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[Art] Custom Danmakufu Sprites + Graphics by Fulisha *TAKING ART COMMISSIONS*
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Fulisha of Light:

--- Quote ---I am currently taking art commissions! I'll draw your character in either ZUN style or JynX style. Send me a note here or on DA if you're interested~
--- End quote ---

Well, here's my thread for my small sprite art projects. In my spare time, when I don't feel like drawing my usual art, I spend it attempting to make near ZUN-like touhou sprites and other graphics for fun and to experiment with animation in GIMP. I've been meaning to share them here on MotK for some time, so here they are~

Completed Sheets:

Sanae (NEW)



Marisa's Master Spark (because it was too big to add to her sheet  :derp:)

Orin (no shots)

Cat!Orin (no shots)

Archive of old Sprites (will no longer be updated):
Album Link

Next WIP::

I can also do jewel cases, layouts, bullets and other neat things as well~

Covers/Jewel Cases
Eternal Nightmare [fan game idea]

Layouts/HUDs (Touhou; screen shot mock ups minus the last one)
Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Perfect Cherry Blossom
Imperishable Night
Eternal Nightmare [my fan game idea]
Nansei Project Layout Set (coming soon...)

Bosses, Enemies, Bullets and other Graphics:
Earth Spirits

Due to real life priorities, I am not taking any requests at this time. My apologies.  :ohdear:

If there's an issue with the sheet please let me know and I'll fix it.

I'm welcome to any critique on improving them. You're free to use them in your scripts (in any way you wish!) as long as you ask first and credit me c:
Ahh, I've seen your sprites before. I rather like them! If you don't mind my asking, why are the Nansei sprites off-limits?

Some things I'd like to mention:

Try to keep the sprites in a consistent grid, preferably in sizes that are divisible by 8 (not required). Some of your sprites also have extra space on the edges. Combined, it made it difficult for me to figure out the exact coordinates
Momiji: The animation on the sword looks unnatural, due to how stiff it is. Also, her right sleeve isn't as animated as other parts of her sprite
In general, there is some jump-iness in the sprite animations. Kaguya's skirt is the most noticeable

For some reason, I couldn't save Iyona's spritesheet to animate it without it getting corrupted. Strange~

Overall, I like the sprites. You did a great job with them ;)

As for your STG frames/layouts, they are amazing! I love them! Fantastic job on those! :D

--- Quote from: gtbot on February 07, 2015, 12:04:42 AM ---Try to keep the sprites in a consistent grid, preferably in sizes that are divisible by 8 (not required).

--- End quote ---
Actually, video cards just love it when your textures' sizes are powers of 2 (many of them even refuse to work otherwise). By extension, sprites are usually made with "good" sizes too, though latter is not that necessary.
This is related to how video cards process these textures. Let's say... it's just a lot easier when you can cleanly divide by 2 all the way down to 1.
Sometimes you are allowed to load non-good textures as well, but it's often done with a whole spectrum of limitations and drawbacks. For example, D3DX, when is asked to load a texture from a wrong-sized file, creates a good-sized bitmap in memory and then resizes the input image to the target bitmap that way so, when drawn with original image size, original picture is reproduced. Though, when used with sprites, this technique may introduce some nasty artifacts.
Here's an example. I have created two textures, the first one being of good 8*8 size, and the second one being ill 12*12. Then, I asked Direct3D to draw left-topmost 4*4 regions of both textures.
Here's how it looks with the good texture. We see exactly what we intended to show.
Here's how the bad texture works. Colors from neighboring regions flood into our sprite. Why does it happen? Because, during loading, D3DX resized our 12*12 image to 16*16 texture, so texels' boundaries are no longer where we wanted them - instead of whole 4 texels we see about 5.3 of them which correspond to our desired region.
To add more clarity, here the full texture is shown. As we see, it's size is actually 16*16, not 12*12 as we originally intended. Though, if I put this texture on a 12*12px square, I would get the original image.
To make the point more evident, it this example I used a rather large size for sprites and effectively disabled magnification filtering, so we can clearly see the boundaries of texels. Still, even with default linear filter and near 1 pixel-to-texel ratio, we still can see this color flooding artifact near our sprites' borders.
However, as I said earlier, nothing stops us from putting arbitrary-sized sprites in a good-sized image. Still, traditionally, the whole texture is usually divided into a right grid, which makes individual regions to have power-of-two sizes as well.
As an example, here is a sprite sheet from guess what. As you see, 256*256 texture is divided into 4*4 grid, making each region 64*64px in size. [UPD] oh wait what that's 4*3 grid, okay, bad example, imagine this one was never mentioned :o [/UPD] Here is another sheet from the same game. Some of the grid cells are further divided to make space for smaller objects.
As for the whole texture size, it's usually 256*256, though I remember creating several huge 4096*2048 texture for some bitmap Unicode font. They weren't all loaded at once, though.

So, that's how sprite sheets are made in real good games. :3

P. S. You are welcome.
Ahh, thanks for the explanation, although, I was already fully aware about the power of 2 texture sizes ;)

As you said, the sprites themselves being in a power of 2 isn't all that necessary, and me saying 8 was arbitrary, but that's why I said the '(not required)' bit. I only said 8 since most sprites I've worked with are laid out in grids divisible by 8. Hmm, thinking back about it, it was completely arbitrary of me to say that, excuse me  :X

Changing the actual texture size to a power of 2 isn't hard to do, which was why I didn't mention it, since I didn't want to get technical about it. Thinking about it, it's probably important to mention it, for when designing the layout of the sprite sheet. I'd like to echo those details for Fulisha of Light to keep in mind for future sprite sheets.

P.S. why the link to Drake's thread?
I thought somebody could wonder where the touhou examples were taken from.
Well, that at least explains where the legs of these grids grow from.

Wait. When I start to count the pixels in the images posted... wut
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