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Dead Princess Sakana:
Introduction and Rules

Welcome to Kosuzu's Grand Bookstore! This little subforum of Patchouli's Scarlet Library, or PSL, is where we store all the completed (as stated by the author) fiction works. Therefore, all the stories you'll find here are actually finished. Hooray!

Regarding comments: Like PSL, KGB is immune to the autolock mechanism the rest of the forums have. The reply button will try to discourage you from posting after two weeks have passed since the last post, but you can still reply if you wish. The purpose of this is to allow readers months and years later to comment or leave notes on their favourite stories. As long as it's not just a "bump" post, these replies to old threads are completely acceptable, so don't let yourself be held back by common sense and leave a note for the author telling them how much you liked reading their work!

That's all for now. Enjoy browsing through our collection of finished fanfiction!

Index of all completed works
(sorted alphabetically by authors, works by the same author sorted by date starting with the oldest)

Name: A Certain Mystical Square
Author: Benny1
Genre: Humor
Summary: A FAAAAAABULOUS retelling of Mystic Square. Here Reimu and Marisa meet the youkai of Makai who are going on vacation to Gensokyo without their permission. They meet a few familiar faces along the way.

Name: World of Empty Dreams - The Story of MEIRA in Eastern Wonderland
Author: Black-Cat
Genre: Drama
Summary: Meira is ordered by the queen to perform an assassination. Her target? A harmless, defenseless shrine maiden...or so she thinks.

Name: Newsflash!
Author: Blackraptor
Genre: Comedy
Summary: PSL residents decide to turn on the TV and watch the news.

Name: The Journal of Patchouli's Loyal Assistant
Author: Coin Spire
Genre: Diary, Drama
Summary: A diary-style story describing the build-up, occurrence, and resolution of one of the incidents in which Patchouli attempts to cure herself of her anemia and poor health, written by her Loyal Assistant. Note, too, that Koakuma is not her canon name - in this piece, her name has been blanked out, in a very interesting flash of foresight by the author.

Name: Shikieiki's Day Off - Break of 60 Years
Author: Donut
Genre: Humor/Comedy
Summary: After being replaced by a yukkuri and driven nearly insane, the judge of paradise is forced into a vacation she'll never forget.

Name: Another Song parody - Cirno with the laughing face
Author: Dorian G.
Genre: Song Parody
Summary: Two song parodies, one for "Nancy with the laughing face" and one for "Sam's Song"

Name: The Forgiving Scene of Gensokyo the Girl Thought She Saw
Author: Drake
Genre: Humor/Comedy
Summary: DONGS Kotiya leaves the shrine to gather faith from the Human Village. Unfortunately, a few youkai begin to attack, and DONGS's sanaety sanity points go down accordingly. Meanwhile, Kanako must take care of a certain frog goddess driven insane.

Name: subternana animims
Author: Drake
Genre: Humor
Summary: A retelling of the events of SA spontaneously performed by Drake on IRC

Name: Hanged Maid XII
Author: Erebus
Genre: Tragedy
Summary: Eleven years of hatred, eleven years of abuse, eleven years of being treated like trash. Will Ruukoto, Reimu's robotic maid, be able to take any more of this?

Name: Forsake the Future, Pursue the Past
Author: Esifex
Genre: Action
Summary: Reimu is woken up in the middle of the night by Yukari and suddenly thrust into a war with no idea what in the world is actually happening. It seems like a little nap has suddenly caused the entirety of Gensokyo to change catastrophically.

Name: Judgement of Jack Van Kirk
Author: Esifex
Genre: Drama
Summary: The Yama of Paradise meets a soul of a kind that usually doesn't show up around those parts. A memorial of a grandson to his grandfather.

Name: Alice's Obsession - short story
Author: Esifex
Genre: Drama
Summary: In a quiet cottage in a dark forest, a young girl plots. Surrounded by her faithful dolls, her plans for vengeance begin to take form...

Name: Fresh Faces in the Kaleidoscope
Author: Esifex
Genre: Adventure
Summary: After a near death experience, Sara gets to live one experience so many fantasize about. Coming to Gensokyo. She even gets nifty telepathic powers! The thing is... She doesn't enjoy it. A single bit of it.
Download for nook:[attach=1]

Name: Master Spark~ A Christmas Parody Song
Author: Halca
Genre: Song
Summary: Seriously, read this to the tune of Jingle Bells, like Halca suggests. It's hilarious.

Name: Eternal Border ? a Touhou Reimagining
Author: Hawk
Genre: Action
Summary: Think Perfect Cherry Blossom except completely different. Alice is a crazy nut and has been gathering souls to fuel the grimoire while we learn about Yuyuko?s past and see her troubled side. Slightly NSFW (Darn you Suika!)

Name: The Smooth Gentlemen
Author: Helepolis
Genre: Comedy
Summary: Squeezing breasts and butts, snapping pantyshots, seducing girls. That is the daily life of the four 'Smooth Gentlemen' of Jupiter High. But as a group of mysterious female students arrives from the famous Venus High, led by Ms. Sakura, things start to change for Helepolis and his friends...

Name: Makai Shopping Trip
Author: Iced Fairy
Genre: Drama
Summary: As plentiful as Gensokyo's magic may be, Makai's is stronger still. As three of Gensokyo's magicians step into its capital, they claim to merely be visiting in order to restock on their magical supplies. But one has plans beyond that, and the other two are far too well-known in Makai to be simply ignored...

Name: Three Days Bright
Author: Iced Fairy
Genre: Drama
Summary: A thousand lifetimes of hatred and vengeance between two immortals. Nothing but death and hatred on both sides. But as the world begins to come apart around them, their friends and allies passing on and leaving them behind, is their grudge truly strong enough to last for an eternity?

Name: Cats and Crows
Author: IcedFairy
Genre: Romance(?)
Summary: Orin doesn't quite get what happens to be going around in her friend's head, but perhaps this could be because she doesn't know what a Raven wants. So maybe she should ask the next closest thing to a Raven...

Name: Touhou Project: Full Eastern Consequences
Author: Kitsune Inari (sequel by Roukanken)
Genre: Parody
Summary: Half-Life: Full-life consequences one and two done in Touhou format. Elisa Kirisame who is Marisa Kirisames sister has to do what has to be done and help Marisa Kiriseme defeat the enemys. And in the fantastic sequel by Roukanken, Elisa Kirisame has to kill evil next boss and live up to fulllife consequences.

Name: Exactly As Planned
Author: lumber_of_the_beast
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Summary: Mokou wants a piece of pocky, but Kaguya has a tiny little requirement for her before she gets a piece. A one-shot, one kill story.

Name: Haircut
Author: lumber_of_the_beast
Genre: Slice of Life
Summary: A short, sweet, and really rather cute story about the end result of a duel between Marisa and Alice - in a refreshing twist on most Marisa VS. ### stories, it starts out with Marisa's loss. There isn't a hint of stereotypical tsundere in this one - unless you count Alice using a 'terrible pun' as her being snippish.

Name: Reborn in Gensokyo series
Author: Mima

Reborn in Gensokyo
Genre: Fantasy, action
Summary: An unlucky person from the outside world winds up in Gensokyo with amnesia, and immediately finds himself under the care of the notorious flower youkai, Yuka Kazami. He soon meets up with other denizens of the fantasy land and gets caught up in their wild and dangerous events. However, it's not long until the protagonist realizes that his stay in Gensokyo is only temporary.

Of Light and Darkness (RiG 1.5)
Genre: Fantasy, drama
Summary: A girl named Mima, forced to endure the villagers' hate for her powers of dark magic, had only one friend: Murasaki Hakurei, the shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine. However, after a sudden betrayal, she becomes the evil spirit Mima that we know today, but is imprisoned by the divine powers of the shrine maiden. Years later, Mima escapes from her confinement and seeks to destroy the Hakurei Shrine and anything linked to it, including the current shrine maiden, Reimu Hakurei.

Resurrection in Gensokyo (RiG 2)
Genre: Fantasy, adventure, action
Summary: The protagonist of the previous story, named "Haru" by his friend Yuka Kazami, has been resurrected in Gensokyo as a youkai, trying to fit himself back into the fantasy land. Almost immediately, though, things get more exciting with a competition being held by Yukari Yakumo in order to see which of the residents of Gensokyo are the most powerful. Yuka, naturally, aspires for this title, and drags Haru into working with her to win. Though the two win the contest easily, Yukari has a bigger game in mind, whisking Yuka and Haru to the outside world and stripping them of their youkai powers. With the help of some old friends, the two youkai must defeat Yukari and find a way back to Gensokyo.

Retribution in Gensokyo (RiG 3)
Genre: Fantasy, action, drama, mystery
Summary: Haru is unceremoniously woken up by his acquaintance, Yuka Kazami, to a seemingly uneventful day. However, that uneventful day becomes much more thrilling as the two realize that an evil force is attacking the residents of Gensokyo. They are soon allied with Marisa Kirisame and Mima, as well as former enemy Yukari Yakumo, who explains the shocking past and the current malevolence terrorizing Gensokyo. However, this evil appears to be more trouble than they expected, so they must do everything they can to stop it.

Name: Charity
Author: Minunlike
Genre: Drama
Summary: A story of a single golden coin in a donation box, and how it came to where it was.

Name: Fear Project- Alice and the Sneeze
Author: Mode
Genre: Drama
Summary: Alice Margatroid is an extremely germaphobic woman looking forward to her weekend of relaxation. But when Marisa Kirisame comes in with a cold, everything takes a turn for the worse.

Name: Bloom Nobly
Author: Mode
Genre: Drama
Summary: On yet another anniversary of her own death, Yuyuko takes the time to have a little talk with Youmu.

Name: Clipping the Sails
Author: Nobu
Genre: Drama
Summary: A short story describing the revival and burial of the Palanquin ship and its crew.

Name: Frame of the Undying Fortitude
Author: Odda C.
Genre: Action/ Adventure
Summary: A long tale of a Nightbird, a Nightbug, and a Moon princess. The future of Gensokyo is in danger and our lowly Stage 1 and 2 bosses are somehow connected to it.

Name: First Against the Wall
Author: Purvis
Genre:  Comedy, Action, ParodyCANONICAL. Zun just never told us about it.
Summary: The Revolution is at hand. From all around Gensokyo, the fairies are joining forces and giving their vows to the cause. They haven't decided exactly what the cause is yet, but they're pretty sure it's important.

Name: Day Planners
Author: Purvis
Genre: ComedyCANONICAL! ZUN just never told us about it...again!
Summary: This story is solely told by the notes on the day planners of Marisa, Alice, Patchouli and others

Name: Mystia Lorelei vs. The Hunger (NSFW?!)
Author: Purvis
Genre: Comedy/Canonical
Summary: Mystia is... Hungry. But not an unspecific hunger, but a very specific craving. Kind of like when you want to drive down to the store and buy chocolate ice cream and stick bread in it, then heat it all up and refreeze it. However, what she wants is Human, and in Gensokyo, that ain't a walk to the store.

Name: Third Eye In Pure Waters
Author: Roukanken
Genre: Short story/Humor/Drama/Action
Summary: Our wonderful satori, Satori, decides to head out to a lake one night for a swim. She soon meets Sango, a dophin Youkai, and swims the depths of the lake, finding out things about herself she never realized in the process. But when Satori's pets come with her and find a strange underwater cavern, things start getting a bit dicey...

Name: Bodhisattva
Author: Roukanken
Genre: Drama
Summary: On orders of Shikieiki, Byakuren Hijiri is brought to Higan, so that she can be judged for all the sins she has committed in life. What will the final verdict of this otherworldly court be?

Name: Rising Star
Author: Roukanken
Genre: Drama
Summary: The story of a pack leader who became a worshiper, and the slow mysterious change to a youkai from an animal.
Download for nook:[attach=3]

Name: Pure Lotus of the Sunken Stars
Author: Roukanken
Genre: Action
Summary: Sango is a Dolphin youkai who spends her days taking care of the water on the tengu mountain. She fancies herself quite good at that, but Murasa is about to give her the biggest cleaning task of her life.

Name: Wriggle on Stage!!
Author: Ryuu
Genre: Short
Summary: Mystia is invited to sing at a festival at the human village, but she wants a good friend of her to join her on stage as well...

Name: The last letter from Mima
Author: Sailor Wriggle
Genre: Drama
Summary: Mima writes a letter the the shrine maiden of paradise. In it, she lives the young shrine maiden with words of fulfillment, explanations of motives, and a heartfelt goodbye.

Name: And the Cherry Tree Bloomed
Author: Sailor Wriggle
Genre: Drama
Summary: It wasn't right. Everyone around her passed away, and now she only had one friend in all the world. What right did she have to live?

Name: Touhu Fairytales: The Legend of Daidarabocchi
Author: Sakana
Genre: Legend/Fairy-tale
Summary: A legend by and about fairies in Gensokyo, telling how the great Daidarabocchi came to be.

Name: Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship
Author: Scarlet
Genre: Origin
Summary: A story of a sailor girl and her father, and the event that shaped her into a different person entirely...

Name: Close My Eyes
Author: SenSageUn
Genre: Drama
Summary: Koishi is fed up with being able to read minds and being hated for it. So, she decides to get rid of her 3rd eye for good. An eye-rending heart-rending story.

Name: Tangled Webs of Strawberry Red String - A V-Day Fic
Author: Serpentarius
Genre: Humor/comedy, romance
Summary: There is a Valentine's Day party at Hakugyokurou, but Yuyuko has declared that nobody may enter without a partner. Byakuren Hijiri, frantic because she doesn't have a date, comes across Shikieiki Yamaxanadu and makes her decision. However, Yumemi Okazaki is also interested in scoring a hot date with the Yama...

Name: Remi on the internet
Author: ShiningDrake
Genre: Drama?
Summary: Introducing the Scarlet Devil Mansion, where Remilia Scarlet has received a mysterious book from Yukari containing.... the internet.

Name: Blackout- A short time
Author: Sky Moving Sideways
Genre: One-shot
Summary: It happened quickly, like a normal blackout. The the light came, and after that... just darkness.

Name: Illusion of Sky
Author: Squidtentacle
Status: Drama
Summary: Something about Okuu had changed. This power she'd supposedly been granted...it had driven her insane.

Name: Down On The Corner - Visual Novel edition! NSFW!
Author: Suikama
Genre: Humor, Visual Novel
Summary: An adaption of Tengukami's fiction 'Down on the Corner' in Visual Novel format.

Author: SuppaVee1234
Genre: Parody
Summary: This time, Rueim who is Reimu's sister has to live up to full life consequences. Just another Full Life Consequences parody.

Name: Best Friends Forever, or, Why Wriggle Wears Shorts and Not a Skirt
Author: Tengukami
Genre: Humor/comedy
Summary: Mystia sparks Mokou's and Keine's curiosity about why her friend Wriggle wears shorts instead of a skirt. The two head to Wriggle to find out the secret, with astonishing results.

Name: Down On The Corner
Author: Tengukami
Genre: Romance...?
Summary: Helping out in Rinnosuke's shop, Cirno comes across an...interesting new use for a table corner, and endeavours to show her new discovery to everyone who'll listen. NSFW.

Name: Kaguya Throws a Party
Author: Tengukami
Genre: Humor
Summary: To overcome her eternal boredom, Kaguya orders Eirin to organize a festival. However, things go differently than expected when Aya Shameimaru, ace reporter, enters the events.

Name: How to Surprise Friends and Enrage Youkai
Author: Tengukami
Genre: Comedy
Summary: No-one can say Kogasa doesn't try, but when it comes to scaring people her skills are...mediocre at best. When Yukari visits her with an offer of power, though, she goes from laughable failure to infuriating inconvenience...

Name: Permission (Touhou Erotica - NSFW)
Author: Tengukami
Genre: Romance
Summary: Cirno has come of age, but her friends fear that she's still too immature to deal with the desires that her body will bring about. But even as her servant prepares a drug to suppress the fairy's urges, Kaguya is conflicted - do they have the right to make this decision on Cirno's behalf?

Name: Guest of the Moon Princess: CYOA Story
Author: Tengukami
Genre: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure
Summary: You've been sent to Gensokyo as part of Yukari's latest experiment. Your only way to get back home is to earn the favour of the house of Eientei, but can you survive long enough in this land of ravenous youkai to reach Kaguya herself? And be warned, no good guest arrives empty-handed...

Name: The Sounds of The City
Author: Tengukami
Genre: Adventure
Summary: With a little help from Yukari, Aya decides to chase after perhaps her hardest 'scoop' yet. A life outside of Gensokyo.
Download for nook:[attach=2]

Name: Song parody - Fairy's Paradise
Author: The Angry Colossal
Genre: SIng Parody
Summary: A parody of Coolio?s ?Gangster?s Paradise? from Cirno?s point of view.

Name: YQ: Story of Ran Strife
Author: TranceHime
Genre: Comedy
Summary: To quote TranceHime, 'I was terribly bored and I was angry at the world'. Truly, there are many signs of a bored author writing to entertain himself while feeling upset - this will definitely illicit a good chuckle or two from you while reading, and the flow of the story seems like he was channeling Peter Chimaera (Doom: Repercussions of Evil). This could easily be classified as 'So Bad it's Good'.

Name: A Descending Spiral
Author: TranceHime
Genre: One shot Adventure
Summary: As a man finds himself in unfamiliar territory, an evil force rises to prepare itself for invasion, and a quest is begun...

"Retelling of Oriental Stories - Touhou Ibunshu" by UsuallyDead

Name: The Reinterpretation of Scarlet Devil
Genre: Drama, Action, Romance
Summary: We all know the story of the Scarlet Mist Incident, about how the faultless miko ended the plans of Remilia Scarlet. But was Reimu really the invincible, unstoppable youkai-killing machine that she was made out to be? Could there be a weak and struggling young girl behind that apparent facade? And if so, does she really have what it takes to end this threat to the future of Gensokyo?

Name: Redemption of Precarious Puppeteer
Genre: Drama
Summary: Writer's block is a terrible thing, Mage's block tends to be even worse. Faced with a nasty case, Alice decides the best way to break it is by visiting a certain Black-White magician.

Name: Requiem Bibliophilic
Genre: Drama, Action
Summary: Patchouli Knowledge, reknowned librarian of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. After centuries of living with the confinements of her own realm, a favour for her mistress brings her outside her residence for the first time. What effect will this new freedom have on her? And if she should step outside the mansion entirely, will she like what she sees?

Name: Resolute and Ghostly Gardener
Genre: Drama
Summary: Youmu is the gardener of Hakugyokuro, the land of the dead. Normally, things are normal and boring. Today, however, Youmu finds work is interrupted by a trio of guests, who bring a bit more than meat and stories.

Name: Remixed Cherry Blossom
Genre: Drama
Summary: Gensokyo is currently suffering a terribly long winter, this is not the concern of Sakuya Izayoi, however. Rather, her concern is a request of her mistress to beseech the help of a Shrine Maiden and Witch, both of whom she reviles. How is she supposed to work together with the people who are responsible for hurting her lady?

Name: Recovery of Beloved Matriarch
Genre: Drama, Action
Summary: A shikigami's duty should be to obey her mistress with loving care and affection. Nothing more, nothing less. That was the belief Ran Yakumo had held for many years working alongside her master, Yukari. But if your mistress should fall astray, does it not also fall to the shikigami to set her back on the right path and stop her from making a catastrophic mistake...?

Name: Repose and Inclusive Power
Genre: Drama, Action (by now you should see a pattern emerging with UD's work)
Summary: The events of last winter have taken their toll on the psyche of Reimu Hakurei. Living apart from society and overwhelmed by self-hatred, it eventually falls to Yukari to force a solution upon her - a new companion in the form of a youthful, flat-chested oni. Before long, plans are being made to force Reimu to meet with her friends whether she's willing to or not, but beyond it all a new threat lurks on the horizon...

Name: Remorse in Secession's Nobility
Genre: Drama, Action
Summary: The lunar war has begun. Fleeing the city of Tsukito and landing on what she knows as Terra, one soldier is tasked with protecting a child from falling into the wrong hands. She fails her task, and her aggressor leaves her for dead until her body is discovered by the most unlikely of rescuers...

Name: Recalled Lunar Romance
Genre: Romance
Summary: A prodigy alchemist working endlessly out of a love for her art. A princess, destined to rule from the day she was born. Can the two really call each other friends? Or...something beyond that?

Name: Recount and Full Moon Predecessor
Genre: Drama, Action
Summary: Keine Kamishirasawa is record-keeper and school teacher of the human village Jinri. Loved and respected by the residents, Keine feels tremendous guilt over the side of herself she's too frightened to show - her heritage as a hakutaku. Fleeing the village on the night of the full moon, Keine comes across a young woman unlike any she has ever met before... and more powerful and dangerous than she could possibly imagine.

Name: Erroneous Paradisaical Inception
Author: UsuallyDead
Genre: Mystery, Drama
Summary: A side story in UD?s long-running Touhou Ibunshu series, EPI focuses on DONGS Kotiya and her entrance to Gensokyo. Mysteriously teleported to Gensokyo by an unknown force, and with Kanako bound to the shrine and unable to investigate, DONGS must set out and find a way home by herself.

Name: Sakurei (NSFW)
Author: UsuallyDead
Genre: Romance
Summary: After the events of UD?s story Remixed Cherry Blossom, Reimu and Sakuya can?t stand the awkwardness and tension anymore. They decide to relieve the tension the old-fashioned way? (VERY descriptive and VERY NSFW)

Name: Thought's End & Embodiement of Dreams
Author: Valesta
Genre: Drama, mystery, action
Summary: It is another ordinary day in Gensokyo as Marisa Kirisame decides to once again infiltrate the Scarlet Devil Mansion. And yet, this ordinary day takes a turn for the worse as the inhabitants of the mansion fade away from existence! Upon investigating the incident at the Hakurei Shrine, Marisa is exposed to the truth of Gensokyo: the end of Gensokyo is nigh, and Reimu is about to wake up from her dream.

Name: The Legend of Touhou, a Link to the past
Author: Videogamer555
Genre: Adventure
Summary: so like, sakuya is this hero of uhh time because she controls time, and like, marisa is a princess because blonde hair and stuff right, and remilia is evil oh my god so she does evil things and oh no sakuya must stop her? CAN SHE?!?!?!

Name: The Shrine of Gensokyo: The Prologue
Author: wrathie
Genre: Drama/Suspense
Summary: First-person perspective story told by Marisa. After an unprecedented serious affair causes Yukari, Reimu, Remilia, and several of the other Elder Youkai and powerhouses of Gensokyo to jump ship and vanish, Marisa takes on the role of Youkai Hunter and human-village defender. Her power has only grown since then, and she has turned into a human Youkai Magician, like Alice and Patchouli. The prologue includes two very well written duels - the first with Kazami Yuka, and the second with Onazuki Komachi and Shikieiki Yamaxanadu. Be careful - this story uses brackets instead of quotation marks to signify speech, which can knock first-tine readers for a loop.

Name: The Shrine of Gensokyo
Author: wrathie
Genre: Drama/Suspense
Summary: First-person perspective continuation of the previous story, only this time told from Reimu's point of view. This explains the unprecedented serious affair from the prologue - Reimu, having left Gensokyo, suddenly causing a huge gaping hole in everyones' lives. After living for over a decade and a half in the 'real world' with no memories of Gensokyo, Suika suddenly reappears and convinces Reimu to let her spirit them away back into Gensokyo. Once she's back home, her memories slowly start to return. Can she bring herself back up to - and beyond - her former glory in time to deal with the repercussions of her absence? This story continues the use of brackets instead of quotation marks.

Name: 20 Metres
Author: Wylfred
Genre: Drama
Summary: Nitori makes a new friend, and does what she can to teach her how to swim. But not everyone is as fit and able as the kappa...

Name: Nihilistic Bird (Slightly NSFW)
Author: Wylfred
Genre: Drama
Summary: A strange young boy winds up on Mokou's doorstep, with what seems to be a deathwish...

Name: Non Ens; Esse; Tabula Rasa
Author: Wylfred
Genre: Drama
Summary: A child that only Reimu can see. A promise from her childhood. A last request that will finally be fulfilled...

Name: The White Rabbit of Inaba
Author: Wylfred
Genre: Short
Summary: A story about a lucky rabbit with no luck when it comes to people, and a boy considered worthless.

Name: Phantoms of the Past
Author: Yellow Yoshi
Genre: Tragedy
Summary: A story about the true family Prismriver, and how the Prismrivers as we know them came to be, starting with the death of the late Count Prismriver.

Name: Eternal Blossom
Author: xm0123
Genre: One-Shot
Summary: A tale about the burdens of being mortality, from one of the non-usual chronicles of Gensokyo.
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