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RaNGE Contest #21: Beast-expelling Geometric Creatures

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(Posting this on behalf of Adam - I'm a judge but it's technically not my contest! Yay.)

After Hell's internal strife died down, the heroines used the power of the animal spirits to defeat the sculpting goddess Keiki Haniyasushin. Her protection to the human spirits disappeared and they were left in another catastrophic situation. The human spirits realized that, with the power of youkai in Gensokyo, they would be able to save themselves from another disaster. Countless spirits managed to escape Hell and possessed anyone they thought strong enough. The spirits only carried the knowledge of shapes that they acquired from Keiki. Would that be enough for a retribution?

The theme of this contest is to make a boss fight where the chosen character's danmaku makes heavy use of geometric shapes - triangles, squares, pentagons etc. Combinations and complex shapes are allowed as well.

* Every script must have a minimum of 4 patterns, with each nonspell or spell counting as one pattern.
* Every script must have a maximum of 12 patterns. This maximum allows for people to create boss fights with the length of a standard final boss in Touhou games.
* Multiple difficulties are allowed. Make sure each one is balanced, though, as the judges will likely try the difficulty they're most comfortable with playing.
* Midbosses and stages are optional. If a midboss is present it may have up to 3 patterns. These 3 patterns don't count towards the pattern minimum or maximum. The stage and midboss(es) also have to follow the theme to a degree.
* Having multiple bosses present is allowed.
* Any character from any series is allowed to be a boss with the exception of Keiki Haniyasushin. She may be present as a midboss as long as she follows the 3-pattern rule.
* Despite the usage of the word "script" , entries may be created in any engine you like, but keep in mind that it must at least be able to run on a Windows machine.
* Game errors or other glaring bugs can lead to point deduction or disqualification depending on the severity of the issue. Be sure to thoroughly playtest!
* To encourage creativity, regular rings, lines and spirals do not count as shapes and should not be heavily relied on.
* If they so wish, participants may work with one other person. Both people will receive the same score.

* The shape danmaku is up to interpretation and can be represented in different ways: bullet bursts, lasers, enemy/familair formations etc.
* Combinations of shapes, complex shapes and 3D danmaku is allowed and recommended. Let your creativity flow!

* Helepolis' Video Tutorials
* Sparen's Written Tutorials
* Sparen's ph3 Function Reference (in case Danmakufu Wiki is dead...again)

JUDGESTrickysticks, WishMakers and Adam
Scripts will be judged with the majority of the score attributed to the quality of danmaku and creative use of the given theme. Visual effects, sound effects and music are ultimately secondary to your entry's gameplay.

Post your entries in the thread when they are ready to be submitted!

DEADLINE: February 14, 0:00 GMT +0 (click the link for a countdown timer!)

Additional Resources:
Contest Database (sparen.github.io)
Danmakufu Woo Edition (Modded version of ph3; make sure to release the engine with your script if you use this engine)
Recommended Text Editors (+ Syntax Highlighters) for Danmakufu

Logged Videos and Entries:
Script Name (Character Name)
Download Link (Note: Woo nf3)

A Mokou RANGE Entry (Mokou)
Download Link (Note: Custom Engine)

RaNGE 21- Nue by Lusus (Nue)
Download Link

Foxigami's RaNGE Contest #21 entry (Reisen)
Download Link

Porygon-Z Contest Entry (PorygonZ)
Download Link

I would like to participate but not sure I'll have time.


--- Quote ---Danmakufu Woo Edition (Modded version of ph3; make sure to release the engine with your script if you use this engine)
--- End quote ---

Just for your information, I'll be using Woo nf3 to play scripts, which is (at the moment) backwards compatible with ph3.
For the sake of other people playing your script, I recommend you saying in the Bulletforge description that it requires Woo if it does, as Bulletforge doesn't have a distinction for newfeatures Woo.
For those who insist on having both Woo and original ph3 - you can simply label the Woo executable under a different name in the same folder and it will work just fine.

JDude :3:
Here's my entry, I hope you all enjoy it~

i'll make the entry public on bulletforge after the stream
i don't know if it's a good idea to be the first one to post but ok then


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