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Cirno's Perfect Secret Santa 5: A Good Day To Secret Hard
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--- Quote from: N-Forza on March 02, 2014, 02:25:34 AM ---Wow, I didn't even notice that page had a message from that political party/cult on it lol

--- End quote ---
To be fair, Sokka Gakai has non-cultish branches in other countries. I've sat in on a couple of their chanting sessions over here even. But yeah, their activities in Japan are suspect at best.
Well this is a peculiar (yet predictable in terms of arrival date) development!
Okay, now I think that's everybody. <_<

(This months-old bump brought to you by the creator of this thread)

EXCLUSIVE MESSAGE FROM VIC VIPER: "In order to sort out a multitude of things in my personal and professional life I took a leave of absence from the forums. Given that things are not where I would like them to be I am continuing this absence. Sorry for worrying anyone."

Vic is alive. Vic has not forgotten. Vic will return, eventually.

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