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Entry 23 - Still More Staffers To Go Through - Esifex

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Hello, hello, and how do you do?
I am Esifex, or commonly referred to as Esi!
'Your Lordship' works well, too

Being one of the Librarians marks me as one of the staffers around this here lovely board. While I don't wield board-warping powers, I do answer to superiors and help do my part to keep my little corner of The Kaleidoscope tidy.

For those of you who don't frequent the PSL subforum, not only do you make me cry inside, but you may not even know who I am. Since we've had several iterations of the 'Ask a Staffer' thread already, the routine should be familiar to you all by now; come up with a query, and direct it to me!

I will warn you, though - I am not artistic in a visual sense, but rather in a literary sense. While I don't have any physical gimmicks to entertain the lot of you with, I can of course be rather wordy. It comes with being a bookworm, you see; they call it 'Purple Prose'.
I will, however, open each batch of answers with a nice song for you to listen to if you so deign. It'll be up to you to open the music, y'see - I don't have embedding powers. Besides, that'd just get messy!

So, ask away!

Alfred F. Jones:
Where does your interest in the supernatural come from? (Pardon me if you dislike that term for whatever reason.)

Do you prefer reading books on paper, or do you prefer reading them electronically? Why?

Tamer Anode/Cathode:
Where'd you get the name "Esifex" from?

What made you decide to study massage therapy?

When did you know that you wanted to write?

Best part about being a Librarian? Worst part?

What was the proudest moment of your life?

Who is America's greatest president ever?

Once more I ask:

What do you consider your great achievement in life? Similarly, what do you consider your greatest failure?


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