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[Art] Marisa in a starry night
Alla wala town:
One of my only hand-drawn Touhou fan arts, and probably also one of my best.
This started up just with a quick sketch of Marisa that I found pretty good, then I decided to properly shade and color, then I found it was good enough to be a full drawing and did a background. I used cheap alcohol markers that don't blend at all because I definitely don't have the money to buy myself a set of copic markers. I don't know why, but this drawing has a unique charm to me and makes me like it more then my other Touhou drawings that are better quality-wise, it might be the rougher feel or the color choice dunno.

P.S: Oh and, is the touhou MotK fanart community half-dead.....? ;-; sad             (I'll tryhard as much drawings as possible to attempt a revival haha  :] :] :] :] :])
Draw time: About 4 hours

Silent Sinner in Scarlet:
Looks like she is about to rock.
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