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Hello there! This is my first post so pardon if I make any mistakes or something;
I came here to say we are making an english patch to a recent Touhou PoFV-esque fangame released by "Socially Unfit". I've been talking with the developer for the past few days and we're making an collaboration to make this english patch possible. We don't have any release date at the moment, but, if this thread goes good, we'd probably release it soon.

This game is not being made with a conventional engine we're used to seeing here, it's with DxLib apparently (from my reasearch) (It's also the one Len'en is made with).
This game is still in trial but there is about 5 characters playable so far and hidden ones inside the game's files, but the developer said for me to shut my mouth--
So basically I came here to post this survey in case you want to help us translate the game. I'll tell you more details when we start talking in private, if you want, of course.

You can download the game here:

I did practically 99% of all the pages involving this fangame on the Touhou wiki and I'm currently transcribing the game's dialogue to it so we can get a good translation out of it, and so far we have Reimu's scenario done there, but not completely inside the actual game, but I/you/us/we can do that quickly, I suppose.

Anyway, if you want to help us, please complete the following survey:
Please fill out the required fields correctly, otherwise we can't contact you!  :3

Here are some images we have so far:


Here's also a video CreepyNinja_ did:

If you want to talk to me (or another person in charge of this) go to my Discord or Twitter (Ryann1908#9434 and @RyannThi, respectively) or IkuTronHD (IkuTron(Adim)#2400).

I might be forgetting something, because I always do but... oh well, I can just update this post afterwards, can't I? Anyway, thanks for reading. Below will be the changelogs, I guess.

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