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Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 - DOS Ist Gut, Ja? (3)
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Games list is up. Mega Man DOS is back, in 3 form! Also there's a bunch of other less important games.

Touhou Luna Nights actually made it in! Apparently RBO is possible, because that's the gimmick.

TASBot also has plenty to contribute.

Not sure what the closer will be. My wide-spread guess would be either FF8 or any of the Zeldas that aren't WW Any% (sorry Linkus).

Get hype!
I'm so ready for 6 hours of 3D Zelda ???%

Also, unfortunately not going to be there (I so want to) due to going to Japan in January
Zengar Zombolt:
Okay, but Animorphs Revengeance? It's h a p p e n i n g
>ALttP Rando Crowd Control
Boy oh boy this is gonna go swimmingly :V
Ionasal kkll Solciel:
Return of the revenge of the revengance of Animorphs, huh? Place your bets now as to how fucked the RNG gets this time.

Also Clone Hero showcase?!

That's a lot of runners of Destiny 2; are they all going to run together?


Oh god Super Hydlide.

New Blood XS run hype!
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