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Games You're Playing Right Now Thread VI - Even in this thread, F O E
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why do you keep playing games go do something useful with your lives
no, instead I'm going to be playing shadow hearts covenant on stream semi-regularly and enjoying myself

also playing around with Super Mario Bros X for the MAGLX2 contest, but that's all I can say on that.  Yay crappy level designs! 8D
No that's silly someone mentioned Vagrant Story and I had to start playing it again time to relearn all the smithing stuff.
Racing my friend on who can beat Tales of Symphonia 2, I'm playing the Wii version while he's playing the PS3 version so far I found out that having a memory card with ToS1 gets you some free stuff on the Wii version thankfully I kept all of my GC games, memory cards, and controllers so yay. So, far we're tied right now.
I apologize for nothing Reddyne!

I just beat up this stupid golem thing that I could only damage with magic or counter splash damage and I still don't really know what to do in the workshop effectively :V
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