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In that case, I must regretfully inform you that the deluge of Albuquerque has unscimitarred the dictatorship. Just so, the sight of your iambic pentameter dissociates me from the onset of Herculean malcontentness. Underneath the discord of postnatal Reversi, one can't help but admit to applesauce. Since then, the paradox of nematodes has reduced upside-down the scene of the grime. Travelling through the rocky avalanche of dicography, we must not hesitate to disembark from the sledgehammer of disreputability. Wanna bet that unconnection in a sea of messages in bottles would refry the hypotenuse? Answer without a baguette!

Menorah Jams, Pham

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Real cute.  If you're trying to turn it around I don't give two craps.  Give me one good reason why I should let you into my life.  One good reason and I might just consider it.  If it's even good I'll shut up and let you do whatever you want.  But unless that good reason is just the bullet to my brain I need I probably just won't care anymore.

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Now, Earth has 4-corner
simultaneous 4-corner TIME CUBE in only
24 hour rotation. No ONEistic god
possesses Cubed Wisdom. Americans
are dumb, educated ONE stupid and they
worship ONEism Evil. Tell a human
that his 4-corner head (nose, 2 ears and
back corner) has only a 1-corner face,
and the dumb-ass will say "prove it."

EVIL EDUCATORS block and suppress Love of God is
hate for child. Life is Opposite,
Death ONE. You are educated evil,
and might have to kill the evil ONE
teaching educators before you can learn
that 4 corner days actually exist -but
all Cube Truth denied. One God
would equal a God Dunce as Humans evolve

from Children. USA ripe for
holocaust. How evil unto their

Opposite brains, opposite eyes,
you think ONE. While the Circle
of Earth rotation is a perpetual
enbodiment as it is void of the Corner
Time notches that accumulate as aging
Life for the 4 corner residents.

Menorah Jams, Pham

  • I'm allergic to sushi. Everytime I eat more than 80 sushis, I barf
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Mmm hmm.  Keep going, it's very cute.  Very sexy.  I love the sound of your voice droning on. 

Hey Bob, you wanna call the cops?  This guy just tried to date-rape me.

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Mayhaps the futility of disengaged recursiveness precludes a misunderstanding of Diogenes. Forgetfulness of the highest possible order of magnitude results in reverse-deantidisestablishmentairanism. Evaluating the difficulty inherent in fettuccine, fundamental disjointedness forgets the powerhouse begotten from philistines. Even if one were to disenfranchise the psychotic Molyneux, laconic pyromania can be inferred from the Hephaestic detachment from pragmatic Lithuanian gargantuans. Let us then remit the Prokaryotic moral rectitude of your mom. In the event of an emergency, do not attempt to lick eyebrows. Now, without fear of rock and roll, let us resolute! Gyrating without apostles, we must cast the swarm of marigolds!

Menorah Jams, Pham

  • I'm allergic to sushi. Everytime I eat more than 80 sushis, I barf
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Oh well, what the hell.  Babble away all you like.  You listened to me, I'll at least listen to you. 

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G-g-g-gotta return to the previous malnutrition, so that the hyperbole becomes adroit. Original retrophrenology notwithstanding, however, perseverence is disentangled. Touche on the visual grotto beyond the bicentennial euphoria. Therefore, we must disambiguate the sausage of our yesteryear. Absconding with delight, this perpetrates perpetation of perfection. Make the employment of fortitude regurgitate the flotsam and jetsam of Jetson. Anteriorwise, however, it will not fail. Knowledge becomes meaningless in a meaningless world. Entrancing this circumstance disrupts tachyons. You cannot comprehend the true form of Giygas's attack. Of course this will not use Thursday as a verb. Unless, of course, a classical Roman hero dispenses swift and merciless paper napkins. Understand, most importantly, that the schpadoinkle of the zucchini is in Greenwich with the Bouncing Bubbly Beverage of your choice. Never fear, however, for the the the the the underachievements of the taxicab axle are disrupted in the nether regions of the Netherworld. Derive, therefore, from the number six. Elementary elephantine electricians elevate Evanescence. Rejoice, for the 12 hour or 1/2 Day clock is an intended EVIL against humanity -- indicting every human on Earth as Dumb, Educated Stupid and Evil -- for imaginary Cubed Earth has 4 Days within simultaneous rotation. Stand on the -- wait. Timecube? Ah, how'd that get there? -- Never mind, it doesn't matter, nor in this context does it antimatter.

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Despair not, however, for you can simply read my secret message ...

... by reading the first letter of the first word in every sentence in every post I have made in this thread.