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For example, use this for the bug report thread (currently broken at the time of this post).;topic=46
Change the "46" at the end to the appropriate topic ID, which you can see near the end of the link.

It won't show the entire thread, but at least you get to see the last few posts as a temporary workaround? Better than not being able to see it at all.

I've locked this thread as a precaution to ensure it won't be broken by replies. I suggest you use the bug report thread for discussion.

Also, quoting this from the bug report thread:

The fix for the IMG tag is here!
When I first heard about it, I immediately realized whats wrong, normally BBCode directly converts to HTML, as is with [ b ], [ i ], and [ s ] tags, however the image tag is special in that it needs metadata in order to function properly, specifically the image width and height so the forum knows if it needs to resize a high definition image to fit a post.  That script has to load the image file, switch on one of the many different formats depending on the header than read the bytes that describe the image's width and height.  This image file decoder is what has stopped functioning, so the workaround is to manually specify the image's metadata as follows:

Code: [Select]
[img width=48 height=48][/img]
Which yields the result:

Do make sure to replace the width, height and URL with your image please
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