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Your Everyday NEET:
Partner likes: Robots, cards, JRPG. I don't know any of them! Don't play Yu-Gi-Oh, don't watch Gundam (okay, I did play Xenogears), don't have his Steam ID (I should have sent him Steam Wallet). Touhou it is then.

In convention lookin for stuff: discovered that Kantai Collection is the Shit in Singapore, not much Touhou, want to buy Mokou related item, she's not famous unlike Flan.

Shipping: Uncle got a friend work at FedEx, ask about the price, HOLY FREAK! That just as expensive as my stuff! FedEx, you're dick. Local post it is. Wrap my gift like a champz, they don't accept my MAD wrappinz, double wrap, sent. (The post doesn't accept red wrapping and paper wrapping)

No money was spent on packing or wraps but I did spend quite some time gathering the materials.
I printed off the shipping label and school-glued it around the edges. You clean up this glue using water before it dries. So, no worries even if it got rained on, right?

Shipping within the States was easy. Gently release box onto the countertop inside the post office and trust that it makes it. I would hope that if all the forms are done right, it would be as equally humanless/painless for international. Gotta wonder if self-driving cars will eventually take away jorbs.

--- Quote from: Jana on January 01, 2016, 03:12:18 AM ---coasters! The note says they represent something, but I am a philistine who can't puzzle.
--- End quote ---

That the color's slightly off is something I had failed to fix, but I was still hoping for at least one out of three, however imperfect or abstract. Have you held them up in pure daylight yet?


--- Quote from: Helepolis on January 22, 2016, 09:36:01 AM ---Wait, so while you actually were speaking in Japanese, she refused to speak back in Japanese and kept putting up English!? Why?

--- End quote ---

No bloody clue, guessing she was panicked because she couldn't speak English. Also, I had an Indian woman do it to me in Shinjuku in McDonalds as well just yesterday. TRIGGERED
Similarly, when I don't catch what's been said because Japanese people love to mumble then they instantly switch to English even though I just asked them to repeat or said it was difficult to hear ;_; gaijin struggles

also yeah I found people didn't do it nearly as much outside Tokyo.

Tamashii Kanjou:

--- Quote from: Nietz on January 22, 2016, 01:49:17 PM ---Drawing Tamashii, who was an Undertale fan, gave me the perfect opportunity to go overboard with this, moreso because I was also a fan and soon had all kinds of ideas for it.
But just then a selection process for a teaching position opened up and I got very busy studying and traveling out of state to take it. So when I was free again I had to go around buying lunchboxes, making holes in for locks in them, printing stuff and assembling everything. (I had to give up on some ideas in the end, like the snake-in-a-can with Flowey's face that springs out and throws "friendliness tic-tacs" on you. =p)
It was way after the international deadline when I managed to sent it, and then I was worrying whether it wouldn't arrive super late, if it wouldn't be stopped at the border for all the suspicious locked boxes inside, if the lollipops wouldn't melt, and lastly if  my partner wouldn't find the puzzle thing too dumb or boring.
Fortunately, none of that happened. Seeing some of the other gifts, I kinda feel I should've sent more stuff, but the "experience" factor seemed to have been pretty successful. :)

--- End quote ---

Oh my gosh, Nietz, what you did was amazing; you shouldn't feel bad because things got busy. Stuff like that happens pretty often, and even if it was late, I was pleased with everything that was in there; and the Undertale theme was simply perfect. It made it worth the wait, for sure! Having read up on your actions with Waru and Helepolis earlier on, it really was an amazing experience; and seriously, keep being awesome! I think Puppy might have ripped out Flowey's face if you did that trick, though; she doesn't trust those flowers any more~ ^^ {Do it to the poor person who gets you next time}

Also, as for stories on our end, I feel like the credit list should say Tamashii & Puppy, seeing as the plush was made by her. I did research into what other stuff Dora liked, and then I remembered seeing you post about PAD pretty often. So yeah, it was the perfect thing; and Puppy was happy to make it. Everything else was stuff I threw in; it wasn't that much, but I'm glad you loved the plush, that was the main present. We actually thought we had less time than we did; but when they said because it was staying in Europe, I still had like an extra week to send it. To think this was my first time not sending outside of Europe; felt weird~ :V


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