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[Touhou Fanfiction] Story of a hybrd: Echo of a life [Foreword ~ Chapter 01]

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Is my design, but since I'm pretty bad at drawing it was made by an artist. A close friend actualy.

Btw, I see your signature is in spanish. If you do speak, it could be way more easy for me to explain it, hehe. Just sayin'. 

Branneg Xy:
 :o 50+ Chapters is quite the literary output for a fanction,even if Toubou's and Novel-like !
About the translation and its punctualization refining,be the chapters 5 or 50, I have seen as a reader and potential reviewer  that it is best to take your time with it but at the same time not falling for the trap  of taking too much time resulting in giving up for stress and/or loss of priority .
Specifically try and go over it chapter by chapter by their order if it is smoothest but do not hesitate to postpone harsh parts or even entire chapters,as long as there is a decent summary which you could improve later on with editing if necessary,in exchange  for easier one translate and refine so you can post them.
 It is also advisable to post the "draft translated parts(ESP-ENG) "(ref ."...to postone harsh parts... ") in order to receive some help here by those users who are willing and fit  ( I can do it as well to some extent since ITA and ESP are both European, Latin Languages ,even if adapted,especially Espan?l,overseas such as in the Americas,Latin Languages )


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