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[Art] Though the scent lingers, the flower scattered
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Alla wala town:
Though the scent lingers, the flower scattered...

Oh withering life, be strong, be transient, like the merciless yet tender time

-Lyrics from iro wo nioedo, chirinuru wo ( touhou fantasy kaleidoscope opening 1)

I am confident that this is the digital drawing that took me the most time in my entire life, I never tried putting so much details to everything before, especially the background. I drew each character separately, precisely, and then put them together on the same background. This drawing was really a journey to me, drawing Reimu growing into an adult really gave me feels at the same time as I drew. I know it's maybe not the highest quality drawing out there, but looking back at what I did 2 months ago still makes me proud, and sad at the same time. i'd say I had the most fun drawing the cat eared young Reimu, as I love drawing cute stuff and semi-loli expressions, but every other Reimu had their own fun points. P.S: try to find the 21 Easter eggs and references to touhou or touhou fanworks I put in the drawing! There are also some other non-touhou references, some inside jokes with my friends, like the blurred drawing in the top right corner is my first piece of digital art.
Draw time: 20-25 hours

Silent Sinner in Scarlet:
I think these few clues count as Easter Eggs:

* Cirno
* Myon?s tail
* Youmu?s sword above
* Marisa?s Hakkero
* Mokou?s ribbon
* Lunasa?s ZUNpet
* Kogasa or Yukari?s umbrella
* Sanae?s snake & frogNo idea about the other 13.
Hello Purvis:
This is really pretty!
1. Mystia on the plate
2. Mini-hakkero
3. Marisa's hat
4. Nitori's backpack
5. Cirno keychain
6. Aya birb on the newspaper (Bunbunmaru?)
7. Grimoire of Alice
8. Rumia poster (Beware of youkai)
9. Cirn⑨ poster (I'm the strongest!)
10. Neko Miko Reimu
11. Seven-Colored-Puppeteer-colored pillow
12. Kogasa-umbrella
13. Yuyuko-butterflies
14. Sanae's frog hair clip on a snake
15. The pocket watch of blood is probably Sakuya's
16. The trumpet and keyboard could be the Prismrivers'; there's no violin though
17. Kisume's head?
18. Patchouli's crescent moon?
19. Youmu's sword? It doesn't look like hers

The few last ones are probably wrong.

--- Quote ---13. Yuyuko-butterflies
--- End quote ---
There's also a butterfly pattern on Reimu's kimono (for some reason).

--- Quote ---17. Kisume's head?
--- End quote ---
That's Hina.

--- Quote ---19. Youmu's sword? It doesn't look like hers
--- End quote ---
It does, it even has a small plant attached.

--- Quote ---18. Patchouli's crescent moon?
--- End quote ---
Doesn't look like hers. Doesn't look like Mima's, either. Do we have anyone else with a crescent?

The drawing behind the sword is probably a reference to HSiFS, since it depicts 4 seasons at the same time.
The mysterious oblect between the clock and the snake is likely a reference to something, but I'm having a hard time figuring what it even is.

And yes, it's a pretty picture. I like your style.
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