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Hell raven in a school deliquent outifit
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Unyu! Utsuho time!
I actually never drew Utsuho Reiuji from Touhou Project even once in my life even though she's one of my favorite Touhou characters. Choosing the color palette on this was incredibly fun, and that space cape, oh my god was it cool to draw.

This is the result of another challenge that I did : To finish a complete digital painting in one sitting
And yes, I have never done it before, I took breaks in every single one of my complete (non-draft with background) drawings up to now, because I am a lazy b**** and I don't have any determination. Even on this drawing, by the end, my patience was running out and I chose to sauce the background with random colors and shapes that resembles lava to some degree. Oh yeah, and she was supposed to be holding a baseball bat shaped like her original hand cannon, but I was too lazy to do anything after finishing the character.
Draw time : About 3 hours

Looks really nice! The texture of the coloring makes it look very soft (though I'm not sure that's necessarily a good thing).

Every one of your submissions so far has been excellent, may I suggest making your own topic to keep all your drawings in there? There's no rule against making separate topics for a new drawing, but it prevents clutter on the board and also lets people find all your art in one convenient location.
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ohhh okay yeah I was wondering about that, ill keep those I made as separate topics but ill not make new ones and put my other drawings in it
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