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Melty Blood talk and Favorite Char Poll
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Well This is a tradional thread concerning the next best fighter next to Touhou's IaMP and SWR (don't take that seriously just a little joke hehe)

I saw the old thread of Melty Blood but thought..."Hey...they didn't have a poll for best chars right. I think i'll start one"
so there ya go. I play Melty Blood Act Cadenza ver B all the time and i absolutely love it ^_^

So post up whatever strategies you may have when playing around or replays too if you want to show some off. I'll send some if you ask so just have fun ^_^.

Also if you feel like posting your worst chars go for that too.

Anyway. My top  chars are
Tohno Shiki

To me Ciel has dam good range and speed. I just love playing with her all the time hehe ^_^
Arcueid was my first char when i played the game and she just rocks, same with Tohno Shiki
Warcuied is just hilarious for me! so many times have i won a game against friends thanks to blood rings or something silly happening. Me and War just have hilarious games together I'll show you guys a replay of it later haha

My worst chars are
Neco-Arc (both of em)

I just can't play them to save my life man. just fail horribly at it. XD
hisui is the best fuck off haters
I'm not too great at MBAC, but for top favourite, it'd probably be a tie between Miyako and Tohno Shiki. I find them both really fun to play. Second favourite would be Akiha, mainly for ridiculous j.2C overheads.

Also, it's probably not a good idea to tell people you have a copy uploaded. 

--- Quote from: Sanasanasan on April 21, 2009, 09:06:52 PM ---Also, it's probably not a good idea to tell people you have a copy uploaded. 

--- End quote ---

Why, whatever would you be talking about?

@kojiro: Piracy is a no-no here.
I'm bad at this game, but I main Tohno Shiki whenever I do play.

Kishima Kouma is also fun for me.

And Neko Arc Chaos for the "jyan jyan jyan". But really, I'm absolutely terrible with him. BEAAAAMMMMMUUUU!!!!!!!
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