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RaNGE Archival Projects [Contest Database, DNH Docs, etc]


If you are reading this, MotK is not in a great state, and with the danger of RaNGE's contents being lost to time, my multi-year plan to back up some of the most important content from RaNGE is in its closing stages.

This project began years ago with the formation of the Contest Database and ph3 Function Reference on my website, and is now paying off.

Contest Database
Contest Database Archive Project Completion!

I'm proud to announce the completion of the Contest Database Archive Project! Originally, the contest database stored participants, the top three entires for each contest and downloads, and some other information. Later on, as the Moriya Shrine Extend forum collapsed and MotK began to experience week-month long certificate issued and downtime, effort was made to back up the content of the contest descriptions for posterity.

This project goes beyond. It covers archiving Opening Posts, Logistics Posts, Results Posts, Judging records, Full Placements, Spreadsheets, and other data - or at least the parts that can still be retrieved. While the initial focus was backing up everything from RaNGE before MotK went under (including the CSS and styling of the posts and threads), the project was extended in scope to cover backing up other contests.

Unfortunately, much content has been lost to time. Many entries and Pastebin judging documents are gone.

But that aside, the project is now 'complete', though there may be bugs and issues.

Visit the project at the Contest Database: https://sparen.github.io/projects/contestdatabase.html
Links to the Contest Local Backups and Judging Archives can be found on the page but will be provided here for convenience:

Approximately 95% of this project was done manually by hand, as almost none of it could be automated due to significant differences between judges, between contests, etc. Therefore, there may be many bugs, typos, or other issues. If you find these, please PM me to let me know so that the bugs can be fixed. If you are a judge whose Pastebin got wiped, a contestant who has a mirror of their contest entry up somewhere, or anyone else who can fill in the holes of missing information, please PM me as well so that this can be complete and up to date.

Danmakufu ph3 Function Documentation

The more famous of my backup projects, this was made in response to the Danmakufu Wiki experiencing multiple consecutive months of downtime a number of times in the past few years, and was in fact made primarily from the Wayback Machine since the wiki collapsed during the archival process.

ph3 Function Reference at sparen.github.io

All functions (and as of this week, events) are backed up on this portion of my website. An older version of this documentation is also used for the Visual Studio Code Danmakufu plugin.

If you have your own archival projects specific to RaNGE, please feel free to post them in this thread. If there are errors anywhere on my website, please PM me on Discord. I'm @Sparen on LOCAA, Bulletforge, F&C, BHE, UWoM, and the Danmaku Artist Nightclub.


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