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Blackout - A Short Time
« on: November 20, 2010, 10:10:16 PM »
This was a very short piece I worked on about a month or two ago.


It flooded through my memory. I remembered like it was yesterday. That hot late summer, working late at night.

Sitting on my bed, I began to work on my paper. I had to get it done. With some thought, I decided to darken the mood.

Prying the CD top loader open, I drop a Metallica CD in. After several minutes of loading, the acoustic opening of Battery starts to play. The sound fills the room as the melody goes from mellow to thrashing. How can a man listen to this cacophony? I have no clue, but it?s my modus operandi. Music. I start to work. Writing with my pen, the words dribble to the paper. Thoughts flowed through my head, as I converted them into simple expressions on the page, and the by-product was made. Sweat ran down my face as the pen stroked grooves into the leaflet.

It?s unusual for someone to sweat while writing. But to let you know, I didn?t have air conditioning in my room?just a fan?nor was the temperature cooler outside. ?Smashing through the boundaries, lunacy has found me, cannot stop the BAT-TER-RY!? the music blared. This music satisfied me in a way, similar to how symphonic music is calming to the mind. Don?t worry; I listened to it too, just when I wanted to rest.

Doing work keeps my brain moving. Without it, I don?t know what I?ll do.

All of a sudden, I had gone blind. Everything in the room stopped; the fan, the music, my hand, my brain, my heart. I didn?t know where I was anymore. Everything disappeared. Was I dead? Was God calling for me to go? I was still holding my breath, I couldn?t feel myself. No light was coming into the retina of my eyes. I slowly began to breathe. I chose to lay down on what I believed to be my pillow and closed my eyes.

What just happened? I thought to myself, as I lay there breathing. The air started getting warmer as there was no ventilation in the vicinity. Was I heading south of heaven instead of north to it? Was my room ascending or descending? Was I even still alive? That was the key term, sparking my neurons. ?Alive?. It reminded me of a song, and I let the words slur out into the heat of my prison cell I call my ?bedroom?. I began to ponder. Maybe this whole incident was just an accident, maybe I?m not even in this black box. I continued to think, and think, and think, until I drifted off into a drone.

And then it hit me, like a speeding train on a one-way trip.

I realized why it had gone dark, how the electronics had stopped. If the outside heat had seeped into the room, then I found the answer. But my eyes were needed to move around. While feeling around, I touched the end of my bed. I didn?t need to see. As long as I had my balance and equilibrium in my brain, I could move about. My foot landed on the floor, ensured that I was in my room.  I had nothing to fear now. The incident in the room was a blackout, a simple one at that. Blackouts should not happen that often in this area. I should just wait it out.

I still had that work to do, and I needed to get it done by tomorrow. I could have finished it earlier that day instead of waiting. This was what I got for choosing wrong. Releasing my feet from the pull of the floor, I slunk back onto my bed. I spread my legs out to let what?s left of the air in the room flow in between. I have to find my flashlight. I need this work to be done.

I remembered where my drawer was. I had a flashlight buried. Getting off the bed once more, I tiptoed to the drawer. Inch by inch, I moved closer to the drawer. Slowly opening it, I dug inside the drawer to find the flashlight, but it?s buried deep in down. I never really used it to begin with, having only put it in there for emergencies. I felt the plastic rim of the flashlight and pulled it out. Finding the switch, I flicked it on.

Suddenly, light.

My eyes began to burn as white light filled the room. What?s happening this time? I didn?t feel like facing this a second time, I mean, I was paralyzed by the darkness as is. I had wandered into another realm. Pure light. Was I saved from the never-ending doom of the darkness? I come to my senses soon enough to notice that I was staring at the light gleaming from the ceiling fan.

I was relieved that the nightmare was now over and I could return to my work. I wasn?t that far from finishing my work, so I completed it quickly. Afterwards, it was getting later than my curfew. I was overcome by yawning. I started to turn off everything while fixing my clocks. At least I have an analog one, so fixing the others was effortless. I changed into my pajamas and got into my bed.

I was drifting off to sleep, letting the past darkness encircle me. And with the last shut of my eyes, I ended the day with the blinding darkness the filled the room.

It was comforting.