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CPSS7: Embodiment of Secret Santa REVEAL POSTED
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As much as I'd like to partake once more, I'm not 100% sure of my situation at the moment to be able to commit. :<

EIther way, let's see who gets that dreaded DVD, eh? :P
My chips are on the table. Was wondering when this would come up.

Now what is this DVD I am hearing so much about?

--- Quote from: Raikaria on November 01, 2015, 08:50:25 PM ---Now what is this DVD I am hearing so much about?

--- End quote ---

Eiken on BluRay.

Also, in. Promise to be on time this year, too.
Well I know a DVD I won't be receiving if someone respects my Lewd or Not section.
Dammit I would have taken that first slot if I wasn't working. In for a glorious 3rd year in a row, let's hope my bank account can keep with the quality of stuff I send :getdown:
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