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MegaDoll X
« on: September 29, 2011, 03:31:48 AM »
This is just me stretching my brain muscles on something easy while school swamps me.  I make no promises for this, other then I'll finish it sometime.


The light was beautiful.

It didn't just shine down on her, it suffused her, filling her with warmth and power.  She began to feel other things, happiness, curiosity, and a strange sense of purpose.  All these things rose within her, buoyed by the light.  A light that felt so familiar.  She tried to think of where she knew this light from.  Who was the source of this power.


That's right.  This was the light of her creator.

Just as she realized this the light began to fade.  At first she panicked, worried that her new found consciousness would fade with it, but it seemed like her thoughts were getting stronger.  She began to notice things, the hard wood she was lying on, the magical power surrounding her, and a distant voice saying, "Open your eyes, Shanghai"

Shanghai.  That was her name.

The light went away and her eyes flickered open.  She saw her creator, her mother looking down at her and smiling weakly.

"It worked," Alice said quietly.  Then she passed out.


"Mother!" Shanghai cried out.  To her shock her cry was echoed by another.  Shanghai whirled to find another doll standing there, this one wearing red to her blue.  A memory from her past snuck into her mind.  "Hourai?" she asked carefully.

Hourai nodded once but didn't speak as she moved to Alice's side.  The other doll carefully turned Alice over and checked her pulse.  Shanghai moved close to watch, but didn't interfere with her sister dolls inspection.  After a moment Hourai looked up.  "Mother seems to be fine, but she never used me as a doctor so...."

"Yeah."  Shanghai nodded.  Then she started as she realized something was off.  "Hourai!  You're big!"

Hourai looked up in confusion, then started in realization.  "You're big too Shanghai!"

Shanghai nodded in affirmation.  The two dolls had vastly increased in size to well over a meter in height.  Both were still shorter then Alice, but not by much.

Hourai was the first to break out of their surprise.  "We should get Mother to that doctor, or to the Temple.  They can help her."

"Right.  We should get a stretcher to carry her with."  Shanghai stood to start gather materials to put together a makeshift stretcher, when the door busted in.

In the shattered door stood a black and white clad witch.  "Alright Alice what the hell is going...." Marisa's eyes grew wide at the sight of the two dolls.  "Dammit!  You mavericks are here too!?"  Marisa grabbed her hakkero.

Shanghai immediately rushed to interpose herself between Alice and the weapon.  Her master couldn't take a hit from that now!  Hourai simply rushed forward, her human sized sword flashing towards Marisa's neck.  Shanghai and Marisa both gasped at the deadly attack.  Marisa tried to change her aim to incinerate her sister.  "WAIT!" Shanghai screamed futilely.  There was a flash of light.  Shanghai cringed, then opened her eyes, expecting disaster.

Instead the two stood frozen, a hologram of Alice separating the two.  The projection of Alice stared straight ahead, worry and fatigue etched on her face.  The magical apparition began to speak, "Shanghai, I can only hope that you'll hear this.  I know it's wrong to use this untried spell on you, but I have no choice."

"A week ago Medicine Melancholy broke in and stole eight of my prototype dolls.  That would only be a minor annoyance, but somehow the poisonous magic within her and the enchantments I placed on them interacted strangely.  They became doll youkai, and increased in size and power."

The hologram had the full attention of the three girls as it continued.  "What's worse is that because of the mixture of magic and poison, these dolls can't be destroyed by normal means.  Only if another vessel, a doll like you, absorbs their magical power can they be laid to rest permanently."

Alice looked down and bit her lip before continuing.  "It's wrong to ask this of you, especially since I'm not there to help you myself, but you're the only one who can do this Shanghai."  The hologram pointed to the worktable where a strange blue cylinder gleamed.  "I've created a weapon for you, one that should make you the equal of any of my other creations, at least with your combat experience."

"You're Gensoukyo's only hope.  Please, defeat these doll masters, and stop Medicine Melancholy's plans before she does something that can't be undone."


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Re: MegaDoll X
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Go on.


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Re: MegaDoll X
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2011, 03:10:24 PM »
This is what.

The best kind of what.

Continue, if you will.

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Re: MegaDoll X
« Reply #3 on: September 29, 2011, 08:45:54 PM »
Hell yes.
Hell freakin' yes.

Megaman X. Plus Touhou. Plus the Dolls.

So....lemme get this all hammered out.
Shanghai = X
Hourai = Zero
Alice = Dr Light/That doctor that activated X whose name I can't remember.
Medicine = Sigma/Wily
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Re: MegaDoll X
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Shanghai walked over to the weapon and carefully picked it up.  As she grasped the handpeice he cylinder lightly moved to encompass her wrist, allowing her to easily aim the weapon.  She instinctively knew she could charge the weapon to produce stronger danmaku.  With this she felt like she could fight, even without Mother's power flowing through her.

"What about me?"

Shanghai turned to see Hourai looking plaintively at the hologram of Alice.  "Why didn't Mother say anything about me?  Why didn't she leave me a weapon so I could help?"  Shanghai's heart twisted a little at the pain in her sister's voice.

"Ahem."  The two girls looked over to see Marisa covering up her 'cough.'  "I think she probably didn't leave anything for you because she wasn't expecting to animate you too."  Marisa pointed down to the ground where Shanghai had awoken.  Sure enough, the circle there was only big enough for one doll.  "I'm guessing Alice threw all of her power into that spell, and the overflow is what awakened you Hourai."

"So I'm an accident," Hourai said darkly.

Shanghai quickly flew over to hug her sister.  "Mother loves all of us, Hourai!  I'm sure she'll be happy when she finds out you're awake as well!"

Hourai relaxed in Shanghai's embrace.  "Yeah.  You're right."  She embraced Shanghai a little longer then pulled back and looked at Marisa.  "So is Mother going to be alright?"

Marisa moved to check, then nodded.  "Yeah, it looks like she just burned through all her magic.  She'll be out for a couple of days, maybe a week, but since she doesn't need to eat or drink she won't die."  Marisa frowned.  "Assuming all Gensoukyo doesn't get torn apart that is."

The two sisters looked at each other.  Shanghai could see the same determination on Hourai's face that she felt herself.  "Is it that bad?"

Marisa sighed.  "I don't know.  Everyone's kinda been containing the dolls where they've popped up, but given they keep regenerating someone's gonna get tired eventually.  And no one's quite sure what'll happen when they break free."  Marisa waved the two over and they helped the magician move Mother to her bed.  "I think the sooner you go take them out Shanghai, the better."

"I'll go too," Hourai stated.

"You sure?" Marisa asked.  "You might not have the absorption ability.  And you don't have a weapon."

Hourai smiled darkly.  "This sword will work just fine."

Shanghai nodded in thanks.  It was good to have her sister there.  She wasn't thrilled with the idea of fighting alone.  "I'm sure Hourai will be a big help."

Marisa nodded.  "Right."  Marisa looked at the two.  "I hate leaving the fun to other people, but shooting things that regenerate and come back stronger then before isn't really enjoyable."  The magician waved her hands and a map of Gensoukyo appeared.

"Isn't that one of Mother's summoning magics?" Shanghai asked.

Marisa smirked annoyingly.  "I only steal from the best."  The magician started pointing at spots on the map.  "I don't know where all the dolls are.  Youkai aren't exactly talkative about their fights, but I can give you info on some of them."

She pointed at Youkai Mountain first.  "We heard about this one first.  Popped up in kappa territory.  Nitori say's they've pretty much got it pinned down underwater, and the tengu are there as backup.  So I wouldn't worry about it much."

"Maybe we should ask about waterproofing before fighting that one," Hourai said.

Marisa nodded.  "I'll see about calling Nitori on that device of her's.  She might be able to cook something up."  Next she pointed at the Scarlet Devil Mansion.  "Sakuya came to complain about the one that popped up here.  Flandre kept it under control for a bit, but it gave her the slip in the end.  They think the doll is in the sub basement, building up power.  Still it'll have a hard time getting past that crew."

"Now for the bad news."  Marisa pointed at Eientei.  "Tewi showed up and said one started some trouble here.  The rabbits locked the doll in a high security zone, but the damn thing somehow took over the security system."

Shanghai winced.  "That's no good.  So should we go there first?"

"Sorry, it gets worse."  Marisa pointed at a spot near the village.  "Apparently Yumemi and Chiyuri ware sneaking around Gensoukyo, and one of the damn things got on their ship.  It nearly took over all the systems before Chiyuri smashed it into the ground.  So now it's been converting the ship into some kind of factory."

"A factory?" Hourai asked incredulously.

"Yeah, these dolls seem dead set on either capturing or creating armies for themselves once they find a nice place.  They probably don't like getting blown up over and over, even if it doesn't mean anything to them." Marisa shrugged.  "So those are your choices."

Hourai scanned the map.  "What about Medicine?  Can we just go to the head of the matter?"

Shanghai nodded at her sisters suggestion.  "Yeah, it seems like that would be better."

"If only we knew where that idiot was."  Marisa sighed.  "Reimu's out hunting for her, but none of my divinations have worked.  I'll see about asking Patchouli but...."  Marisa shrugged.

Shanghai looked over the map.  "So, are you going to help us on site?"

Marisa shook her head.  "I'm gonna keep an eye on Alice here.  I'll try to get in contact with everyone so you'll have better information next time.  And I'll see about getting a communication spell up for you."

"Thanks Marisa," Shanghai gave the black white magician a smile.  Hourai just gave a nod.

"Hey, we've worked together before right, Shanghai?"  Marisa smiled herself.  "And it's good to be working with you too Hourai."

Shanghai looked at her sister.  "So we should get rid of the one in the spaceship first?"

Hourai frowned.  "Yeah.  More information would be nice, but at least it's close.  We should be done and back quickly."

"Good luck you two," Marisa said.  "And if Yumemi and Chiyuri don't let you in, tell them Mimi-chan's doing fine."

Hourai gave Shanghai a questioning look, but Shanghai could only shrug.  She couldn't remember everything from when she was a doll, but she remembered enough to know sometimes Marisa was just weird.


Most of you have guessed the basic premise.  You'll forgive me if I don't reveal all the little twists and turns I've planned (or have yet to plan).  Anyway next stage : Actual Robot Doll Masters.  Also capes.
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Re: MegaDoll X
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Have I told you lately that I love you, Iced?

First you do the Battletech story, then this
Dude it's like

Have my babies

Hanzo K.

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Re: MegaDoll X
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Heh, So many great stories to read, so little time. 8)
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Re: MegaDoll X
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Chiyuri winced as Yumemi started swearing in dead languages.  Usually the professor's rage subsided before she made it to Latin.

Of course their current situation was pretty shitty.  Some doll had hijacked their ship forcing Chiyuri to crash the thing.  Then they'd fought the damned thing for ten hours without beating it.  And now they were locked out of their own ship while the automaton rewired the whole thing. 

It was going to be a bitch to repair.

Still Chiyuri didn't think it was worth dredging up Aramaic over.  Especially since Yumemi was sure to dump most of the work on her.

Chiyuri sighed internally and turned her focus back to the bolts keeping the door shut.  That stupid doll could lock them out, but it couldn't stop them from just pulling off the door.

"Excuse me."

Chiyuri spun around, expecting to have to shoo off some more fairies.  This world was infested with the little pranksters.  "I told you...."  Her voice trailed off when she saw two more dolls looking similar to the one that had broken in.

Chiyuri immediately drew her pistol.  "Yumemi!"

"Right!"  Yumemi spun and put up one of her odd cross barriers immediately.  The two dolls shied back.

"Hey!  We're here to help!" The blue one yelled.  "Marisa told us to come here!"

Chiyuri gave Yumemi a questioning look.  "Marisa did?  She didn't come herself?"

"She's helping our Mother," the blue one replied.

The red one floated forward a bit.  "She did say to tell you Mimi-chan is doing well."

A shudder rippled through Chiyuri at that.  "Dear God, she still has that ICBM?  Why did we give it to her again?"

"She stole our engine's power source," Yumemi reminded her with a sigh.  The professor looked at the two floating dolls.  "So I take it you two can get rid of that annoyance permanently?"

"That's what Mother said.  If you can get us inside."  The blue one nodded.  "Oh right, we know you but you don't know us.  I'm Shanghai, and this is my sister Hourai."  The red doll nodded.

Yumemi thought for a moment.  "Interesting.  I'm intrigued as to how much of you is automaton and how much is magic, but that can wait until later.  We need to stop your maverick counterpart from wrecking any more of my ship."  Yumemi turned to her.  "Chiyuri, get that bulkhead open will you?"

Chiyuri sighed internally again.  It always came down to her didn't it?  Well she was a post doc.  That's what she was paid for.

She turned back to the door and decided to take the direct route.  Three pistol blasts left the door on the ground.

Yumemi's groan at the damage was drowned out by the clanking of machinery that came from within.

The halls had all been turned the sickening green of tarnished copper.  The floors were conveyor belts, and gears and compactors churned and crushed in a strange rhythm.

Chiyuri felt like she was going to cry.  This was going to be such a pain to fix....

"Thank you miss Chiyuri," Shanghai said as she dashed in, Hourai quickly following behind.

Chiyuri nodded absently, then slowly turned towards Yumemi.  "I don't suppose we can wait until they finish before starting in on this?"

Yumemi just handed her a crowbar.  "Start with the gears.  I'll turn off the electricity."

"Yes ma'am...."


The noise was maddening.

Shanghai remembered hearing things before, but she'd never actually consciously heard things.  When it had just been people talking it was fine, but the grinding of gears and pistons was an assault on her new sense of hearing.

"This being self aware thing is going to take work." Shanghai said.

"What!" Hourai yelled back.

"Nevermind!" Shanghai replied.  Hourai shrugged and began moving down the halls.

Fortunately their power of flight allowed them to avoid the conveyor belts and pits that littered the area.  The pounding pistons presented a slightly bigger challenge, but nothing that simple timing couldn't solve.  An automaton could have bypassed the traps.

Much to her relief the pounding of metal died down as they got a little further in.  "That was annoying."

Hourai nodded.  "Yeah.  Not too deadly though."

Suddenly pain flashed through her foot.  Shanghai couldn't help but scream and fly backwards.  She'd never felt anything like that before.

And then the feeling was gone.  She recovered just in time to see Hourai cut the screw that burrowed out of the floor and hurt her in half.  Alice must not have gotten the pain reflex completely correct.

Before Shanghai could inform Hourai of her findings she saw more screws burrowing through the walls on an attack course.  "Hourai, we have to leave!"

"Right!  I'll clear a path!"  Hourai dashed ahead cutting as she went.

"Hey, don't go too fast!"  Shanghai desperately ran after her sister.  She tried to keep up, but she could tell Hourai slowed down so she could follow.  It didn't help that Shanghai's shots couldn't clear out the screws as fast as Hourai's blade.

Fortunately with a bit of running they moved past the area the screws were guarding.  Both of them had suffered a few more cuts from the weapons, but it didn't seem to slow either of them down after the initial hit.  Maybe Alice had designed their pain reflexes correctly.  After all it's not like wounds impacted a doll's abilities.

Hourai looked over at her.  "Are you alright sis?"

"Yeah."  Shanghai nodded.

"It's just you've been charging your weapon all this time," Hourai pointed out.

Shanghai looked down and noticed she had been holding the charge button instinctively.  "Er, well it seemed like a good idea to just do that."

"I guess."  The two continued on.

They made it few a few more corridors, when a huge gear fell down from the ceiling.  Shanghai fired at the thing and destroyed it instantly.

"Okay, it was a good idea," Hourai said.

Shanghai smiled proudly.  "Yep!"

They ran into three more of the gear traps before reaching a sliding door.  The two checked their condition, then hit the button to open it.

The door opened to reveal a room with no accouterments or barriers.  Just a steel box.

There in the center of the room sat a doll, one of Shanghai's sisters, her dress crimson and gold.  Unlike most of the dolls, her hair had two stilettos instead of a bow.   In her hands she held a circular sawblade on string she was using it as a yo-yo.  She looked up and smiled as Shanghai and Hourai dashed into the room. 

"Oh hey, it's Alice's favorite pets."  She stood and gave them a bow, though her eyes never left the pair.  "Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Damascus, autonomous combat doll."  Damascus made a sweeping gesture.  "And welcome to my war factory!"

Shanghai and Hourai slowly split up to surround the maverick doll.  "Why do you need a war factory?"

"To build an army of course."  Damascus rolled her eyes.  "How else can I lead an army in war?"

"A war on who?" Hourai asked.  "Humans?  Youkai?"

"It doesn't really matter.  All that matters is I get to lead an army of conquest!"  Damascus rose into the air.  "I was built to be a master of war and conflict!  Alice tried to hold me back, but Lady Melancholy has granted me the power to achieve my purpose.  To bring war to Gensoukyo."

"But first I'll prove my strength by defeating you two.  Let me show you old type dolls the power of my metal dance!"

Shanghai barely dodged the deadly blades Damascus threw at her by sliding under them.  She started charging her own weapon while strafing.

Shanghai saw Hourai had somehow twisted her jump in mid air to fling herself through the blade storm.  However Damascus batted aside Hourai's sword strike with her own blades.  "Ha!  I can fight at all ranges, unlike you two."

"Good thing there are two of us then!" Shanghai said as she fired.  Damascus gasped and flipped away from the blast, but the other doll couldn't escape all of it.  The impact sent her flying to the ground.

Hourai immediately attacked, but the doll master recovered her footing immediately.  "Behold!"  Damascus spun to parry Hourai's attack, then kept spinning and gyrating.  As her mad dance continued she started throwing blades all around the room.  Hourai was forced to retreat as the blade storm continued.

Shanghai began firing as fast as she could at her fallen sister while trying to dodge the blades.  She was doing damage but she was taking a lot in return.  Hourai moved to try to shield her, but Shanghai couldn't keep up her barrage then.

An idea struck her and she started charging her weapon again.  "Hourai, dodge right!"

As Hourai shifted right Shanghai shifted left.  She felt pain as a blade tore into her arm but her charged bolt struck true in return.

The mighty blast smashed into Damascus, knocking her out of her deadly dance.

Shanghai started shooting again, but Damascus flipped over the bullets.  "I have you now!"

"Too slow," Hourai yelled as she dashed in from behind.  Damascus whirled, parrying the blow, but that was a mistake.

Shanghai fired three shots that shattered Damascus' torso.

"No...  My army...  My empire....  I lost... so... soon."

The broken doll clattered to the ground with a waft of poison, leaving a glowing orb with purple lining hanging in the air.

Shanghai and Hourai both reached for the glowing orb.  Shanghai felt power surge through her as the light infused her being.  The pain from her wounds vanished and she felt whole once more.

When the light cleared Shanghai found her weapon had changed form.  Where once it was a normal cylinder now it was a slot.  Shanghai instinctively knew it would fire the razor disks Damascus used against them.  Across from her Hourai looked at her blade.  "Huh, it feels stronger."

Shanghai nodded.  "Well we should go back and see if Mother has recovered.  Or if Marisa's got any more information."

She hesitated for a moment, then reached down and picked up her broken sister.  "Let's go."

Hourai raised an eyebrow.  "Why?"

"Mother will want to reconstruct her later, right?"

Hourai shrugged.  "I suppose.  Well, let's hurry."


Blade Dance Doll Damascus
Purpose : Combat

My current style is a little too specialized.  This doll is designed to excel in both ranged and melee combat.  If this mixed assault prototype is successful I'll begin mass production.

To do: Add normal danmaku safety spells.  Cutting off Marisa's head isn't allowed no matter how annoying she is at the time.

Check for possession every two weeks.  While war bats are unacceptable, blades are out of fashion in the outside world.

Medicine Notes: Damascus really likes metal and crafting.  It's good to have a hobby!  I think she's a little too obsessed with leading an army though.  We don't want to end up treating our fellow dolls as tools, right?
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Re: MegaDoll X
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Oh Meddy, even as the resident Wily/Sigma Expy, you still manage to come across as more Ineptly Adorable than a genuine danger.

She's kinda like the Animated Wily from the original Megaman cartoon in that regard. (Ruby-Spears one? Heck if I know, I just watched the stuff when I was younger.)
Comically inept at being a villain, but seems likeable despite that.
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Re: MegaDoll X
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Ooh, a pretty neat idea, this... so far, it seems to be working out pretty well, too. :3 I'm definitely interested to see where this will go~
Did you bring a light?

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Re: MegaDoll X
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So, when will we encounter GUTSMANS ASS


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Re: MegaDoll X
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Wait, does this mean now Shanghai's gonna epically murder all the other Doll Masters?  I mean, she did basically get Metal Man's power from MM2, right?

Also, I feel bad for Hourai, if only because anyone who knows ANYTHING about the MMX series and the way it treats the sword-user knows what's bound to happen to her, probably more than once.  =(
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Re: MegaDoll X
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Not that it ever sticks.

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Re: MegaDoll X
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Also, I feel bad for Hourai, if only because anyone who knows ANYTHING about the MMX series and the way it treats the sword-user knows what's bound to happen to her, probably more than once.  =(
I know nothing about "MMX" (I guess that's MegaMan X?) so uh :derp:

This is neat, keep it up :3c


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Re: MegaDoll X
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Hehe. No worries, Ruro. The joke is that X, who Hourai is taking the place of,
dies a bunch. Pretty much every other game.


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Re: MegaDoll X
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Hehe. No worries, Ruro. The joke is that X, who Hourai is taking the place of,
dies a bunch. Pretty much every other game.
Uh, you mean Zero?  =)
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Re: MegaDoll X
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I believe he does mean Zero.

hell, in at least two or so games, you have to
recover Zero's parts so you can put him back together.
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Re: MegaDoll X
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Herp derp :x

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Re: MegaDoll X
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Thanks for all the responses.  Glad to see this is amusing.

I'd post more explanations myself, but explaining what parts of the mythos I'm keeping and which I'm tossing would be a whole heck of a lot of spoilers.  But I have read everything and I'm happy to see the commentary.

I'll try to overcome my fear of posting without content and chat a little more.

Chiyuri and Yumemi met them as they exited the now silent factory.  "I see you handled it." Yumemi said.

"Yeah."  Shanghai felt a strange twinge at that, but she suppressed it.  "We're sorry for the trouble.  We'd help you repair, but I'm afraid you're not the only one having problems."

The caped woman frowned in thought.  "Hm...  Well I'll have you repay us later.  For now, you say there are more of these automatons causing trouble?"

"Yes," Hourai replied with a wary look.

"Then that settles it.  Chiyuri pack up."  Yumemi flicked her cape back and struck a dramatic pose.  "We will assist you in your quest to stop this madness!"

The three other girls stared at Yumemi in shock for a bit before Chiyuri clapped her hands together in understanding.  "Ah!  Of course, dolls are similar to robotics.  If we can discover the differences and similarities between the two we'll advance your theory.  Genius, Professor!"

"Of course," Yumemi replied smugly.

Shanghai was starting to seriously wonder about these two.  She looked to her sister, but Hourai didn't seem to understand any more then she did.  "Well I suppose we could use the help.  Follow us," Shanghai said.

During the rest of the trip back the two humans chattered back and forth in scientific gibberish.  Shanghai tried to follow for a bit, figuring Mother might want to know about it, but the terminology just flew right over her head.

When they landed in the clearing surrounding Alice's cottage Marisa was waiting for them outside.  "Oh, you're back.  And you brought the Doctor and her assistant, good."

Shanghai landed and set down Damascus' body.  "Is Mother okay?"

"She's fine, but you don't have time to stay and chat.  Here."  Marisa tossed her and shanghai a small broach.  "Communicators.  Now get into the forest and head towards the old fairy tree.  One of them's lodged up in there and is sending youkai and dolls to attack us."

"Right!" Hourai said.  The two sisters slipped on their broaches and headed off into the woods.

After a few moments Marisa's voice sounded in their ears.  "Alright, I've gotten in contact with everyone, and I'll have all the locations of the other dolls when you get back.  But first we need to clean out this annoyance before she sends more ostridges at us."

"Ostriches?" Shanghai asked incredulously.

"Yeah, I don't get it either.  Anyway have fun storming the forest or something.  Marisa, out."

Hourai shook her head.  "We shouldn't have expected so much of her."

Shanghai simply nodded at her sister.

As they continued into the magical forest the trees started to warp and shift.  This wasn't too unusual given the forest itself, but the two dolls kept an eye out anyway.  Thus neither was surprised when their first foe hopped into sight.

The construct looked like a rabbit built of wood held together by vines.  It was ridiculous, but Shanghai could sense power and hostility from it, so she aimed her new weapon at the creature and fired.  Shanghai felt like a reservoir of power was being tapped as two razor sharp disks streaked at the monster.

The rabbit thing didn't seem to care, hopping over the first by chance.  It fired a strange carrot shaped missile then collapsed as the second blade lopped off its head.

Shanghai shifted to dodge, but the missile turned to hunt her.  She began dashing for cover, when Hourai appeared and sliced the missile to ribbons.

"I think my sword can cut bullets now," Hourai said happily.

Shanghai pouted.  "Meanwhile my new weapon has limited energy.  Why is it you're faster, stronger and got a better weapon then me?"

Hourai frowned.  "Hm... I don't know.  That doesn't make sense...."  She looked up.  "Though I'd say your weapon is alright.  It killed that rabbit thing really quickly, and unlike my sword it has range."

"That's true."  Shanghai felt somewhat mollified.  "Well we'd better hurry."

"Yeah."  The duo continued further into the forest.

As they ventured deeper in the trees began to get even more warped and twisted, with huge black fruits hanging from their limbs.  They passed several of these globes when Hourai froze.  Shanghai stopped and looked at her sister curiously.  "What is it?"

Hourai readied her blade.  "Those 'fruits' are on different types of trees."

As if summoned by her words the nears globules began shaking.  Shanghai fired a blade at one, but it ricocheted off.  With a hiss of annoyance, the creature opened it's armored wings, revealing an ugly spherical bat creature.  All around them the bats began opening thier wings and hissing.

"Run!" the two shouted in unison.

Shanghai dashed quickly after her sister, firing metal blades behind, then switching to normal shots when she felt her reserves running low.  Hourai meanwhile leaped dashed and sliced a path through the bat creatures. 

There seemed to be no end to the plague of bats.  Fortunately the creatures seemed slow and they didn't have any ranged attacks.  The two left a trail of destruction in their wake.

Finally the creatures fled.  The forest fell silent.

"Well that was a pain," Shanghai said.  "Hopefully there aren't any more of those."

"Hm... Something still feels wrong," Hourai said looking around nervously.

Shanghai just realized that the sounds of the forest hadn't returned when three figures entered the clearing.

They were wolves, or at least had once been something like wolves.  But now they were wrapped in vines.  The three creatures moved to surround Shanghai and her sister.

Hourai immediately dashed towards one, while Shanghai unleashed a charge blast at another, hoping to take it out of the fight quick.  The creature shuddered at the hit, but didn't fall.  Then all three of the beasts opened their mouths and sprayed fire at the sisters.

Shanghai leaped the fire blast wincing at the heat.  Hourai tried to do the same, but the two streams aimed at her prevented a clean escape.  Hourai hit the ground and rolled to extinguish her smoldering dress.

Shanghai switched to her metal blades immediately and fired a shot that sliced the wolf thing in front of her in half.  She turned and fired three more blades that tore a second apart.  The third moved to breath on her, but Hourai recovered her feet and silenced the monster with three solid slashes.

Shanghai rushed to her sister.  "Are you alright Hourai?"

"I'm fine.  Just a little singed," Hourai patted at her dress.  "It's nothing to worry about."

"Er, well we probably should be really careful around fire, since we might still be stuffed with gunpowder," Shanghai pointed out with a wince.

Hourai's eyes widened.  "Oh... right."  Her sister shuddered.  "I'll be more careful.  I promise."

"Hey, just picked up something!"  The two dolls jumped at Marisa's sudden proclamation.  "Yumemi's got some sort of sweet sensor thingamabob, and it's picking up a hidden pathway somewhere near you.  There might be cool treasure there if you find it."

"Right."  Shanghai inspected her surroundings a little closer.  Now that she was checking she could see there was a seam in one of the trees.  "Aha!  Hourai?"

Hourai nodded and cut the hidden door open, revealing a long tube that lead into the earth.  The two entered in, wary for any ambushes.

This time it seemed their vigilance was unnecessary.  The drop led the two down to a room with a sealed door and a pair of shoes.  As Shanghai touched down a light flickered through the room and an image of Alice appeared.

"Shanghai, I wish it hadn't come to this, but I've created some items to help you in your battles.  I've designed them to only work for you, so Medicine can't steal them."

"These shoes should increase your speed both on the ground and in the air.  Don't get too overconfident though.  Get used to your new speed before depending on it."

The projection of Alice looked downcast.  "I'm sorry I'm not there for you like I should be.  But I promise I'll come back to you as soon as I can."

Shanghai reached towards the apparition of her mother, but once again it blinked out.  "You don't need to apologize mother..."

Shanghai wiped her eyes and moved towards the shoes, then she froze and turned back to her sister, who was studying the wall.  "Um, there's a chance..."

Hourai shook her head, though she didn't look back.  "They were made for you sister.  You wear them.  Besides you were having trouble keeping up."

Shanghai frowned at the accusation, but she didn't focus on it.  Instead she quickly pulled off her old shoes and put on the new ones.  Sure enough as soon as they were secured she felt lighter and faster.  She hopped up and flew to Hourai's side.  "Alright, let's go through the door and finish this."

Hourai nodded.  "Right!"

This door opened up into a T shaped intersection.  The duo looked both ways, then silently agreed to go left instead of straight.  That door quickly opened as well, revealing a room that seemed to have been carved inside a massive tree.

At the far end of the room was another one of their sisters, though this doll was a head taller then both Shanghai and Hourai and her dress was a simple brown.  In addition the ornament on her auburn hair was a single crimson maple leaf.  As they entered the maverick smiled.  "Sisters!  How good you could join us."

Shanghai leveled her weapon.  "We aren't here to join you.  We're here to ask you to stop."

"Don't waste your breath Shanghai.  This one attacked mother!"  Hourai bent her knees to rush forward, but the other dolls look of shock caused them both to pause.

"Attack mother?  I'd disgrace the name of Paititi if I did such a thing," she said.  "No unlike some of my more aggressive sisters I don't want to hurt Alice.  She created us!"

Paititi smiled.  "And once I take her to Medicine and explain what we're doing, she'll help make more of us.  Between our new sisters and my power to control animals we'll easily be able to take over the human village and teach humans how not to hurt their tools."

"So come sisters.  Join me.  With your support I'll be sure to convince the others," Paititi explained as she extended her hand.

Shanghai shook her head sadly.  "You don't understand what mother was trying to do.  We have to stop you before you damage her reputation forever."

Paititi's smile faded.  "I see."  She raised her arms and began to hover upwards.  "Then it seems we must fight."

"I'll make this quick!" Hourai exclaimed as she dashed forward.  Shanghai just fired one of her blades in response. 

Paititi shook her head and raised her arms.  A cloud of leaves spun up around her, while more leaves drifted down from the ceiling.  "Foolish.  Nothing can break my Leaf Shield."

"Ha!" Hourai slashed down.  Shanghai was shocked as the leaves knocked Hourai's blade aside.  Shanghai's own bullet also ricoched off.

Paititi pointed forward.  "Now fire!"  The leaves blasted forward, sending Hourai flying and forcing Shanghai to leap over the shield.  She fired another blade as she dashed forward, only to get hit by one of the other leaves.  As the plant touched her pain flashed through her body.  She felt like someone was trying to take over.

Fortunately the feeling went away quickly.  Shanghai looked to see Hourai standing and Patiti pulling out the second blade.  "That hurts, but my body is armored.  You'll need more then one shot!"

Shanghai lowered her weapon.  "I've got plenty."

Paititi's only response was to summon the shield again.  Hourai swore then started circling to look for an opening.  Shanghai just waited, spending her energy dodging the falling leaves.

Finally Paititi threw the shield forward.  Both the sisters struck then, Hourai landing a slice in her back, Shanghai firing another blade in her front.  Paititi cried out in pain, but still managed to summon the shield, sending Hourai flying.

Shanghai just waited again.  Hourai, realizing her sword couldn't strike without putting herself in too much danger hung back.

The three stood their waiting for some time.  Finally Shanghai said, "You're losing more energy then we are.  You can't keep this up forever."

Paititi frowned deeply.  Then she nodded.

This time Paititi rushed forward personally.  Shanghai silently thanked her mother for the enhancement shoes as she leaped over the rush.  Paititi immediately whirled to face her, but the leaf cloud kept going in the same direction.  Shanghai lowered her weapon and fired.

The blade neatly cut off the mavericks head.

Paititi blinked as the purple and white energy leaked from her broken body.  "Why?  I just wanted... mother... to join us again...."  Then she fell silent as the orb formed.

"I told you range was useful," Hourai said.  Shanghai smiled sheepishly in agreement.

Shanghai and Hourai both approached the orb, just like last time.   Once again light surged through Shanghai's body.  When it cleared she was completely re-energized, and her gun had transformed again into an odd control panel.  Shanghai knew that she could summon her own leaf shield with that.  She looked up to see Hourai do a spinning cut that seemed to form a full moon of steel.  "Huh, I think I learned a new technique."

Hourai turned back to Shanghai.  "Will you need help carrying her back?"

Shanghai looked at the fallen body of her sister.  "Please."


Command Doll Paititi
Purpose : Control

Satori has pets take care of her pets.  Why not make a doll that takes care of dolls?  If I have a doll controlling my dolls in combat I'd be able to fight more myself.

Addition possibilities: This doll should be able to accept familiar creation spells.  A doll that could control bats or crows would be neat too!

Medicine Notes: Paititi loves her sisters and the other dolls.  She also seems to have a strong connection to nature.  Su-san likes her too!  She's a little too attached to that meanie Alice, but I know she won't betray me.  I'm just worried it might get her hurt.
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Re: MegaDoll X
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Really liked this chapter. You're doing an excellent job of staying faithful to the source material, while adding plenty of Touhou flavor to it.

Looking forward to the continuation of this.


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Re: MegaDoll X
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It's like a mix between Megaman 2 and Megaman X, and it's glorious

Hanzo K.

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^This, so much.
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Quick exposition update

"Congratulations you two," Marisa's voice came over.  "Head on back.  We've got some stuff for you."

"You aren't under attack anymore right?" Shanghai asked.

Marisa laughed.  "Nope, everything's fine.  Chiyuri's cooking some ostrich steaks with her laser right now in fact."

Shanghai hadn't ever eaten, but she now understood the fear questionable food could invoke.  Still it was unlikely their guests would force the dolls to eat.  "Right, we'll be back soon."

Hourai grabbed their sisters body, while Shanghai grabbed her head.  Then they started flying back.  It seemed somewhat ghoulish, but they both wanted Mother to fix their wayward sisters if possible.

The flight back was easy.  It seemed the creatures that had been haunting the wood had fled.  Within no time they were back at Mother's cottage.

"We're back!" Shanghai said as they entered. 

"Welcome home." Marisa said as she rose from her chair next to Alice's bed.

The two dolls paused.  "Uh, why is Mother's bed in the living room?" Hourai asked.

Marisa laughed weakly.  "Well I wanted to keep an eye on her, but I figured she'd want to be in a bed so...."

Shanghai gave Marisa an appraising glare.  She wasn't sure exactly how she felt about this, or what she should think about this either.  She could sense Hourai beside her giving the black white magician a stronger glare.

Finally she mentally shrugged.  It's not like it was a terrible thing.  "So you had information for us?"

"And items too." Yumemi said as she walked out of the kitchen.  Chiyuri followed after carrying something that actually looked surprisingly like a steak.  "I've spoken with Marisa and I think I can give you two things that'll help you on your journey."

The professor tossed each of the dolls a canister the size of a large thermos.  "Apparently you two can heal by consuming raw magic.  I'd devised a container to hold magic a while back.  Never found how to use it myself, but it seems it'll come in handy for you."

"Thanks," Shanghai and Hourai said in unison.  Shanghai looked down at the device.  It was a little bulky, but if it could heal her in battle it would be beyond useful.

"I also developed a recall teleportation system a while back."  Yumemi tossed them each a coin shaped object.  "It should allow you to escape sticky situations, or just ship back the broken dolls as you beat them."

Shanghai nodded again.  "That'll be helpful."

"Hm...  These steaks are good too."

Shanghai and Yumemi turned to see Hourai sampling the ostritch, Chiyuri smiling beside her.  "Yeah laser cooking is kinda difficult, but I've had a lot of practice."  The woman looked over at Shanghai, "You want a taste before you go running out?"

Shanghai really wasn't certain she wanted this to be her first experience with food, but Hourai looked like she was enjoying it.  She tentatively took a bite.

It was interesting.  Not terrible but not mind shattering either.  She chewed a bit more before finally stating.  "It seems okay.  Not sure why people would be so attached to eating though."

Hourai looked at her then shrugged.  "Maybe you have different tastes sister."

Marisa coughed.  "You want to hear that information I collected?"

"Sure."  The group moved to sit around Marisa's map, the humans each collecting their dinner as well.

"Reimu is still searching for Medicine herself, but we've pinned down, 7 of the lost dolls, including the two you've taken out."  Marisa said as she waved her hands over the map.  Five glowing dots appeared on the map of Gensoukyo.

"Nitori's confirmed one is holed up in the rivers of Youkai Mountain.  She seems to be designed for underwater actions."  Marisa looked up at Shanghai and Hourai.  "Nitori also said she's developed underwater gear for you two, so you should be okay there."

Marisa moved her finger down to the lake.  "Patchy's been complaining to me about one that's gone to ground in the SDM.  What's worrying is that Sakuya says she's been sensing time manipulation there.  I don't know what to make of it."

"That doesn't sound good...." Shanghai said with a frown.

"Yeah, time manipulation's a bitch," Marisa agreed.  She then pointed to a point above youkai mountain.  "Apparently there's another one with annoying powers here in heaven.  Iku dropped by to complain about how it's messing up the weather there.  Given that Tenshi still has the Sword of Hisou that doll must have quite the power."

Hourai frowned as well.  "That is a lot of power.  I didn't think  doll like us could beat an artifact."

"It's probably Tenshi not being able to keep constant focus." Marisa said.  "Still it's not good news."

"Fortunately the other two seem safer.  Komachi told me there's one in Muenkuza that just is sitting around and pacing.  Some fairies and evil spirits have gathered around it, but it's not doing anything actively.  Similarly the one that holed up in Eientei just sent out a challenge to a quickdraw contest.  I think they can wait a little."

"So that just leaves one, from what you've told us," Yumemi said.

"I wonder if we can set up a sensor to find it," Chiyuri mused.

"Ah no need.  I know where it is."

Everyone looked up in surprise at that.  Somehow Koishi was sitting at the table as well, with a serving of steak in front of her.  "Wha?!  How long have you been there Koishi?" Marisa asked.

Koishi smiled.  "Oh I followed those two here after I did that little light show for them.  Alice's unconscious really wanted to talk to them, so I helped it a long a bit."

Shanghai's heart rose.  "You can talk to Mother!"

"Ahahaha!" Koishi waved her hand.  "Sorry, she's lost in dreams so I can only make sense of things if there's a proper trigger around.  I was only able to get a connection to her at all because of her love for her creations.  But if you find more items I might be able to open up a connection again."

"Oh right, and I know where the last doll is.  It's hiding somewhere in hell."  Koishi tipped her hat.  "So now you know everything I know!"

Chiyuri raised an eyebrow.  "Well that explains that oddness.  Now can anyone explain the whole secret passage thing?"

"Actually I think I know how that happened," Marisa said.  "You know, wait you two don't know....  Well anyway fairies can make homes and passages inside their homes that other people can't see or use unless the fairies let them.  It's how they live in those big trees."  Marisa looked over at the two dolls.  "Apparently you dolls have something similar.  Which is another reason you two have to be the ones to hunt down those dolls."

Shanghai looked over at Hourai, then down at the map.  "Alright.  Where should we head next?"

Re: MegaDoll X
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You know which one I want to select. :V

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Re: MegaDoll X
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I'm kinda torn between the one at the SDM, and the one at Muenzuka.
I mean, the one there seems harmless enough, but it's always the quiet ones you gotta watch for.
Though the one at Eientei also has me quite interested.
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Re: MegaDoll X
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Ah sorry, that was a cliffhanger not a Z machine prompt.   :blush:  I have a set all planed out, I just wanted to include this little intermission to explain some stuff before projects bog me down.

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"We should take advantage of these teleportation tokens and hit a group of them."  Hourai traced a line up towards the entrance to heaven.  "If we start at the SDM and head up we'll be able to get three of them in a trip."

"Not a bad idea," Marisa replied.  "Especially since you two heal up after every fight.  Wish that was how it worked in danmaku."

"Right."  Shanghai considered the plan then nodded.  "Seems good sister.  Is there anything else or should we head out now?"

Yumemi shook her head.  "We're testing some items that might help you, but they'll take a while."

"Especially since our our machine lab got transmogrified," Chiyuri muttered.

"Then we should go," Hourai said.

Marisa nodded.  "I'll let Patchy know you're coming."


The two skirted the lake in case the fairies decided to join in on the incident.  Shanghai was certain she could take any normal fairy of course, but Cirno might be a problem.  Fortunately they managed to avoid any random encounters on their trek to the SDM's gate.

As they approached the mansion Shanghai noticed something.  "Hourai, the auto turret dolls mother gave to Meiling are missing."

"And I'm very unhappy about that."  Shanghai whirled around her heart in her throat to find Meiling standing behind them looking down with a grim expression.  "So you should give me your names before I scrap you."

Shanghai took a step back and discretely readied her weapon.  Hourai had dropped into a much more open defensive stance.  "Uh....  I'm Shanghai, this is Hourai.  Marisa told Patchouli we were going to help fix things, right?"

Meiling looked back and forth between the two dolls, her cold eyes scanning their every movement.  Then she sighed and relaxed.  "Figures.  Patchouli never tells me anything.  Sorry for the scare, you two."

Shanghai and Hourai both sighed.  "It's not your fault."  Shanghai looked up at the spaced the turret dolls had occupied.  "I suppose Medicine stole them too?"

"Yeah."  Meiling muttered a curse in Chinese.  "I liked those too."

"We'll see about getting them back," Hourai said.  "Anyway we'd best hurry.  Where is the intruder?"

"The basement."  Meiling pointed at a side door.  "Head into the library.  Patchouli and Sakuya should be there, they can point you to where the doll disappeared."  Meiling waved her hand.  "Good luck you two.  I have to get back to work."

The two dolls blinked as Meiling seemed to melt into the shadows.  "Since when did she become badass?"  Hourai wondered.

"Maybe she thinks there's an actual threat to the SDM?" Shanghai pondered.

The two shrugged then headed into the library.

The library was in a state of chaos.  Fairy maids scrambled everywhere picking up books then putting them back down again with no real rhyme or reason.  Above the confusion Koakuma hovered, shouting encouragement, threats and occasionally bullets down on her minions.  Shanghai decided to avoid that and flew up over the bookshelves to pinpoint the library's master.

They found Patchouli standing next to a whole in the wall that was just big enough to allow someone of their size entry.  Sakuya was standing next to her, fiddling with a pocket watch.  The two turned as they landed.  "Ah excellent.  I was hoping you'd arrive soon." Patchouli gave Shanghai and Hourai long glances, though unlike Meiling's glare this was more the inspection of a scientist with a new specimen.  "Interesting.  She continues to impress me for her age."  Shanghai couldn't help but bristle a bit at the implied judgment, even if Patchouli sounded truly impressed.

"Lady Patchouli, we don't have time for long winded speeches," Sakuya stated.  The maid turned to the two dolls.  "I'm pretty sure this doll has some connection to space or time magic.  She's forcing me to fix the mansions internal space repeatedly."

"Right.  Do you know anything else?" Shanghai asked.

Patchouli coughed.  "About Alice's creation?  No sadly.  About where that doll has holed up?  A little.  Sadly she's burrowed into the area around the little sister's room.  Reality is... odd there."  Patchouli stepped away from the hole.  "Given she's using fairy style passwall, it should be the same odd effect though, so take a while to acclimate yourself before moving on."

"Thanks," Hourai said.  The two gave their hosts nods before rushing into the hole.

Shanghai immediately sensed what Patchouli was saying.  The air itself felt wrong here.  All her movements seemed exaggerated.  "How weird.  It's like walking on ice."

"But in the air," Hourai muttered.  "I don't like this."

"We don't have a choice though," Shanghai said.  "Let's practice moving a bit then continue on.

The two got their footing in a couple of minutes, then flew down into the corridors.

Shanghai realized their problem as soon as they reached their first turn.  Three passages opened up in front of them, each leading a different way.  A quick look down the corridors confirmed her fears.  "This place is a maze."

As the two looked back and forth wondering what to do a faint sound drifted out from the maze ahead.  "Singing?" Hourai asked.

"I... think so."  Shanghai listened hard.  "I can't tell which one it's coming from though."

"This one I think," Hourai said.  She started heading for the right passage.  "And since you're supposed to follow a wall to get through a maze anyway...."

Shanghai nodded and followed.

They made it through two more splits this way, Hourai following the sound with her superior hearing.  Still Shanghai could tell the sound was growing louder as they traveled.  Not enough to make out the words, but enough to tell the melody was just as haunting close up as it was as a faint whisper on the air.  When they reached the next branch Shanghai was pretty certain she could tell the sound was coming from the bottom passage.

"I see you."

Shanghai dived for cover the second she heard the voice.  A stream of danmaku slammed into the area, staggering Hourai.  Looking up she saw one of the missing turret dolls happily aiming at them.

Shanghai fired a stream of shots at the turret doll, but she didn't break it before it could let off a mortar shot.  Fortunately Hourai moved beside her and unleashed her full moon slash.  The mortar round exploded harmlessly away from the two.

"We'll need to be more careful," Shanghai said as she inspected her sister for more damage.

Hourai brushed off the impacted area, then grudgingly let Shanghai take a closer look.  "Yeah.  Fortunately they're meant as a deterrent instead of a deadly weapon."

"Yeah."  Shanghai confirmed Hourai wasn't hiding any serious damage then continued down the lower hall.

They were ambushed four more times as they continued down, but this time Hourai parried the shots while Shanghai opened fire.  It was almost a surgical procedure.  The poor automated weapons didn't stand a chance.

Finally they dropped into a larger cavern, with a familiar door on the other end.  However drifting across the corridor was a familiar purple toxin.  In addition the song had become clear to the two.  Shanghai felt strange.

"She sounds hurt."  Shanghai looked to her sister.  "Maybe she wants to go back home?"

"Maybe," Hourai replied.  "Maybe not.  But I'm willing to wait for her to fire the first shot."

"Anyway we've got to get there first."  Hourai pointed to the purple mist.  "I don't think it'd be good if we touched that."

Shanghai nodded.  "Yeah.  Should one of us lead?"

"I don't think it'll help.  The clouds are shifting."  Hourai looked over them.  "We'll both have to go through on our own."

Shanghai took a deep breath.  "Right...."

"Good luck sis," Hourai said.

The two glanced at the paths they'd chosen, then started flying.  The strange property of the air made navigation difficult, but Shanghai'd almost completely compensated for it.

She made it two thirds of the way through when a cloud suddenly changed directions before she expected it to.  She tried to shift, but momentum brought her hand into contact with the poison mist.

Pain flooded her mind once again, this time along with a voice screaming in her mind.  Shanghai stumbled but forced herself to keep flying.  She passed over the next cloud as planned then slammed into the far side of the room just in time to watch Hourai dash through another cloud of poison.

Hourai blasted through the mist and hit the wall hard.  "Sister!" Shanghai screamed and ran over.  Hourai looked dazed, but Shanghai couldn't tell how much the poison had affected her.  "Are you okay?  Answer me!"

"I'm fine Shanghai."  Hourai rubbed her head and stood up.  "I ran through fast enough to avoid the poison gas."

Shanghai looked her sister up and down.  "Are you sure.  It affected me very fast."

Hourai took a few quick steps to show she wasn't impaired.  "I'm fine I tell you.  We need to hurry.  Our sister must have heard us."

Shanghai still wasn't convinced but she couldn't do much.  "Alright.  Let's go."

As they opened the door the singing stopped.  The cavern they stood within was large, but unlike the other two rooms strange crystals jutted out from the floor, giving the room some terrain.

"Sisters!  Ahahaha!  You came!  You came!  You really came!"

From behind one of the crystals a doll dressed very similarly to shanghai herself floated up.  However instead of a bow this doll had a pocket watch wrapped around her waist like a belt.  And instead of Shanghai's worry or Hourai's steely glare, the doll had a mad grin.

"I'm Germelshausen.  You can call me Germel.  I've been waiting for you."  Germel giggled.  "Waiting for centuries."

Shanghai stood there for a while.  She wasn't sure what exactly to make of this.  "Um, well we're here.  Do you want to join us?  To join mother again?"

Germel pouted.  "Go?  But you just got here!"  The doll spun and giggled.  "Why don't you stay here with me?  We can stay here and talk like sisters.  Come, stay with me, forever."

Shanghai hesitated then took a step forward.  "We can chat sister, but first we have to keep Medicine from hurting anyone else.  Maybe you could come with us?"

"No!"  Germel's smile twisted into a grimace.  "I'm not going out there!  Out there where that maid flaunts her perfection, where that stupid vampire girl tells me I'm broken.  I'M NOT BROKEN!  I'M FINE!"

"Of course you aren't," Shanghai looked around.  She didn't know what to say.  What was going on?

Germel smiled again.  "Thank you Shanghai.  So you'll stay here with me forever, right?"

"Um forever is a bit...."


Shanghai barely had time to dodge a stream of danmaku.  "I won't let you leave!  I won't!" screamed Germel as she peppered the air with bullets.  Shanghai had to dodge behind a crystal to get some room to start charging.

Hourai rushed at their mad sister, easily flipping over the danmaku stream.  "Time to end this."

Germel laughed wildly.  "End?  Time has no end."  The room seemed to sparkle, then everything froze.  Except Germel.

The doll pointed at Hourai's motionless form and unleashed another stream of danmaku.  The bullets smashed into the sword wielding doll with a terrible crack.  Then the sparkles disappeared and Hourai was sent flying.

"Sister!"  Shanghai screamed again.  She turned all her attention to the doll that had hurt her closest sister.  First she unleashed her charged shot, which winged the other doll, then she started firing metal blades.

Germel took several hits as she tried to flee around the room.  Then the air sparkled again.  Shanghai could do nothing but watch as Germel aimed, then fired a steam of bullets into her chest.

Next thing she knew she was flying.  There was another burst of numbing pain as she hit the wall, then again as she hit the ground.  She but she could tell she only hit air.

When her vision cleared Germel was standing over her.  "Don't worry.  I won't kill you sister.  I'll just take those arms and legs so you don't try to run away from me again."  Shanghai shuddered.  Germel's happy tone only made the threat more terrifying.  "Then we can be together forever.  A family.  Yes a family.  That's what-"

There was a violent snap as Hourai's sword slammed through Germel's torso.  The other doll's eye's opened wide in shock.  "Ugh, wha-"

"Shh."  Hourai reached around with her left hand and embraced the dying doll.  "You don't need to talk any more.  I'm here for you sister.  Until the end."

Germel's eye's began to tear up.  "Forever?"

"Until the end of time," Hourai said.

"Ah...."  Germel sighed and the air seemed to sparkle again.  The doll's eyes slowly closed.

The sparkles faded along with the light in Germel's eyes.

The now familiar light ball began to form, but the two sisters ignored it.  Instead Shanghai picked herself up then slowly eased Germel off Hourai's blade.  Then the two laid the broken doll on the ground.

"I think she wasn't finished," Hourai said quietly.  "That's why she went mad."

Shanghai nodded before wiping her eyes.  "Yeah."  She carefully arranged her sisters hair, then folded her sister's hands over the wound.  "We'll make sure Mother fixes you," Shanghai promised.

The two stood there a moment longer before Hourai pulled out one of the teleport coins.  Shanghai stepped away, as their fallen sister returned to Mother's side.  Then they both turned to the orb of light.

Once again the infusing light cleaned away all of Shanghai's wounds and restored her power, but she found her mood hadn't improved.  Perhaps that was something she shouldn't ask for though.

In addition she saw a timer on her weapon.  She knew that if she used this weapon she would speed up incredibly, so that it would seem like time had stopped for everyone else.  She saw Hourai looking at a pocket watch.  Hourai grimaced.  "I think this is the power Germelshausen used, but I'm not sure I want to try it."

"Emergencies only," Shanghai suggested.

"Yeah.  Hopefully it won't come up."  Hourai stretched, then looked towards the exit.  "Either way though, we have to continue on."

Shanghai nodded.  Perhaps action would drive away the darkness in her heart.


Time Mage Doll Germelshausen
Purpose: Research

Sakuya's time manipulation has always been a fascinating ability.  A human, or even a normal magician can't duplicate it, but perhaps a doll can!  Having a time manipulator on my side would help me deal with the setup times on my longer spells.  As well as with cleaning.

Current Status : Failure.  The doll successfully stopped time for ten seconds, however the watch it carried with it had stopped.  Further study indicated that from it's perspective ten years had passed after it used it's abilities.  Sometimes I'm very glad that I experiment with dolls instead of living creatures.  A youkai or human would feel paralized as it lived out one second every year.  A horrible fate indeed...

Medicine notes : Germelshausen was very cheerful, but I think something happened to her.  She started acting a little strange after her first fight.  I'm worried.  After this is over I'll have Dis and Tombstone sit down and talk with her.
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Re: MegaDoll X
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The two dolls blinked as Meiling seemed to melt into the shadows.  "Since when did she become badass?"  Hourai wondered.

I love you for making Meiling's lackadaisical attitude more of a cover than a reality <3

Current Status : Failure.  The doll successfully stopped time for ten seconds, however the watch it carried with it had stopped.  Further study indicated that from it's perspective ten years had passed after it used it's abilities.  Sometimes I'm very glad that I experiment with dolls instead of living creatures.  A youkai or human would feel paralized as it lived out one second every year.

That is truly terrifying, by the way. It might not be because she wasn't finished, but rather the trauma involved with time paradoxes, that made her a little crazy.

Re: MegaDoll X
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Suigintou is that you?
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Re: MegaDoll X
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That was awesome.
I bet the Eientei doll is next.
Since Germel = Flashman, that means that the Eientei Doll = Quickman.
Since it issued a Quickdraw Chellenge, which I find quite interesting. being fond of those myself.

Of course, if they repair poor little Germel, they're gonna have to get her a much better watch, one more like Sakuya's.
So that way her one major weakpoint, the flaw in her timestop ability, will not be quite as pronounced.
Either that, or they could just change her ability to more of a time dilation effect, one that merely slows time down, instead of stopping it outright. Which would likely be far kinder on the poor little doll's mind.
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