Author Topic: 東方真珠島 ~ Hollow Song of Birds Ultra Patch released  (Read 10235 times)


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東方真珠島 ~ Hollow Song of Birds Ultra Patch released
« on: December 01, 2019, 09:52:29 AM »
It's been a while since I've been on this forum. Last time I made a BoSM Ultra patch which honestly is kind of dumb.

Well, new idogame's been out for a long time now, and people complained that Lunatic was too easy. Time to fix that.

CreepyNinja's HSoB Ultra MarisaPurple 1cc
DarkPermafrost's HSoB Ex-ZLabel ReimuRainbow(Red/Cyan) 1cc

Download the patch by clicking here.

Changes made:
  • Created the abandoned Ex-ZLabel difficulty
  • Many, many score extends added to increase resource count
  • Forced Last Word encounters (of course you can't just die to skip them)
  • Obviously, made every pattern in the game harder, and not just in the typical Ultra fashion

This patch comes packaged with WishMaker's Danmakufu Woo, an optimized version of Danmakufu created after mkm released its source code. Keep in mind that you are still playing HSoB and an ultra patch, so don't expect... completely stellar performance unless you have a good PC.
Because Woo uses a new executable file, it may be incompatible with the game's Python launcher. If it doesn't work for you, simply launch the game from th_dnh.exe from the dnh folder.

This patch also comes packaged with ParadoxPython's Rainbow shottype. The regular Rainbow shottype can now be used in maingame, but if you hold C for a second on gem selection after choosing Rainbow, you will activate Full Rainbow mode, where you have every single gem's effect active along with a glorious giant disco bomb. This shottype is incredibly overpowered and the game was not balanced around it, but its inclusion should allow Hard to Lunatic level players to experience the patch fully. You can also use Full Rainbow mode in the Ex-ZLabel stage.

It's been a fun ride developing this patch. I'd like to thank everyone who helped create the patch and playtested. Might do another one of these for the next idogame...
Lunatic 1cc: EoSD, PCB, IN, MoF, TD, DDC, LoLK, HSiFS, WBaWC