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Arson attack at KyoAni's main studio, 33 dead, suspect in custody

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Aya Reiko:
Data on Kyoto Animation Server Survives Arson Attack

--- Quote ---Data in the server on the first floor of the fire-ravaged Kyoto Animation (KyoAni) studio has been recovered intact, according to Japanese media reports. The recovered data include digitized key animation drawings.
The server was surrounded by four concrete walls that shielded it from fire and water damage. A lawyer for KyoAni, Daisuke Okeda, told the media: ?Data recorded on the server has been recovered without loss.? He offered his ?heartfelt thanks? to the unnamed specialists who had saved the data.
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Kyoto Animation Arson Suspect Submitted Novel to Studio Contest

--- Quote ---Kyoto police and a lawyer for Kyoto Animation have confirmed that arson suspect Shinji Aoba submitted a work to the company?s novel contest.
According to attorney Daisuke Okeda, the work submitted by Aoba didn?t make it past the first round of judging in the novel contest, which KyoAni started 10 years ago. The winners are turned into paperback volumes and made into animations. Because it did not progress past the first round, Aoba?s novel was not kept in studio records or shared by studio staff.
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