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Maidens of the Kaleidoscope v3 is live! A partnership with Tom (who's most well known for the LunarCast Replay Database), to give MotK a future. Tom has even managed to acquire MotK's original domain, as used in 2004-2007.

The site's usable, though the various forums within it still need to be organized, including porting useful information from MotK v2, creating new stickies, and so on. A nearly 11-year-old site going offline is going to be difficult. At least we have time to organize a transition to a new forum.
Y'all BOUGHT the domain?  :o
I remember from the timeline that it would have cost a lot of money to do so.


--- Quote from: Seventh Holy Scripture ---April 2007: Katchura's webhosting unexpectedly expires, and shrinemaiden.com is taken offline without warning. His webhost, Globat, demands the exorbitant price of $99 for another year of hosting before they will relinquish the website data or domain name. Rather than cave to such extortion, Seventh Holy Scripture registers the current domain - shrinemaiden.org - and sets up yet another new forum with the assistance of TheStupidOne, while Katchura recuses himself from running the website.
--- End quote ---

I'm actually really surprised, this connects everything back together.
I'm highly optimistic.
Silent Sinner in Scarlet:
Well, since this was the original domain, the fact that one of our resident archivists was able to regain control of it is music to my ears.
The Rules/ToS links on the register page need to be fixed. Is it okay to post in this thread?
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