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Looking for fully unlocked .dat donations!

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While it may not be frequent, there have been people asking for full unlocks for various Touhou games for various reasons in the past, so we thought we may as well compile a list of downloads for each game. Ideally we are looking for complete unlocks, such as every single stage practice with every single character, or for IN, the former as well as every spellcard unlocked for spellcard practice plus all solo characters unlocked. Failing that, whatever is closest will do until we find one more suited.

On that note, would anyone be willing to donate their .dats for download? You'll of course be credited in the list!

Please use something like Mediafire or Dropbox to upload your files.

Currently looking for:

Touhou 6      ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Touhou 7.5   ~ Immaterial and Missing Power
Touhou 10.5 ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

Huge, huge thanks to anyone who contributes!

Rei Scarlette:
I have two such files, at the moment. Would Dropbox be alright? I have problems when trying to upload my files to some sites, but Dropbox works just fine for me. However, I haven't played Hopeless Masquerade in quite a while, so I'm not completely sure if old saves are 100% compatible with updated versions? I think it should work fine though, but if it doesn't, I'll go ahead and update my own game and reupload the save.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View - All Characters/Stories/Extras Unlocked
Hopeless Masquerade - All Characters/Stages Unlocked

They must be properly renamed to "score.dat", I have my files renamed so that they do not conflict with each other.

Edit: Oh, yes, I forgot something, please take note of this. I can not take full credit for that PoFV score.dat. However, I was given permission to redistribute it at the time that I received it directly from the owner. At the very most, hosting it and giving it away is all I should be credited for and nothing more. This score.dat was given to me by another player I met once, but if he has an online name, I do not know it. Credits should go to "BENN" I guess, which is the name used for the scores in game.

The Hopeless Masquerade file, however, belongs to me.

Thank you! The .dat for HM should work, seeing as you don't have to re-unlock everything after updating.

I think this one of Nereid's should be included:

--- Quote from: ark on January 17, 2013, 12:43:47 AM ---Here's one with absolutely everything unlocked, with clean spell histories and score data: scoreth12.dat

--- End quote ---

I wonder how much memory editing it'd take to have "clean" full-unlock score.dat files like that, for all the games... I have no idea how to find that sort of thing.

I still have 14 clears left in IN Hard Mode which I'll probably finish next week once I find the time, but I have complete clears for all those games minus IaMP, SWR and DDC up to and including Hard Mode. So basically, only Lunatic is missing, though there's one Lunatic clear in all of them.

Should that be of interest due to a lack of uploads or incompleteness, I'd be willing to provide them.


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