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I don't know about all of you, but I'm, for the most part, just a programmer. To which, it's pretty easy to share code, and equally as easy to tell when you can reuse someone else's work as a library, engine, or borrowed code snippets: they usually include licensing along with the code to tell you what you can, and cannot do with their work.

With the other parts of making a game, it's not so clear, especially with art, music, and SFX. ZUN clearly says to not use his stuff, but other individuals aren't so clear about it.

Along that thread of thought, I decided to look for free to use, public domain,  or Creative Commons assets for my Touhou fangames.

When using any of these, please assume that you are to credit the content creator!

Notice: My Japanese proficiency is almost non-existent. If I make a mistake on reading the terms of use for any of these listed items, please correct me!

<General Asset Description> - <Summary of Terms of Use>
If the latter part is marked with a "?", I couldn't find a Terms of Use or license associated with the link or I failed at properly reading it. If you see one marked as such and would like to fill me in, please do.




* Various Generic Game Art Assets - Check individual art assets for licensing
* ikiya.jp (Traditional Japanese Patterns) - Free and paid packs (unsure of exact terms of use for free packs)
* More Traditional Japanese Patterns - Free to use, commercial use allowed, editing allowed
Touhou Character Portraits

* Alphes Imitation Touhou Portraits - Free to use, commercial use prohibited, editing allowed
* Dairi's Character Portraits - Free to use, commercial use prohibited, editing allowed
Sound Effects

* Massive STG sound effect library - Commercial use allowed
Danmakufu Specific Assets

* General Danmakufu Assets - Read the provided documentation for terms of use.

Chronojet ⚙ Dragon:
Alternative cutins drawn by dairi (aka Haruka).

I'm pretty sure if you were to ask nicely and state which specific images or sounds you wanted to use, anyone would be happy to allow you to use them. There are some exceptions, though. If you can find a terms of use text, you could also consult that before asking anyone. Again, it really depends on the producer of the works. If it were me, I'd be happy to let you use anything, as long as you give credit.

Sage Ω (Ultima):
There isn't really anything as far as dairi's art goes, that is free to use cutins and a few Japanese Danmakufu users who created HD versions of ZUN assets, though the readme is abit odd to make out using Google Translate so you should either ask them upfront (usually a twitter link or something is included) or have someone translate it for you.

Most of us tend to make our own, anything that isn't character art shouldn't be too hard with some Photoshop practice. HUD elements, spritefonts, text images are all easy to make. For characters you should search around places like deviantArt or pixiv(similar to dA but used by Japanese artists) for commissions.

If you need HUD elements or spellbackgrounds, etc... (except for character art/sprites), I can offer my services for free.

I'm in the same boat. Shot SFX are somewhat easy if you are okay with using BFXR. I'm trying to contact someone on YouTube about their music remixes but haven't got a reply yet. For art I find searching forums and deviantart best. Asking is easy if the user is still active.

I'm actually trying to learn to draw for my game to replace the "probably not ok" assets I have as placeholders. It's hard since I don't have much of an interest in drawing yet, hopfully once I'm over the initial learning curve I'll like it (hopefully it is only an initial learning curve like programming...).   :ohdear:

The 講座・素材リンク集 page at www.danmakufu.net has a collection of Touhou materials.

http://www.ikiya.jp/ is a collection of vectors that are commonly used as spellcard backgrounds (even ZUN uses some of them). They have a free pack and paid packs.

Searching Touhou (東方) on Nico Commons can yield results (check the terms of usage for the file, which is shown before downloading)

I'd like to echo what was said earlier; asking content creators or commissioning works is a good idea.


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