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Ask a Staffer 25 - Jana!

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AKA Ask a Janator!

Yay! As the last not-quite-staff member to go, I'd like for you all to ask me things! I promise to answer everything (even it it's a refusal to give a real answer!). Heck, since I'm pretty much last, maybe I will ask you things too, yes? Let's all have some fun and get to know each other better~

Why do you turn into Sana when the full moon comes out?

♛ Apher-Forte:
Where is the nearest exit in case I cannot stand being squashed by fat men in a queue?
How many nations do you actually play in Nationstates?
Who do you like best in Sengoku Basara (male and female choice)?

Janitor Morgan:
Please dismantling rdj. You have only screwdriver. The tool you can use is the screwdriver. ...when do you drink the screwdriver during the process, and how quickly?

What's your relationship with your parents like these days?

When you first joined MotK, what were you like?

Do you actually have an icebox fairy?

If what Rou's saying is true...

Does Sana turn into you while you turn into him? :VV


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