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Antinomy of Common Flowers Korean Translation help
« on: February 06, 2018, 08:34:28 AM »

There was annoncement of official English version of AoCF
But there was not korean.

And thcrap does not works well, it can not show korean.
The upper screenshot is a evidence.
The reason is game is not using windows font but use custom bitmap(?) font.

So I want to have some help.
pak file unpack, and repack is solved by using ULiL's tool.
And I need execute file hacking.

Somebody could help me?

Re: Antinomy of Common Flowers Korean Translation help
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I see you use the script_latin patch (otherwise you wouldn't have the horizontal balloons). And I see in the title bar "Ver1.02b". So, you just need to update your game. And ensures thcrap is up to date as well, by either running thcrap_configure, recreating your patch configuration, and running the game 2 times, or by running the game, waiting a few minutes, then re-running the game 2 times (yeah, we have plans to make the update procedure easier).
I fixed it a week ago, but I fixed it on v1.03, and I didn't bother backporting the fix to v1.02b.

But if you still want to know how to do it without thcrap, I'll throw a bunch of resources.
First, That's a google drive where I put a lot of stuff I worked on during the ULiL patching. You will be interested in the "Binary hacks" document and the "D3DX9_43 th145" directory. They contain everything I did to make ULiL able to read custom pak archives. Of course you will need to adapt a few things for AoCF. Btw, for removing all the anti-hack things with thcrap, I used an easier approach and just removed the related functions, by adding a ret at the beginning of them. The addresses of these functions are th155.exe+0x12e820, th155.exe+0x130630 and th155.exe+0x132af0. Just replace the byte at these addresses with c3 (the files thcrap uses for this are and
Next, you will need to replace the bitmap font with one having korean support. You may want to look at this: . That's a Github repo where I try to gather a lot of tools for HM, ULiL and AoCF. You'll be mostly interested in the bmpfont directory. It contains tools to create a bitmap font to the format used by the game (but it only creates fonts with unicode metadatas, while the game uses shift-jis metadatas. If you feel like fixing it, I accept pull requests).
And finally, because you may want to use unicode yourself - or maybe, at least use a korean encoding, I'll drop the files used by thcrap for unicode support:, and And if you're interested, here is the font used by thcrap:

Anyway, the 1st paragraph should be enough for you. Don't forget that the fix in thcrap works only if you have everything up to date, and if you use the script_latin patch.
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