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Maidens of the Kaleidoscope - A Timeline

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Pretty sweet thread. It's nice to see how the place has changed over the years. It's also got me trying to remember when I found these forums, I want to say it was around between the forum remake and the Seimoe thing. I didn't set-up an account at the time since I was out at sea during that timeframe.

Failure McFailFace:
I noticed that this isn't locked. So, any updates to the forum since 2011?

(obviously the theme change a few months ago, but I don't exactly remember when that was)


--- Quote from: TSO ---Edit: As of 9/30 I've also made color changes to the main theme, making it a bit more monochromatic with clearer divisions between content to compensate. Feedback for those changes can go here as well :3

--- End quote ---


I made an visual copy of the OP.


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