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Welcome to the Pastel-iest Patisserie. I still like drawing Touhous.


--- Quote ---I was trying to make a doujin, but failed in the process.
The only thing I managed to draw is this
I'll post the finished version someday - 3 - ~
--- End quote ---

During 2010-2012 I LIVED for sayori's (of nekopara fame) artwork. The resemblance here is quite obvious.

--- Quote ---B-day present for a friend

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Hinarin-doodle-bad-anatomy-I-know

Oops, I forgot to draw her eyebrows. Ahahaha.
(And I always draw them in the same pose, agh, I'll try to fix it soon, I swear ;__;)

Constructive criticism is always welcome ? 3 ? !

--- End quote ---

I wanted to break away from sayori's influence, but didn't know how  :ohdear:. Young artists struggle a lot with finding their particular style instead of working on the fundamentals. Once I understood that style develops along the way and that after a certain point, everything you draw comes off looking a certain way, I sat back and started studying figure drawing as was suggested in this very thread. I STILL have a lot to study, of course, but I think I've come a long way!

I'll only post my most recent favorites! As always, constructive criticism is very very welcome.



This is part of a piece I did for Fantasy Extravaganza. I think my love for Hatate has grown with the years lol.

Cute-aka. To the people who hate yellow: I'm so sorry yr wrong.

This Hinarin was done for a tumblr user! Hina will always be a favorite of mine.

I spend a RIDICULOUS AMOUNT of time on each piece so I thought "what if I just simplify  everything??" and this is the result. It looks a little Wonky because it's, uh, experimental I guess? lol. It was well received so I took it a little further with the following illust. Plus! I've always loved blocky hands and wanted to draw them like that!

Have I said that I Love Hatate? Because I Love Hatate.

This post will be edited as I release more stuff; thank you for viewing and please leave a comment if you liked any of this!
Alfred F. Jones:
I like your use of colour; that birthday present of yours looks adorable. :3c
Woo, quality stuff here
oh man cute birthday gift you made!
Thank you~!

Thing I'm working on. What time is it~?
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