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Hisoutensoku Alternate Movelists
« on: November 21, 2017, 05:29:14 AM »
Hisoutensoku Alternate Movelists
* (3187.13 kB - downloaded 128 times.)

Got bored so I did this. This will change the starting movelist to use alternate special moves. Drop it in your Hisoutensoku folder and run it. Simple 'nuff.

The ideal would be having 4 configurable movelists / character (via some configuration file) changeable via the 4 "card lists" during character selection. Getting the selected cardlist is difficult (the "movelist setup" code runs in a different scope) so for now (or forever? depends on my attention spa- oh is that snow outside?) I'm going to settle on this compromise.

- Obviously the computer AI doesn't use these moves efficiently.
- I have no idea how this would work with netplay. Presumably both players would need the same client or it'll desync.
- I'm not sure if version-related issues are likely to come up, either, as my Hisoutensoku is from an old rar and possibly a few updates late.
- I didn't test this much so other issues could exist.
Lemme know if anything goes awry and I'll mend the fabric of time and space as necessary.

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Re: Hisoutensoku Alternate Movelists
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2017, 08:18:56 PM »
I never thought my crazy mod idea for Hisoutensoku has already taken the first step toward fuition...Nice work.

Now about the mod itself:
  • Understandably, the alternate specials start at Level 1 since there's no Level 0 versions of them coded in. Meaning that if you use a deck with them and use the corresponding skill card, it becomes Level 2.
  • With Suwako's V2 moveset, the opponent starts with microscopic versions of the Mishaguji Scourge orbs near her, but otherwise the move works like normal and the orbs will act like normal if the effect is triggered.