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Warning: The following game have lot of TEXTS. Although you can skip most of it or it is VERY interesting to read.

Name: [PC/MAC] King of Dragon Pass
End: When we win
Genre: Turn-Based strategy + construction and management simulation +role-playing
Source: Wikipedia

--- Quote ---King of Dragon Pass is a 1999 computer game published by A Sharp. Set in the fictional world of Glorantha, it depicts the lives and fortunes of one of several barbarian clans, settling the untamed lands of Dragon Pass over the course of several decades. The clans bear some similarities, such as fyrds and lawspeakers, to the Iron Age Nordic peoples.

The most distinctive features of the game are its greatest oddities. KoDP contains no animation whatsoever, instead depicting people and events with lavish hand-drawn artwork.
--- End quote ---

King of Dragon Pass IS a cult classic, it have heck loads of stuff for you to manage from army, food, god worship, slave, magic, world exploring, candidate/adviser/hero, tribe, diplomacy with others, and over 450 (yes 450) events (mostly random).

How are you going to play this game?
The first few update will be me playing around while you watch and learn like a tutorial before we start. I will be playing this at normal difficulties with iron man style (No reloading game to get better result).

Do we get to play with you?
Yes, I plan to role-play as the outer GOD of our clan and you all will be other gods who give suggestion for me to implant. And as all gods do, you don't need active participation on the clan, just come offer your divine words when you feel like it.   :P

How will you present the event/information to us
I will roleplay all advisers and translate most of their praise/complaint with personality and add any detail I feel you need to know. However, since most event is random and can't be saved, I will pick the solution base on our overall clan's personality instead of best choice and report to you all. Exception would be if the choice have a big impact, which I will load and ask your decision.

What kind of humor will you be using?
Actually, I will try everything when is appropriate unless some of you really really want me to stop the over meme joke, etc. If any of you choose our clan to be a War type clan, I wish you suggest to be named something like SPARTA!!!!!!  :club:

I also will break the forth wall a lot, god power, don't ask.  ;D

What if our clan got wipe out and lose the game?
I don't think there is a game over, all the clan I beaten and taken all their land are all ended up living in the swamp with those...duck people...  :P

What is the game winning condition
When we finish the story, which we can delay indefinably. 8)

450 events? Got some example?
I decide to copy and mix the 1.6/7 patch note to show you the interesting stuff and avoid spoiling :p

--- Quote ---    * Don't give Sacred Time advice to allocate 0 magic to children
    * Prevent a negative number of horses [3116]
    * Re-exploring Dwarf Valley won't always give the same results [3117]
    * Fixed problem where no children were born
    * Prevent integer overflow for food, pigs [3119, 3125]
    * Fixed possible crash sacrificing to Vinga in a scene
    * Losing wildlands because you split the clan won't annoy the fox
    * Fixed possible crash involving the Black Spear [3129]
    * The Making of the Storm Tribe heroquest, used to improve the mood of the tribe, now adjusts some of the political relationships between clan [3130]
    * Jealous king scene won't show up when there's not yet a tribe [3132]
--- End quote ---

What should we do until then?
Umm...maybe look up google and wiki about the game. DO NOT READ GAMEFAQ and spoil yourself! Also, most of it are accurate but not precise.

I can suggest anything?
Yea, just tell me what you want, I will accept Evil suggestion from EVIL god like you too. If it's the majority or really good.

How often is the update
That would depend on how often people participate, if it less, I will spend more years on the clan before reporting.

Hello there, fellow god and goddesses. I sure you all had notice our the situation where there is mass migration of human to our land of Dragon Pass recently; However, they are separate to dozen of clans. This is a once in a life time gold mine!

Imagine the potential landmine! Different principality are gathering all in one place along with our native Elf, Drawf, Duck people, Spider Queen, and the one I stopped toying with which I had long forgotten.

However, They also bring along their religion, which irate me to no end! This land is our Turf! We shall be their god!  8)

However, I will let it slide since I am interest to see what magical power those foreign gods possess. In an attempt to do this, I contacted with this group of people that just about to settle down to form their clan, and they all brainwashed agree to let me manage their clan, and even change their name, belief, etc. How nice!  :-*

Here is their story for those who are interested.

There was a time where--WHAT!?! GOD AND PEOPLE WALK TOGETHER!? SUCH BLASPHEMY! And everything is peacefully boring with Orlanth the Storm God being the leader. :x

During this time, the our clan's ancestor happen to finally decided which god they want to be their main god. I can understand since everyone in the clan will act differently when they follow the value of that god.
(They also build a shine/temple related to their god the moment the clan is settled)

1) Elmal: The sun god, skill in Combat (defensive, good for Neutral Clan)
2) Orlanth: King of gods, Combat and leadership. (Offensive, good for War Clan)
3) Ernalda: Mother Goddess, she care for many things like crop, baby growth, etc.(Perfect for Peace Clan)

Then some shit happen and Orlanth is force to remake the world, which I call it bull sh--HOLY GREAT KITTEN CANNON!!! THAT'S WHY ALL MY CUTE DINOSAUR IS GONE WHEN I AWAKE!!!!   :'(

It seem our clan did something famous during this time, where they plan to honor their fameinvolvement with the god by immediately build the respected shrine when they settle down.

Here explain the story about how their ancestor major decision in dealing with Thralls: In our term "Slave".

The village elder warn me about their mortal enemy, and then urged me to heard the story, which I decide to ate him as an afternoon snack...I am hungry.

Somewhere along the way, they are fucked up by a bunch of Chaos and darkness evil monsters. SEE WHAT HAPPEN WHEN YOU KILLED ALL MY DINOSAURS? YOU NOOB GOD!

One of the previous king decide to rise up and get rid of the mess. It was this time that the king had to choose what type of law he should make to decide the overall attitude of the clan. (war clan mean your clan will want you to attack someone once in a while or they won't be happy, along with other event)

Problem solved, everyone then go to wake up those pussy gods who decide to sleep over the problem.

The god seem to learn their lesson and decide to go back to their heaven and let the human handle things from now on; However, they are available to help anyone if they ask for it in ritual...as long as the offering is good.  :help:

Few hundred years later, the dragon suddenly decide to make friend with you. Wait...my cute dinosaurs survived and evolve to dragon? I...I don't know to said...  :'(

It seem the dragon decide to go Jihad on every enemy which is the reason of the great exodus to Dragon Pass.  >:(

Pharaoh's ancestor came here before everyone did, and I didn't really bother with them since they are boring. But now I might make some poor soul explore the map to find them when I feel like it.

So--How much land should I let them claim before someone else take it? Big land would mean we need more patrol or other clan will easily sneak up on our clan, but it will also be a bad situation to run out of land to expand.  :(

So, here is a random summery of our clan. Decide the name, and we will be playing an Averagely Long bloody game with all these poor poor souls.   8)

I when ahead to look at other clan; here an example of their village and stuff they have. As you can see, They have lot of animal, crop, and fortification of wooded fences!

I didn't brainwash these people, just nicely asked them to stand in front and let me take a nice photo of them with my--Charming spell. All clan will decide every year how much magic they will inject into the given categories for  a boost. Worshiping and certain god's candidate in the ring can increase the amount we can spend on these categories.

Interestingly, every year they will have a divine prediction of what will happen this year, which this clan is suck horribly at. More or less? Phail!

Such pathetic clan should be punished! So I brainwash them to make their clan name become Tree Brothers. I hope they have wood problem! Wuahahahahha!!!

Here is their farming menu, stat and management about crop and animal is here. Adviser will give comment when you ask them.

Here when I can choose to manage in order:
Farming - Food, crop, land.
Relation - Relationship list of other clan, we can send ambassador to fix up some hatred.
Trade - Trade anything from food to treasure. Treasure provide bonus so is good to have a lot of it.  : D
War - Manage weapnthanes, footmen, build fort, attack someone, etc.
Clan - Just stat about our clan.
Magic - Sacrifice and worship god, or do heroquest, which will give good boost or treasure when we succeeded. However, it is VERY dangerous.
Background - History of the world and the god story you collected. Good hint for what to do in heroquest.
Saga -Our clan history record. Mostly about what we did at what year.

I will explain most of these when we are settle down.

Here the exploration map, just a small part of the whole map with lot of unexplored area. You can see other clan relationship with our clan, blue is friend, red is enemy.

We can send one of our candidate to explore with some Strong weaponthanes and lesser footmen on his journey. Exploring is dangerous, so try not to kill them all when I am still entertained.   8)

This stone here just to tell us what blessing we got on each topic.

Here is the list of candidate that we can put on adviser for Tree Brothers. Please choose carefully because they also will be the one to do the exploring, solving problem, and heroquest; each of them have different strength and weakness, and the yellow icon on the right is the icon of the god he/she worship, which affect a few things. The First guy with the extra icon mean he the leader, which give better boost and affect few more things.

Finally, I picked one of the glossary that you might be interested, but not require to know.
Prelude 2 : Introduce Gods to Gods
It's so cold today, I might need to nap for another 3000 years......but I must not, for It is too interesting right now!
Wha....where am I!? Why can't I see anything!?
Hello there human, I am one of the local god of this land, but to avoid confusion, you may refer me and other like me as Outer God. It is not that you cannot see, but your eyes can't understand how to see in my domain.
Why have you bring me here oh great Outer God?
Since your kind has intrude into our land, it's only normal to try and understand you and your gods more. You are here today to tell me about your gods--but skip their epic stories...I had enough with those.
My apology, but it is our clan's custom to introduce and known each other well enough before we share our secret with outsider, and I can't promise to reveal much as I am merely an old elder who once a lowly cat butcher.
*TICK* Wha...? Ca--Cat...Butcher? :shock:
Ah... if only I have my tools and the hunting hounds! I would offer you a fine dish of such fine delicacy that had made me famous!
You...back to previous topic, I will tell you my name, but your human kind's lung are incapable of producing the necessary voice, which is why all outer god had a nick name for that purpose. You may call me Shiny-Jam, although I been thinking of Obama-cat....it had such a C-C-C-C-C-C-C-COOOOOMBO BREAKER!!!! Vibe to it, but it would be trouble some to change name.
Oh Great Shinyjam! Ye Outer Gods had such strange term that I do not understand! I wage you are very powerful indeed!
We are all powerful and busy to do things like...umm...like...paying taxes, procrastinating, and... taking a dump!
I do not understand all of it! But it must be very important!
Yea, especially for taking a dump, it is the most important of all and require GREAT STRENGTH to succeed!
Oh Powerful Shinyjam! Now you have revealed yourself you to me, as custom, I should hereby reveal my knowledge of our gods and even our culture to you!
Tell me the god's name and their power will do.
Very well, I shall keep it in diminutive description....basically, each god can grant 2-5 blessings, we can build a shrine of the god to constantly receive such blessing or improve it into temple or great temple for 3 blessing! But maintaining the temple is quite costly, so we usually just offer 3-5 cow or 5-10 goods or so to perform the ritual in exchange for that certain blessing for a year.

Having follower of certain god as adviser will allow us to put more magic into their respected categories.

 Orlanth are the King of gods, he share his leadership to increase our effectiveness in battle! He also bless us with rains for our crops.

Elmal the Sun God, he's blessing had saved so many young one's life!

Ernalda, the mother goddess, crop, children, livestock flourish under her care!

Humakt, the god of death, he have to power to strengthen our men in battle!

Issaris, the trader god, trading will be more profitable under his blassing!

Lankor Mhy, the god of clan law, our ambassador become a smoother talker under her guidence!

Chanlana Arroy, Goddess of Healing, as her name imply, she can heal deadly wound and disease!

Uralda, the cow mother, she had two blessing of increase the birthrate of cow and yielding more milk. (Cow is the Best currency for trading)

Earmul, the trickster god, he is a double edge sword in blessing or cursing. Having a adviser who worship him is powerful but trouble some as it is his principle to betray us once in a while.

Other/evil god
Maran Gor, the earthquake goddess. Do as the name said.*

Vinga, goddess of female warriors. Female warrior will be stronger!

Malia, the goddess of sickness and plagues.*

Thead, the goddess of rape. There is little mention of her and we cannot worship her.*

Barntar, the plowman. Great god for crop.

Ancestors, ancestor's ghost who is respected by everyone in the clan.

Spirit, there are few local spirit that some clan might be lucky enough to discover and create a shrine for it to worship.

*no candidate worship it

Thanks you for the information.
You're welcome oh great Shinyjam.
There is another reason I bring you here, can you guess what it is?
I have been chosen for certain epic quest for glory!?
Hahahahaha....no...haha...no...Old people taste good.

Nom Nom Nom...

To be continue.....
Oh joy, another LP!

Well, I'm not totally clear on how the game works, but I'll just watch and see.  Regardless, when playing game like this, I follow these first three steps always:

-Stabilize food supply
-Train some fighters
-Go explore and find stuff

And Humakt, HECK YES.
Well I could skip my Tragic preludes and start the game if everyone feel like they don't need to see my suffering tutorial. ;D

Edit: If the eating hand image is too much, I will take it down and won't do it anymore  :)
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