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A New World, Book 3 - Complete -
« on: March 30, 2011, 02:29:34 AM »
?King's pawn to E5?

Kanako could barely keep herself from growling in frustration as she placed the markers on the sandy makeshift terrain map of Gensoukyo's new environs.  It was idiocy.  Pure idiocy.  On both sides of the battlefield.

Her head snapped up as she heard the door open.  But it was only Suwako.  A pity.  She'd been hopeing for a tengu so she could yell at them.

?Sanae's asleep,? Suwako said quietly.  Kanako nodded her approval.  Their current wind priestess, named after her ancestor, was far too young to be involved in this war.  The very fact that Suwako's sleep suggestion had worked proved that.

Kanako looked down at the board again.  The Lunarians' main rabbit army seemed to be surrounding Eientei, while their other deployments seemed to be haphazard.  They'd set up a command post in the small section of hills between where the two forests met, and there was another group heading towards the Scarlet Devil Mansion.  Kanako couldn't make heads or tails of their movements past that.  It was utterly ridiculous.  A concentrated effort by any force outside of Eientei could sweep the whole Lunarian army.

Sadly, no one seemed to be taking advantage of that weakness.  As a military commander this annoyed Kanako to no end.

Suwako moved to the opposite end of the map and looked down.  ?I don't know why you're focusing so much on this.  If we go out there the Lunarians will banish us back here within minutes.  Gods aren't allowed to interfere unless their worshipers ask them to.?

?And our worshipers are arrogant youkai who barely have the ability to ask for a cup of sugar, much less for help in a fight,? Kanako finished bitterly.  She snorted and looked up.  ?Still I know of a way around this.  But I can't do it.?

Suwako looked surprised, then smirked at her.  ?Another thing you can't do Kanako?  How'd you handle being a god without me around??

Kanako laughed.  ?I can't go because I'm not an native god.  You know you don't have to follow as many rules as I do Suwako.?  Suwako shrugged and smiled.  ?Besides you aren't going to be fighting anyway.?

Kanako pointed at the nearest Lunarian in Kappa territory.  ?I think it's time the Lunarians learned why the Mishaguji were sealed.?

Suwako's smile faded in shock.  ?Wait you want me to let those loose?  You know they aren't easy to control right?  It takes a lot of effort.  Especially if they're in a real fight.?

?Don't free them all.  Just a few to attack the Lunarians.  They should beat each other up and you can finish off the winner.  Treat it as a short range guided attack,? Kanako said.  ?If you do this right and clear out the kappa territory you might be able to get a band of fighters together to start the counter attack.?

Sawako looked down at the map again.  ?Hm... Might be possible.  I won't be in much danger either way, and it'll cause disruption even if it fails.  But what will you be doing while I do all the work??

Kanako looked down at the single marker advancing towards the Great Tengu's lodge.  ?I think there might be a few people who have faith in us and who aren't too stubborn to call.?

Suwako looked at Kanako questioningly, but the war god held her peace.  She knew better then to rely entirely on one person.

Suwako finally shrugged and started towards the door.  ?Well if I'm going to summon those curse gods for real I'd better have the stuff I need to seal them back on hand.  I'll keep you informed Kanako.?

?Thanks Suwako,? Kanako replied.

When the elder goddess was gone, Kanako carefully removed her helmet from its resting place and put it on.  It still fit as perfectly as it did when it was first altered for her.  She was glad she'd insisted on keeping her hair short, to better wear it.

She briefly stretched to shift the weight of her armor to all the proper spots, then sat down again and began to meditate.

There were some that might call upon her.  And when they did....

The Lunarians would learn the price for ruining the nation she had helped build.


The waiting had become interminable to Maribel.

The four had been staying in Mayohiga, sleeping during the day, and alternating between practice and resting at night.  Fortunately Renko had learned a spell to help reset their internal clocks, so the sudden shift in sleep patterns wouldn't make them groggy.

Which meant Mary had only had to deal with the constant gnawing in her stomach as her mind flip flopped between her sorrow over the loss of her family, and her fear of battle.

Currently she was trying to read a book to keep her mind off things.  It was some fairy tale about a blue dove and a princess.  She couldn't say how it ended, because she'd been rereading the same page over and over again.  But it was better then thinking about reality.

Ran was doing math problems.  Renko had wandered over to see what the kitsune was solving, but quickly retreated when she saw the variables in play.  The fox hadn't been joking about her mathematical skill.

After that Renko had gone back to pouring over her spellbooks.  Occasionally she'd do some basic astronomy, or polish the hakkero with a sense of wonder.  But mostly, Renko went over her books like a grad student studying for their Masters tests.

Chen just napped.  Apparently nekomata kept a lot of cat traits.  Maribel felt a little jealous, but it was still calming to see the childish figure curled up in a ball sleeping.

She tried once again to get back to her reading.  She'd gotten to the part about how the demon of the north sea was struck down....

Maribel froze when she felt the air suddenly change.  Somehow she knew.  ?They're here.?

Ran looked up from her equations and scowled.  ?You're right.  It's time to go.  Chen!?

The nekomata looked like she was going to argue with her master for a moment, then she rubbed against the three before running out into Gensoukyo proper.  ?Be careful!? she cried as she left.

?You too,? Renko and Maribel called after her.  Ran simply closed her eyes and sent something mentally.  Then the fox woman looked over at them.

?Are you ready?? she said simply.

Maribel nodded.  She didn't need to bring weapons.

Beside her Renko slipped the mini-hakkero under her hat and nodded.  With the magical reactor she could cast all her spells without needing a wand or potion to work with, despite not being a youkai magician.

Ran nodded.  ?Alright.  Let's go.?

Maribel allowed Ran to make the portal, even though the kitsune's false boundary manipulation was starting to look inefficient to her.  The three stepped through, into a forest clearing resounding with frog croaks and insect sounds.  Maribel looked around to gather her bearings.

?Should we really be out in the open like this?? she asked.

?Yeah, it seems like we shouldn't give up cover so easily,? Renko said.

Ran nodded.  ?Anyone who's a threat to me won't be stopped by trees.  And hiding in the forest would allow us to be separated and ambushed.  Our enemy knows where we are.  Let's force him to come to us.?

The butterflies returned to Maribel's stomach.  ?So we wait??

?Yes.  Just a little longer...? Ran said with a dark smile.  ?Then we get our revenge.?

The butterflies faded away as heat rose in her body.  ?Right.?  Maribel looked out at the forest.

It was time to make the Lunarians pay.
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Re: A New World, Book 3
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This is a continuation of the previous two books
Book 1,6097.0.html
Book 2,7910.0.html

I'm a bad fairy.  I'm starting to post before I'm done.  But I wanted to light a bit of a fire under myself.  I've got a nice buffer, and I'm going to try to update something about this size weekly.

I hope the conclusion lives up to everyone's expectations.

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Re: A New World, Book 3
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Oh god yes the continuation is here. I can't wait for more. :munch:

Re: A New World, Book 3
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This is quite nice! I'll read the toher books right away!

Thanks to GreenVirus for the Siggy.
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Re: A New World, Book 3
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I read all the books after reading the first sentence.
I used up 8 hours which could have been sleep, and god I love/hate you so much right now for these amazing fics.

Re: A New World, Book 3
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Got, I lost so much time playing some BFBC2, should start reading book 1 tomorrow, I guess.

Thanks to GreenVirus for the Siggy.
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Re: A New World, Book 3
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Aw yeah. I've been waiting for this! :3

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Re: A New World, Book 3
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And I thought I would point this out, even though it's minor;

Currently she was trying to read a book to keep her mind off things.  It was some fairy tail about a blue dove and a princess.  She couldn't say how it ended, because she'd been rereading the same page over and over again.  But it was better then thinking about reality.

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Re: A New World, Book 3
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Figures I'd miss one.  Or two.  Or five....   :X

Anyway since it was brought up I'm surprised no one got the reference.  Though I guess it is a little obscure even if you do know the source.  Let's just say I chose that tale for a reason.

Ah, and of course the opening quote is the standard opener for chess.

For those of you plotting my demise because there's no continuation, fear not, it shall arrive tonight.

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Re: A New World, Book 3
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For those of you plotting my demise because there's no continuation, fear not, it shall arrive tonight.
Oh... um, well....
You might want to duck. :V

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Re: A New World, Book 3
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Lord Tenshou frowned as his first steps on earth were greeted by a hungry mosquito.  Fortunately his wards activated and incinerated the insect before the unclean thing could bite him, but it was still insulting.

As he looked around his main transport site his mood improved.  Everyone had made it there via the teleportation devices, and the youkai hunters were spreading out already.  In fact by the time he finished his inspection only his personal guard was left.

He stood there for a few more moments before realizing Jiyuwan wasn't present, and thus he'd have to ask for a report.  Silently he cursed the old warrior's strange sense of honor.  It was a waste forcing the swordsman to try to kill the entire tengu nation, but the man had questioned every single move Lord Tenshou had made. And at some point that questioning would become evident, destroying Lord Tenshou's entire political base.

Still there were others who still served him.  And unlike Jiyuwan they were still loyal to him instead of some fantasy idea of personal honor.  Sadly none were quite as skilled, but they would do fine.

?Lady Nashina, how is the assault progressing?? he asked.

The silver haired woman turned away from the machinery she'd been fiddling with and bowed to him.  ?All goes according to your plans my Lord.  We've encountered no resistance so far, though I imagine our strikes at the youkai strongholds will soon change that.?

He nodded appreciatively to her.  ?Has there been any sign of movement from the tengu or the Yakumo??

?No my Lord.  But it's still early.?  Nashina looked like she was about to say something more, then bit her lip.

Lord Tenshou looked around.  Seeing everyone nearby was either totally loyal to his scheme or occupied he motioned to the woman.  ?You have a question.  Please ask.  I would not wish my most important ally to be distracted by personal worries.?

Nashina blinked in surprise then sighed.  ?Thank you my lord.?  She lowered her voice so that no one could overhear.  ?Lord Tenshou, you said that the Yakumo was behind all this, but she's dead.  I was there when we killed her, and we made sure her soul was taken away.  I can understand some of her power leaking out, but to actually return, whole in body and soul....?  She shook her head.  ?Even ignoring the fact that such an act would destroy her reincarnation's soul, how is it even possible??

He bristled at the question at first, but he rapidly calmed himself.  Nashina was simply seeking guidance, not questioning his judgment.

Lord Tenshou placed his hand on the woman's shoulder.  ?It confused me as well, when my powers first revealed I would be fighting the Yakumo again.  But I'm certain now.  Think about it.  Her power was so immense you had to spend the entire incident keeping her in check, even after she was dead.?

?No I am quite certain.  Yukari Yakumo will return to life here, at this very spot.?  Lord Tenshou allowed himself to smile grimly.  ?And here I will have the joy of killing her again.  It is, inevitable.  Even if none of my other plans succeed, Yukari Yakumo will die on this, the night of her rebirth.?


The dragon twitched.

His prey was interested in something below now.  Interested, but not totally engrossed in it.

It was not yet the time to strike.

But that time would be soon.


Oisha moved through the field carefully.  The crisp air of Autumn had caused the flowers here to wilt and the grass to die, but it was still fairly high here out in the rolling fields where no villager would dare go harvest.  Almost anything could be hiding in the grass.

In fact a lot of things were hiding in that grass.  The constant noise of crickets, mice and other small creatures assaulted her ears.  The earth truly was a hectic and dirty place.  She was half tempted to just set the field ablaze to shut the noise up, but that would draw too many attackers to her at once.  Just because she was one of the best fighters of the moon didn't mean she was invincible.  She was certain no youkai was her equal in magic, but forty or fifty youkai might end up getting a lucky shot in. 

Of course right now there was no sign of any of those youkai.  She had been certain that a lone human wandering around would get swarmed by the bloodthirsty monsters but so far all she'd seen was-


Oisha shrieked as a purple thing leaped out at her from the bushes!  As she leaped back she tossed a energy blast at the creature purely out of reflex.  The blindingly bright energy bolt whined across the space before hitting the creature with a meaty smack.

It let out a strangely high pitched scream as the blast sent it backwards.

Oisha stood there for a moment as surprise, then embarrassment washed over her.  Here she was thinking herself to be a great magical warrior, and some random youkai had managed to sneak up on her.  She resolved to be more careful before flying over to she what she'd killed.

The youkai looked nothing like what she'd expected.  It was humanoid.  Some might even say it was cute, though the blood ruined that a bit.  Even more surprisingly it was alive.  The feminine figure in purple and blue whimpered as Oisha approached it.  When it tried to hide an ugly umbrella from her she realized it must be a karakasa.

?Well,? she muttered to herself, ?not an impressive first kill, but it's best to finish it off.?  The youkai's mismatched eyes grew wider at that, and it began trying to crawl away, sobbing as it's movements disturbed the wound on it's stomach.  Oisha raised her hands to finish the matter.

There was a sickening crack and pain ripped through her body.  Her mind realized she had been sent flying mere seconds before she crashed into the ground.  This time however the shield devices did their job and the impact was muted.  She held out an arm to stop the rolling, allowing her magical and technological wards to soak the energy.  Then she jumped to her feet, ignoring the pain in her side.

Standing about thirty feet away (she'd been launched that far!?) was another youkai.  It was also in the form of a human female carrying an umbrella, but this one had green hair, and a red checkered dress and vest.  The youkai was smiling, standing in the field as if it owned the place.

?You Lunarians are very rude.  First you wake me from my nap, then you break my umbrella.?  The youkai held up the bent item before casting it aside.  ?I think I'll have to kill you a bit for that.?

Oisha was about to snap something back in response, when the creature looked her in the eyes.  The youkai's dark green eyes radiated power.  Pure unadulterated power.  And a crushing sense of history.

For the first time in her long long life, Oisha felt humbled by another's age.

She snapped out of it the moment the youkai raised its hand and began summoning its attack.  ?I see you aren't small fry.  Unfortunately for you no impure being can match the power of a Lunarian!?  She began calling up her own spell.

?Hmph.  Big words for a human,? the youkai said.  ?Know that Kazami Yuuka is the one who will take your life this day.?  The youkai's spell completed and Oisha was blinded and deafened as an explosion of Rainbow light raced towards her.  ?Master Spark!?

The lunarian tossed up her hands and a black and grey tear in space appeared to shield her.  ?Dimensional Rift!?

The earth trembled as the two spells clashed.
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Re: A New World, Book 3
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Anyway since it was brought up I'm surprised no one got the reference.  Though I guess it is a little obscure even if you do know the source.  Let's just say I chose that tale for a reason.

The Princess and the Blue Dove? The Razgriz parallel is pretty strong; death has certainly rained down on the land, and the survivors who were sheltered away will probably gather in a supernaturally prosperous village. I wonder if Yukari or the Lunarians fit better as Razgriz itself; I can see Sareseno arriving after everything's the warone to try and help rebuild, only revealing his heritage when everything's done.

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Re: A New World, Book 3
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You may be obliged to wage war, but not to use poison arrows.

Huian bowed to the shivering rabbit.  ?This was Miss Koakuma's room before she got married.  It has all the amenities, and I've left food for the rest of the day.  By then the locks should have faded.  Do you need anything else??

Flopsy shook her head.  ?N~no, I'll be fine.?

Huian simply smiled and nodded.  Acting like the other girl wasn't scared out of her mind was probably the best way of handling her.  ?If you're feeling cold there should be a cardigan next to the bed, and the tea should be hot.  I'll come get you out as soon as the battle is over so you can get your ears regenerated and return to your training.?

The gatekeeper paused a second to see if the rabbit girl had anything more to say before the door was shut, but the moon rabbit just bowed.  ?Um, thank you, Huian.?

?Don't mention it,? Huian said as she shut the door.  The magical wards clicked into place and she felt the space between the door and the rest of the mansion become nearly infinite.  She then called upon her personal powers and stepped to the main library.

?Ah, please don't disturb the circles,? Patchouli said idly as she finished another chalk line.

Huian started slightly, then remembered to float to avoid scuffing any of the patterns.  Fortunately she hadn't appeared on top of any lines.

She then turned to report to her mistress.  ?I've put Flopsy to bed.  The mansion is ready Lady Flandre.?

Flandre briefly turned towards her to nod her approval.  The vampire's cold stare caused Huian to sweat a little.  As battle approached Flandre's childishness seemed to have faded.  Her bloodlust was starting to take precedence.  And everyone who was sane kept their distance during those times.

Huian turned her attention to the crystal ball floating between the residents of the mansion.  ?Have we seen any invaders Mistress??

?No,? Flandre said shortly.

Marisa shrugged.  ?There's a light show going on over where Yuka occasionally lives, but beyond that nothing so far.  It seems everyone who knew this was coming is playing defensively.?

Juri shifted next to her mistress.  ?We saw a group come down near the mansion, but they haven't shown themselves.  I wonder why??

Koakuma shook her head.  ?Um, my question is why can we still see the village?  Shouldn't Keine have hidden it??

?Something's gone wrong,? Alice said darkly.

"Ah, I have it."  Dinah tapped the ball and the viewpoint shifted.  Now some red outlines could be seen standing just inside the treeline next to the mansion.  ?There they are.  But they're waiting.  Are they trying to lure us into a trap??

Patchouli coughed as she floated up to join everyone else.  ?I can only hope so.  Fighting them in a forest would be almost as advantageous as fighting them in the basement.  Better that then some other trick.?

?But how are they planning to lure us out?? Alice asked as she peered into the scrying orb.

As if to answer the question a plume of fire came up from the distant village.  Huian grimaced.  ?That's not Mokou.?

?The shrine!?

At Marisa's cry, everyone looked towards where the shrine should be in the scrying orb.  The hill where the ancient building stood was now topped in flame.

Marisa reached out and summoned her broomstick ?I need to...?

?Go,? Flandre said with a wave of her hand.  ?Head out the back.?

Koakuma nodded.  ?We'll just trigger the contingency plan early if we need to.?

?I'm going too.  We'll need the Grimoire to get back,? Alice said. 

?Be careful out there,? Patchouli said, quickly kissing the two.  Koakuma followed suit.

Marisa jumped on her broomstick.  ?Take care.?

Then they were off.

Huian turned to Dinah.  ?It's time to create the maze.  The people waiting outside probably won't be heading after Alice and Marisa after they realize those two got past them.?

The demon magician smiled in return.  ?Right.?  She then placed her hands over Huian's eyes.  As darkness enveloped the gatekeeper she relaxed.

Huian had inherited some magical power from Sakuya, in addition to all her other gifts.  She'd never gotten around to mastering it, but it was there in her blood, just as much as her chi abilities and her power to manipulate space.  She just couldn't access it well.

Dinah's succubus blood however allowed her to manipulate the magical powers of others.  And her magical knowledge allowed her to use the power of others in very complex ways.

As Dinah's spell flowed through Huian's body she could feel the basement corridors twisting and bending.  Soon it was a massive tangle.  A maze that was bound to her will and power.

Dinah pulled her hands away and Huian opened her eyes.  ?It's ready Mistress.?

Patchouli nodded.  ?Good work.?

Huian's blood froze as Flandre giggled, ?Are the rest of the preparations ready Juri??

?Yes Mistress,? the maid replied.

The vampire reached out her hand as if she was grasping an orb.  ?Then let's play.?


Mystia's wings twitched involuntarily.

She probably shouldn't be so close to the village, but honestly she wasn't looking for a fight, and the village was the safest place to be close to.  When Keine hid the village's history, Keine and Mokou would be the only two still around.  Two dangerously powerful beings alone in a massive clearing.  Mokou and Keine would draw far more attention then a lone night sparrow.

At least that's how it should have gone.

Mystia was there, she could tell Keine was there, but the village wasn't concealed.

It was burning.

At least sections were.  At the north end there was a small flare.  Mokou was likely fighting someone.  Still the immortal obviously was holding back, since there still was a northern village.

Near her the fight was more intense.  And the fire wielder was not holding back.

Mystia shuddered as another explosion ripped through a mansion, sending burning planks across the houses.  Then her eyes opened in shock as one of Keine's spells tore through the same area.  If the Hakutaku was using those kind of spells in the village she obviously believed that there was nothing she could do that would be less damaging then letting her opponent live.  Given how much the Hakutaku loved the village....

The sight of a figure running away from the village towards her drew her attention away from the flikering light of the spell battle.  She tensed momentarily before seeing it was a young boy.

She gritted her teeth.  A lone boy would have no chance out in the forests at night.  She knew a lot of youkai weren't going to be picky about which humans they attacked now that an invasion was on.  Most probably still didn't even know an invasion was on.

It wasn't her problem.  She was a human eating youkai.

It shouldn't be her problem.

Cursing herself silently she flew towards the boy, making sure to stay near the ground.  The child had been looking over his shoulder most of the time so when he finally noticed Mystia swooping towards him she was fairly close.  He shrieked and fell to the floor, then rose to his knees when he recognized her.  ?Ms Lorelei??

?Idiot kid, don't run to the forest.  Run to the farms,? she hissed.  The boy just stared at her stupidly.  She sighed.  ?Where's your family??

?I... I don't know.  We were running, and then a building collapsed and separated us.  Daddy told me to keep running out of the village...?

Mystia nodded.  ?Then check the West gate.  That's the closest one.  And tell everyone to hide in the farms!  There's no youkai or Lunarians there.?  The boy just sat there looking at her in shock so she waved her arms at him.  ?Get going!? she chirped.

As the boy ran off she looked back at the village.  She wondered if his family would actually make it out.  She wouldn't really be sad if those old ladies that had tossed fried beans at her went up in smoke.  Or any of the perverts that had grabbed her ass.  But she remembered that kid's family being nice customers.  The daughter had always played with the pinwheels and the father always complimented her on her special sauce.

Keine and her opponent took to the skies then for a brief moment.  Mystia looked at the Lunarian in the light of the full moon.

The woman was obviously strong.  Quite strong.

But there was no holy power about her.  Nothing in her face that made her seem any different from all the other human magicians that had gone on a rampage in the village because of some slight or another. 

Mystia's heart began to quicken again.  Not with fear, but with excitement.

She knew it was partly the villager's belief.  The repeated stories of a 'youkai of justice' were calling to her.  She realized not all of the building feelings in her heart was the desire to hunt that was inborn to all true youkai.

But that was okay.  In the end, all that mattered was that she was a youkai, born to terrorize humans.

That others thought it was justice instead of petty desire was their own foolishness.


Keine coughed as the smoke burned her lungs.  Her muscles ached and strained as she lifted the wall and threw it in front of her.  ?Get out of here!? she yelled to the human family huddling behind her.

The wooden wall shuddered and cracked as her enemy's magic crashed into it.  Keine's hand flashed out and slapped aside one of the splinters before it could strike her face.  The other shards of wood struck her, but couldn't penetrate her skin.

The sound of the family behind her moving helped her keep her focus.  She charged forward hoping to catch her foe off guard with her horns.

She'd made it thirty feet before an explosion scorched her front.  She rapidly exhaled to keep the flames from searing her lungs, then cried out as the back blast sent her rolling into a flaming support beam.

'Dammit, Mokou, where are you?!' one part of her screamed.  But she knew Mokou had to be fighting elsewhere.  Nothing else would keep the immortal from her side.

She shook off the impact and stood again, growling as the smug woman who'd started randomly attacking the village floated before her.  Keine tried once again to hide the village's history, but her powers failed yet again.

Frustrated and hurt she yelled at the woman, ?What have the villagers done to you!?  How can you call this righteousness??

The infuriating Lunarian just shrugged.  ?They're impure.  But I don't kill them because I hate them.  I'm killing them because you're wasting your energy protecting them.  And because the rest of you 'guardians' will flock here to save the humans after I finish you off.?

Keine's innards seemed to burn with rage.  The heat within her was almost as great as the heat out here.  The bitch had killed at least five villagers already just to make her angry!?

The Were-hakutaku stared at the Lunarian in hatred.  ?I didn't want to have to use this, but you've forced my hand.?

Keine reached out letting her mind adapt to her powers.  Time stood still as years flickered backwards.  Days flowed quickly into years then decades.  She saw the woman's training and days of leisure on the moon, centuries and centuries of idleness.  Then a long childhood, where she wanted for nothing.  Then her birth.

And at that moment in history Keine reached out and twisted it.  ?It's time you never existed!?

Keine's bold proclamation was met with a moment of silence, then a laugh from the woman.  The heat in Keine's body fled her.  Her powers had failed again!  How?

The woman gave her a mocking smile.  ?Allow me to tell you my power.  I can bind things.  I've bound this village to the land, and I've bound my history to reality.  Your powers are worthless against me.?

The woman rose a little further into the air, preparing the spell that would probably kill Keine.  As she did Keine saw her.  A figure she'd never expected to see in the battle.

Mystia opened her mouth and began to sing a song of hunting.

?What!?? the woman screamed as she looked into the sky, the night blindness already clouding her eyes.  ?Another youkai?  Where are you?!?

Keine watched in awe as Mystia raised her voice as she glided further into the air so she could swoop down.  A youkai on the hunt, as in days long past.


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Re: A New World, Book 3
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Mystia, I forgot for a while why you were my secret waifu.

Thanks for reminding me, Iced.


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Re: A New World, Book 3
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Things seem to be picking up fairly early in this book.

Nice to see that Mystia gets to be awesome for once. :3

Apparently, Thomas the Tank Engine isn't one to take crap from anyone.

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Re: A New World, Book 3
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Alice sped towards the shrine, following Marisa.  They were pushing the limits of their flying speed, fighting against the wind.  Alice's vision could barely make out the trees before they passed them.  Fortunately the two of them knew the path to the shrine almost by heart.  They'd flown and fought here for over 300 years.

Which is why neither of them hit anything when a series of bullets from the ground forced them to dodge out of the way.

As soon as she sensed the foreign magic, Alice rolled left and spun in a circle, sending two suicide dolls towards where their attacker was.  Marisa finished her roll to the right and added her own magical napalm mix to the attack.

The trees below burst into flames with a boom.  Alice winced at the sudden light shift, but forced her eyes to stay open even as they teared up.

Two figures escaped from the explosions; one male, one female, magical shields glowing brightly.  Before she'd even consciously confirmed they were Lunarians, Alice's dolls began firing at them.  The pair split in response, the man drawing a sword and lunging for her, while the woman unleashed a barrage of lasers against Marisa.

Alice sent another three dolls out in front of her with a flick of her wrist.  She didn't have a clue how to fight with a sword, but the dolls knew on some level.  She felt a brief pang of loss as the man cut the first doll down but the doll's 'sisters' avenged her, sending the man on the defensive with their perfectly coordinated cuts.  He fell back to get room for a counter attack, but another flick of the wrist sent five dolls wielding lances charging into the fray. 

Trusting that her lovely creations had her foe occupied, Alice turned to check on Marisa.

As Alice watched Marisa executed one of her standard reckless charges, spinning through her opponent's laser field, while somehow avoiding the deadly beams.  As she did Marisa released two lasers of her own, but the focused light seemed to curve away from her target.  Alice felt her worry grow.  Obviously the woman knew how to bend light away from her.  That took out a lot of Marisa's normal arsenal.

The sudden feeling emptiness that accompanied her sword dolls dying forced Alice to return her attention to her own opponent.  He had dodged the lancer dolls and was making his way back towards her.  She swore softly and allowed two more suicide dolls to attack the man, while rearranging her shooting dolls to provide a blistering crossfire.

Alice hated fighting like this.  She loved her dolls, even those built only to self destruct, and a battle like this chewed through them far too quickly.  She couldn't even be proud of the results her dolls gave.  There was no beauty in her attacks, nor glory in the outcome.  There would just be a shattered body and a pile of broken dolls.  Nothing more.

She took a good look at her foe, and anger spread through her heart.  The only thing she could depend on was that her enemies were scum.  She didn't have the same connection Marisa did to the shrine, but she respected the Hakurei family.  They were going to make the Lunarians pay for involving the Hakurei in this mess.

She felt the magic in the area swirl around her foe as he started a spell, and sent her dolls in a corkscrew attack pattern with a vicious pull on her strings.  He broke the spell to escape the attack and retreated again, still keeping himself between her and the burning shrine.

?You heartless bitch!  Dragon Meteor!?

Alice jumped backwards as Marisa's scream ripped through the air.  The world turned white and a sound somewhere between a whine and a roar drowned out everything else.  The shockwave sent her tumbling through the air, like a drunk in an earthquake.

When she could control her movements again she flew back up to where her wife was sitting and snarling at the two Lunarians.  Alice watched them take up defensive positions again.

Alice took a deep breath and tried to think about the fight calmly.  Trying to power through was Marisa's thing.  She was supposed to be tactical.  What were the Lanarians doing, and how could she stop them?

'They're stalling for time.  They must expect reinforcements if they hold long enough,' Alice realized.

Alice grabbed Marisa's shoulders.  ?I'll finish up here.  You go ahead.?

?But,? Marisa looked at her with shocked eyes.  ?There's no way you can...?

Marisa's eye's opened even wider when Alice flipped open her Grimoire.  ?It's time I taught these Lunarians why transformed Magicians are the most powerful youkai in existence.?

Marisa nodded.  ?I'll be back for you as soon as I'm done.?  Alice's heart was warmed by the confidence in Marisa's statement.

The Lunarian woman threw a spell at Alice, possibly out of pique for being ignored.  Alice of course dodged it casually.  The man simply said, ?As much as I'd love to punish you for your arrogance neither of you can get past us.?

Marisa laughed darkly and pulled the brim of her hat up.  ?Challenge accepted.?  Alice started as Marisa pecked her on the cheek, then flipped her broom around to point in the opposite direction of the shrine.  ?I'll be back in a jiffy.? 

Marisa whispered two words, ?Gateless Gate,? then accelerated on her broom.

The two Lunarians blinked as Marisa seemed to run away, then vanished.  The man tried a teleport trace, but got nothing.  Which made sense.  After all Marisa hadn't teleported.  Technically.

Alice smirked at the two.  Then she closed her eyes and called to her Grimoire.

She felt the power reach out to her.  The power within the book that had been bottled up for such a long time.  A power infused with a thousand myths and legends from all of history.

It came slowly at first, like a stream at the start of spring, as the first thaw touched it.  At first it crept along, finding old channels overgrown, and new channels awaiting its touch.  Soon though the power started overflowing, as the barriers Alice had put up broke down one after the other.  The book once again was free to suffuse her being with its magic, a river of power that surged throughout her soul like a second pulse.

She opened her eyes and flung out her hand on instinct.  She cried out the words of the Thunders, and the magical blast her opponents had been forming while she'd been summoning her power shattered into a thousand motes of light, its magic unmade.  The two figures below her stared up at her in awe of her prowess, and she reveled in their shock and terror.

She rapidly forced that feeling down though.  Logically, Alice knew her advantage wasn't that great.  She'd devoted most of her spells to non combat practices, and her combat spells mostly focused on her dolls.  She only had a few spells that allowed her to attack directly, and most of those were easy to dodge.

With one exception.

Her foes of course weren't going to let her summon up that magic unopposed.  The woman lowered her head and began a low chant.  Electricity poured out of her hands and infused the man's blade, turning it into a crackling weapon of energy that would shatter most magical shields.  Alice needed to buy some time.

She out a small doll and tossed it forward to meet her foes.  ?Semi Autonomous Goliath Doll.?

The doll began expanding the moment it left her hand.  It rapidly grew to twice the man's height and brought it's blades clashing down in defiance.  The electrified blade climbed to meet the mighty blow and the forest was wracked with the shriek of arcing lightning as the three blades locked against each other.

Still, Alice knew that wouldn't be enough.  It was only out there to buy Alice time.

Most people believed that Magician youkai have no unique traits.  Sure they all know magic, but that's something any youkai (and many humans) can learn given enough time.

This is wrong.

Each magician youkai has one spell that no other living being, not even other magicians, can duplicate.  One spell that defines them.  The spell that made them a youkai or removed their aging.

Patchouli had her Philosophers Stone, which could alter the very nature of souls.  Marisa had created her Improbability Potion, which defied conventional logic.  Byakuren had her 'Superhuman Byakuren' spell, which gave her powers far beyond mortal humans.

And Alice had her Grimoire.  The Grimoire of Alice.  A book for her alone.  A book that declared she was to be a legend.

Alice called upon the artifact that had made her a youkai once again, asking it for more power.  And it gladly answered, making the river of power overflow.  Alice fought back the urge to laugh as raw energy coursed through her veins, and poured out of her eyes.  She instead forced herself to focus on her spell.

The Goliath doll was missing an arm, but it was still holding her foes off.  They'd seen her begin her spell and were rushing to stop her.  But it was too late.

?The sun shines on the battlefield
It shines with furious might
It does its best to shadows clear
To make the future bright.
And this is odd, because it is
The middle of the night.?

A blast of flame shot up from her grimoire, as bright as the sun in her improvised poem.  Alice smiled even as the Goliath doll collapsed and continued her rhyme.

?The time has come, my foolish foes,
To talk of many things
Of wonder ? worlds ? and walruses
Of dolls ? and of their strings.
And if this world is really real,
And what makes humans beings.?

The book pulsed with energy and shot another bolt into the flame sitting above them.  The ball of fire dropped down from the sky and exploded in a crimson wave.  It washed over Alice, but she felt no heat, only a sudden weakness.  The power that had flowed through her body was gone.  All drained into that massive explosion.

And when it faded her enemies were gone as well.

After a few seconds the creatures of the forest decided the night's entertainment was over and began their cries again.  The sounds of the crickets was proof of Alice's victory.

Alice sighed deeply and allowed herself to drift down to the ground.  Her body ached all over, and the book felt like lead in her hands.  Overcharging herself with the Grimoire like that always left her weakened.  She probably wouldn't be able to fight for the rest of the night.

Still, she'd taken out two of the Lunarians, and Marisa was still fresh.  Alice would just have to have faith in her friends and wait the rest of the battle out.

When she reached the ground she took cover between two bushes next to a young tree that still had some leaves.  To pass the time she flipped open her grimoire again.

There on the pages, in a script only she could read, a new story was forming.  A story of two soldiers thrown in a strange world from a harsh battle.

As she watched them begin exploring their new world she wondered if they'd embrace their new existence as part of the book, or become a well placed pile of bones for the next 'Alice' to find.

She was hoping for a pile of bones herself.  But maybe they'd mature enough for her to change her mind.


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Re: A New World, Book 3
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That was a great chapter.

I especially liked the nice spin on the Grmoire you included at the end. :3

Apparently, Thomas the Tank Engine isn't one to take crap from anyone.

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Re: A New World, Book 3
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.... yeah, very much looking forward to more awesome fighting like this. :munch:


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Re: A New World, Book 3
« Reply #18 on: April 12, 2011, 04:48:37 AM »
Aah! I just caught up!
Alice is being very epic. I love her special ability, and I'm hoping we'll be able to see Marisa's in action sometime soon.

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Re: A New World, Book 3
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Aah! I just caught up!
Congrats.  And thanks for reading.

Alice is being very epic. I love her special ability, and I'm hoping we'll be able to see Marisa's in action sometime soon.
Actually you did.  Sorta.

Since if won't be making a larger appearence, I'll explain.  My second fic was one where Marisa vowed to become immortal, without 'cheating' and just becoming a magician.  Thus Marisa worked many sleepness nights, and in the end created a potion that would grant her immortality while being infinitely unlikely to make her a magician.

It of course made her into a magician when she drank it, because that's what humans who are made immortal by magic become.  Much to her annoyance.

Since then however the universe has been paying off that karmic debt of unluck.  Thus with concentration and focus, Marisa can succeed at doing things by performing the exact opposite of what she needed to do.  Like say reaching the shrine by giving up and running away in the opposite direction.

However the actual results are hard to accurately determine, so Marisa doesn't push her luck.  It's fitting though that the most combat oriented magician's ultimate spell is best suited to out of combat purposes.


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Re: A New World, Book 3
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Since then however the universe has been paying off that karmic debt of unluck.  Thus with concentration and focus, Marisa can succeed at doing things by performing the exact opposite of what she needed to do.  Like say reaching the shrine by giving up and running away in the opposite direction.

However the actual results are hard to accurately determine, so Marisa doesn't push her luck.  It's fitting though that the most combat oriented magician's ultimate spell is best suited to out of combat purposes.
Oh... Oh man. That's awesome. That is so terrifically strange and broken, it's as if it were canon.
I can totally imagine Marisa exploiting that in so many ways. Surrendering to destroy opponents, or even handing books to Patchy to net a huge load of books. That's really fitting of Marisa's personality.

Maybe I'm just tired right now, but for some reason this idea is really exciting me. I've always loved over-the-top. That's probably one reason why I like Touhou so much.

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Re: A New World, Book 3
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Surrendering to destroy opponents
This would be one of the examples where it's really hard to know what you'll get.  Your surrender might get a bloodthirsty murderer to decide killing is wrong and to become a pacifist, or it might get the noble knight who would never strike a defeated foe to flip out and stab you.

It's incredibly useful, but incredibly dangerous.  Especially when people are involved.  Which is why Marisa uses it only in select areas.

Re: A New World, Book 3
« Reply #22 on: April 12, 2011, 12:10:53 PM »
So it is like a magical Improbability Drive: it gets you where you need to go, but unintended consequences are part of the deal, especially if you don't actually know the exact opposite of what you have to do. I would imagine that her power is the most dangerous when she uses it and then does something completely unrelated. Just a little of that and you have random teleportation, picking up strangers, missiles turning into plants that get reincarnated as bigwigs on the moon who decide to get revenge, all kinds of crazy times.

The whole idea is the exact sort of not-quite-logic that gets giant lasers from mushrooms. It's so Marisa.
« Last Edit: April 12, 2011, 12:34:57 PM by Eriaku »

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Re: A New World, Book 3
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The heat from the flames made the air heavy in her lungs.  Hitomi found herself desperately trying to gasp in air, and wincing at the pain each time she did.  But still she managed to throw the dozen iron needles she had in her left hand with pinpoint accuracy.

The crimson haired woman who'd been attacking her however simply dodged to the side.  Hitomi forced herself to fly up more and whisper a prayer through parched lips.  Seven homing amulets flew out of her hands and arced towards the woman.

And once again, Hitomi was forced to watch as the woman simply waved her hands and dispelled the magic from the slips, turning them into simple paper again.  The charms floated into the fire and were consumed.

?It won't work you know,? the woman said in a painfully polite tone.  ?My power is to cancel out spiritual powers.  None of your prayers, charms or summons will work against me.?

Hitomi felt sick.  She'd already figured out that from the fight, but she couldn't seem to do a thing about it.  Summoned gods had been quickly dispelled, her needles couldn't catch the woman, and barriers only delayed the inevitable.  She was out of normal options.  All she could think to do was stall until she could think of something better to do.

?If you can dispel anything I create why bother with this shrine?  We don't have anything to do with you or the youkai!  Leave us in peace.?

The woman shook her head.  ?You and I both know what a lie that is.  Besides, my lord is afraid you might recreate the barrier to hide away from us.  Which means my orders are clear.  I'm to exterminate the Hakurei line.?

Hitomi felt fear spike through her.  Kanon!  Then the crackle of the burning shrine almost brought a smile to her face.  Kanon would have fled already.  Win or lose her daughter should be safe.

Now she just needed to find a way to make sure her daughter still had a mother around after this mess!

?Hm... I guess from the look on your face that your daughter has run away.  That's good.?  The woman shrugged.  ?Even if you are just humans, I don't really like the idea of killing children.  There's no way she can maintain a barrier at her age.  I'm totally fine with her fleeing Gensoukyo.?  Hitomi tensed as the Lunarian leveled her straight sword.  ?You, I'm afraid, I can't allow to live.?

Hitomi wanted to make a retort, but it would be better to save her strength.  Talking was only good if you wanted to prolong a battle.  Instead she concentrated on her breathing.  Quick in, slow out.

The Lunarian lunged for her, sword ready for a follow up slash if Hitomi tried to parry with her gohei.  Hitomi was sure if she tried to dodge there would be similar attacks.

So instead of dodging she jumped up with a deadly spinning kick and called upon the most esoteric border techniques.

There was a slight disorientation as space folded oddly and she reappeared facing the opposite direction as she had been.  Then jubilation filled Hitomi's heart as she felt her foot land in a solid hit.

She knew better then to stay to gloat though.  Summoning her strength she flipped backwards, landing just in time to see her foe's sword arc through the area she'd been standing previously.  It was a wild swing, but Hitomi would have been wide open for it.

Snarling the Lunarian cut through the air, sending several mystical daggers flying towards Hitomi.  Hitomi raised a barrier to block, then retreated again as the woman dispelled the barrier with a slap.

She had to find a way to end this fight quickly.

Hitomi's mind raced as she continued her fighting retreat.  Her opponent had decent personal protection, otherwise that kick would have broken multiple ribs, but the Lunarian didn't seem able to stop instantaneous spells.  Like Hitomi's teleport, or her physical strength boosters.

Which meant she had a one shot that could break though the woman's defenses.

She'd been pushed back to the rear of the shrine now, next to the koi pond that had run out of koi before she'd been born.  If she went much further back she'd be in the forest, and the trees would be certain to trip her up.  It was now or never.

?Hah!?  Hitomi yelled loudly to draw attention to her attack then flung another set of needles at her opponent.  Her heart rose when the Lunarian jumped to the side again, but she focused on the spell.

Once again the borders of the world shifted, and the needles appeared right behind her foe.  Hitomi smiled in triumph.  She only needed to hit and...!

The Lunarian was right in front of her, crimson hair floating around her face.  Hitomi felt a shock, then a massive burning in her stomach.  Then she was on the ground, looking at the woman's feet.

Her needles fell from the air as the magic that gave them flight faded.

Kanon, I'm so sorry.



Hitomi's body screamed as she tried to look towards the voice, but she didn't care about the pain.


Standing there, staring down at her in shock and horror was Kanon.

No! No! No! No! No!

?You should have run little girl.?  The voice of her killer rang painfully in her ears.  ?I'm afraid now I'll have to kill you.?

She wouldn't allow this.  She couldn't allow this.

Hitomi ignored the burning pain from her torn open stomach as she pulled out one more iron needle.  With the last of her strength she charged it to pierce through any magic then slammed it into the woman's foot.

There was a sharp shriek, then pain erupted in her chest.  It was soon gone however.  Replaced by endless darkness.

As Hitomi faded away, she prayed to whatever god might listen that she'd bought her daughter time to escape.


Kanon screamed as the woman stabbed her mother again.  There was so much blood.  Mommy had to be hurting a lot.  She knew she was supposed to run, but she couldn't just abandon her mother like that.  So instead she pulled out the two orbs that had passed through the family for generations.

?Please!  Help me!?

The two orbs arced towards the woman, each attacking from a different angle.

The woman slapped them out of the sky with two short brutal strokes of her sword.  The orbs dropped out of the sky and lay unmoving, their power banished.

Kanon whimpered and took a step back.  Now what?  Mommy was lying so still.  She couldn't run yet.  But she didn't have any other weapons!

The Lunarian took a deep breath and began hovering.  Her face was a mask of pain instead of boredom now, and Kanon could see blood dripping from the woman's foot, but Kanon had no idea how to fight the woman.  She only had mastered the yin yang orbs and some anti youkai charms.  The woman here wasn't a youkai.

?That was your last mistake little girl,? the woman said in an icy tone.

Kanon stepped back again.  What should she do!?


The two humans stared in shock as the red black cat that had visited her so often jumped between the two.  The two humans froze as the cat crouched there, hissing at the Lunarian while its tail bristled.

Kanon winced in pain as a set of piercing shrieks assaulted her ears.  Five flaming skulls burst out of the woods and flung themselves at the woman standing before the burning shrine.  She cut three down with her first swipe, but the other two forced her to retreat a bit before she broke the remaining possessed skulls.

A black and red miasma surrounded the cat on the ground.  When it cleared away a woman in black and red shrine maidens robes stood there, her twin tails and cat ears revealing to all the world her true nature. 

The kassha hissed at the woman again.  ?Do Lunarians normally kill children just cause they're miko?  Why don't you play with someone a little older, grandma??

The woman sneered and raised her blade.  ?How lucky for both of us.  Run away little girl.  If this youkai 'miko' manages to stall me long enough you should be able to escape.?

Kanon shakily got to her feet, but she couldn't bring herself to run.

?Don't worry kid.  Aunt Orin has this covered.?  Orin barred her teeth at the Lunarian.  ?You don't think I'm a real miko?  Take it up with my god.  Okuu, show your stuff!?

Once again a dark miasma formed, then vanished in a burst of heat.  A towering figure with dark black wings appeared before the kassha miko.  The bloody woman stared in shock at the apparition.  Finally she shrieked, ?What!  What have you done to the Yatagarasu!??

The goddess unfurled her wings sending her cape that gleamed with a thousand galaxies fluttering.  Then she pointed the strange device on her arm at the Lunarian.  The strange device and the gem on her chest began to glow with a terrifying light.

There was a sudden light impact and Kanon couldn't see anymore.  The kassha had grabbed her and was running away.  ?We gotta retreat.  That woman will figure out that Okuu's just a god like any other and do her damn banishing trick any second.?

Finally Kanon founder her voice.  ?But mommy's still back there.  We gotta go back!?

Kanon felt Orin's grip tighten slightly.  ?Kanon.  Hitomi....  Your momma isn't alive anymore.  I can tell.?

?No!?  Kanon felt tears start trailing down her face again.  It couldn't be true.  The Hakurei maiden didn't die like that!  They always stood back up at the last minute and defeated the evil!  Her mommy was going to come back and win the fight any second now!

'And how many times did the old Hakurei maiden die just as the new one mastered her powers?' a dark voice in the back of her mind asked.

Kanon fell to her knees as Orin stopped.  The world snapped back into focus, her mind trying to escape by focusing only on the present.  They were in the forest now, though the heat from the flames was still present.  Right in front of them was a cracked grave marker stone.

?Damn.  It'll be hard to do this fast.? Orin muttered next to her.  The four eared woman chewed on her lip a bit, then whirled around.

Kanon looked back to see that hateful woman floating towards them.  Kanon should have looked at the arms, or shoulder of her opponent but her eyes were drawn to the sword.  The bloody sword that had cut down her mother.

?I keep expecting you to be sensible and run, and you keep disappointing me,? the woman said coldly.  ?Well that's fine.  I've changed my mind about wanting to kill you.  Though I suppose I'm curious why you stopped running.?

The kassha grabbed Kanon's hand again in a firm grip.  ?I wasn't running away.  I was headed here to begin with.?

There was a sudden sharp pain, and a drip of dark blood fell from her hand on to the worn and cracked gravestone.

This time there was no miasma.  But Kanon could feel the dark energy coalescing.  The creature was faint at first, but as another drop of Kanon's blood fell, it became more and more solid.

The green haired ghost in magician's robes opened her eyes.  In her hands was a staff with a sharpened crescent moon.  A bloody dagger was lodged in her back.  She glanced around then smiled wickedly.  ?Well done little necromancer cat.  You piqued my interest.?  The ghost glanced briefly at Kanon before returning her full attention to the wary Lunarian.  ?Your blood has summoned me, child of the Hakurei.  Tell me what you want.?

Kanon looked at the ghost, then over at the woman.  The woman who had burned her home.  The woman who wanted her dead.  The woman who was still covered in her mother's blood.

?Kill her...?

The words finally broke through the emotional barrier that shock had created.  Her voice rose with each repetition.  ?Kill her.  Kill her!  Kill Her!?  She collapsed to her knees and started sobbing and shrieking.  ?She killed my mommy!  She destroyed my home!  KILL HER!?

The ghost's smile faded, then twisted into a bitter sneer.  ?Gladly.?

The Lunarian flew forward, striking first, and the ghost's staff rose up to meet it.

The clash rung through the forest.

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Re: A New World, Book 3
« Reply #24 on: April 15, 2011, 01:33:57 AM »
Whoa, bringing back the ghosts of PC-98 past to counter the Lunaryan invasion? :3 I like.


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Re: A New World, Book 3
« Reply #25 on: April 15, 2011, 04:08:01 AM »
I should've expected it, but Kanon's unplanned appearance and Hitomi's death were so painful to imagine. I wonder what Kanon'll be like when she grows up... Oh man, future arc! Mary and Renko go back to the real world, then return only to find out time has skipped forward in Gensokyo again!

Also, I know it shouldn't be, but that last scene was particularly amusing to me.

Kips McKipzerson

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Re: A New World, Book 3
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Oh shit, So Mima is acting as a familiar somewhat? Thats... pretty badass, to be honest.

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Re: A New World, Book 3
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Fanart.  I am confused and happy.

I also now really really want to post the second part to explain the end there, but if I give into that impulse I won't have a buffer anymore.

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Re: A New World, Book 3
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Make sure its top quality iced, we can wait.
After all we've been waiting months between the gap of book 2 and 3  :getdown:

Re: A New World, Book 3
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That part was great, I can't wait to see more, what will happen? :ohdear: