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My first Legit Spell card



They are under Tut, and excuse the language in the second spell card. Its a inside joke between me and some friends.  :-X. they are both under the Tutorial folder. >3> and I used graphics from someone else's Danmakufu so credit to them.

Tell meh what you thought of "Hydro Sign: "Psychokinetic Rain". I thought i made it too easy.

Your files are corrupt, sir. Might I suggest reuploading, or perhaps just posting the script file(s) here? Sound effects and all that foolishness aren't completely necessary, anyway.


Hmm. Try that. >3> I tried doing it without the graphics but it wouldn't show up.

It's pretty cool, but dirty easy, as you've suspected. Just running around in a circle around the boss is all that's needed to beat it. Something you could try is firing 2 of your CreateShotA's with an ID of 1, one at an angle of -45 degrees and the other at -135 degrees, so that all the particles you ascent will rain down upon the bottom of the screen, while the boss is still shoopin' you the whole time? This way you'll constantly be dodging bullets and trying to avoid the laser that's aimed at you, at the same time. Keep in mind you'll want to loop your whole CreateShotA function and all of the add shot functions and ascent function so that it fires twice, since you can't just call it again.

Hmmm, I see what you mean now. :D. Thanks for the feed back.


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