Items
The feelings range all over the place on this, I know. But for the sake of keeping the community clean, Hacked items are banned. If you use hacked items, you play alone. If you trade people hacked items, you will be kicked from playing with others. If you are in doubt, start up a new character and don't twink.

There will be zero tolerance on hacks or cheats of any sort used in the game. The policy will follow the forum's punishments for piracy.


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