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Cirno's Perfect Secret Santa 5: A Good Day To Secret Hard

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♛ Apher-Forte:
no more money this year, not sure if wanna.... *but I am really crossing fingers to get a figma in return* or something.

Tamashii Kanjou:
I have taken part in this since I appeared on here 3 years ago. (Therefore, I've only missed the first one.  :ohdear: ) So despite how tight money is right now, I'm up for some shenanigans again!

If you're afraid to sign up, just remember... I had no idea what to send on my first year, and sparked off a bit of customs controversy in the process. {Sorry, AF~ XD } So don't worry about it; it's all for fun!

Hello Purvis:
The clear answer is Ultima titles.

Also fuck, sign me up again. Hopefully lightning will strike more than once on gift ideas.

Sign me up, for the first time. Aww yiss

Sign me up :D


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