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Santa Hakurei:
Welcome welcome welcome to everyone for yet another year of gift exchanging between all you lovely maidens!  This is the eighth year of this event being run!  Will this year be the biggest and best one to date?  Probably not!  It is guaranteed* to be a great time for everyone involved though, so you should definitely participate if you haven't before or have been on the fence for years!

For those of you who have never participated, it's really very simple: Sign up and you'll be assigned a partner, then buy a present for them and mail it off.  In return you'll get a present from somewhere else around the world!

If you want to sign up, please PM me (Santa Hakurei) the following information with the subject "CPSS sign-up" by Tuesday 11/15/16:
Full name:
Address (including country):
Are you willing to ship international? Yes/No (US residents only)
Willing to receive NSFW presents? Yes/No
MotKers you exchange with:
(Optional) T-shirt size
(Optional) 5 things you like (if you're afraid no one knows what you like (NO GUARANTEE you'll get anything from that list))

IMPORTANT: This year, we will continue to include the line on the form for you to list fellow MotK'ers that you exchange gifts with independent of CPSS.  Adding someone's name to this list will eliminate them from being matched with you.  However, in the spirit of Christmas please only use this this option for good; do not use this to eliminate people you don't want to exchange with for petty reasons.  This is my time of the year to relax and I don't want to be forced to solve an incident on you!  You don't need to list the people you have sent/received from in past CPSS exchanges as we have all of those records (assuming you have not changed your forum name!)

Important dates to note (Dates are for US Eastern Standard Time, i.e. GMT-5.  Adjust for your country accordingly):
11/15/2016 - Deadline to sign up
11/16/2016 - Partners assigned
12/07/2016 - Last date to ship International
12/15/2016 - Last date to ship USPS First Class Mail
12/25/2016 - Open your gift and post what you got

A few important rules to keep in mind:
1. Tracking is required!
2. When you ship your package, PM me (Santa Hakurei) with the topic "Package shipped" and provide the tracking number.
3. If sending USPS international then the customs number is the tracking number
4. If you don't send a present you will be BANNED!
5. If you miss ANY deadline, please PM me with a timeline on when you can ship the package out.  Starting this communication means saving yourself from being banned.
6. That said, do your best to ship before the international deadline as packages have been stuck in customs for lengthy periods in the past.

*Not actually guaranteed

[*]The Greatest Dog
[*]Spotty Len
[*]Moogs Parfait
[*]Youkai Jesus
[*]Carrot Parfait
[*]Tamashii Kanjou
[*]Rin Kagamine

Secret Santa Reports: 24/36

Rin Kagamine:
First thread here, Second thread here, Third thread here, Fourth thread here, Fifth thread here, Sixth thread  here, and Seventh thread (last year's) here

I have escaped from the wasteland of football to remind you of threads that have long since died.  Ooooooooooh, late spooky post!



So in.

In it to win it


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