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Current release (v0.65, 4 March 2019)

So recently I've been fooling around a lot in MPP doing some stupid things (shameless plug), and in the process I made some minor quality-of-life changes to fix a few things that have always bothered me. I figured other people might be interested in what I've done, so I've bundled them up and decided to release them as a package.

I was running the English patch when I made these changes, so you'll need to install that if you want this to work properly. You can find that here.

Installation instructions for the patch itself are included in the readme bundled with the download.

Keep in mind this patch has only been tested on Lunatic. If you find something I missed, let me know.


Spell card names and comments have been updated to match the current iteration of the translations on the Wiki (as of 3 March 2019).

Healthbars are now readable at a glance, even when surrounded by bullets or obnoxiously bright effects.

Other changes that can't be conveyed via pictures (or I'm too lazy to get pictures of)
- Relevant boss spells now use the whole health bar. This includes all spell practice spells.
- Re-enabled the little blue notch that shows when a nonspell ends and a spell starts.
- Boss health stars now reflect remaining life bars (like in official games and all future Kaisendo games) instead of remaining spell cards.
- Fixed spell history bugs in Stage 5. They should all be consistent with the histories displayed in the spell practice menu now.
- Fixed a barely noticeable bug with the timer that caused it to start beeping at 11 seconds remaining on the clock and remain silent at 1 second remaining.
- Skill tree gauge turns transparent when you're in its general vicinity, as opposed to when you're directly on top of it.
- Other minor translation changes (such as the options menu).

Please report any bugs you find below, and I'll see what I can do.
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